The Great Cosmic Parent

When I feel like no one on Earth can help me…or even HEAR me…that just leaves one option.  So I crawl into the lap of The Great Cosmic Parent.  I’m having a human experience, so I want to experience the Divine in a way that my body can relate to.  So I visualize The Great Cosmic Parent as a Mother and a Father.

The Mother is The Empress, seated comfortably in a flowing gown on a soft, cushy chair with lots of pillows (and in my vision, she is not pregnant, so her lap is open for ME).  She has a soft layer of fat on her to make her embrace even more comforting.  I am the size of a one-yr-old child, so I fit perfectly in the snug embrace of her welcoming arms.  She bathes me in unconditional love and comfort.  She HOLDS me and KNOWS me and is delighted to have the opportunity to bestow all her love upon me.  I Am Her Treasure.

The Father is The Emperor, and he stands behind her, as strong and formidable as I want him, strong as an Oak.  His arms go around The Mother and me, enormous and invulnerable, offering ABSOLUTE PROTECTION for us as we are engaged in this soft, open exchange.  Everything we need is PROVIDED for us. He rules with absolute authority and NOTHING can harm me.  I Am His Treasure.

As I feel safer and more content, he whispers thoughts to me about how to move back into the world with EMPOWERMENT, while Mother drenches me in LOVE and helps me feel safe enough to do the same for the world once I get back out there.

Just sayin’.  ❤

❤ Namaste ❤



I am still able to receive Direct Messages on Twitter!

I just got a notice in my new email about a direct message I got on Twitter (auto-generated), so that means I can still receive those while my account is locked.  So, please, if you’re on Twitter, could you spread the word?  Thank you thank you thank you.


Right on, Greg! Loving me a daily reading all about Truth, Justice, and Abundance for ALL!

Cuz that is what I AM ALL ABOUT. 😉

Unlimited Blessings!!!

Satina Scott
Talia Shekinah Elohim
Indigo Goddess of Truth, Justice, and Abundance for ALL.
Aquarian Christ
In Eternal Service to The Powers of The God of This Universe
Mother to ALL Indigos Everywhere!

God’s Top 7 FAQ….Might wanna read it… 😉

They’re locking me down , kids.

They’ve blocked my Twitter account due to ‘suspicious activity’, and this old computer I’m on can’t keep up and is crashing.  I’m not a techie and I have no equipment.  It’s time to get outside help to keep this going.  I already miss you all so much…  ❤  I have created a new email account, and you can, for now, Contact Me via the link on my blog.  If you are on Twitter, PLEASE pass this on.  Thank you thank you thank you.  ❤

Unlimited Blessings and SO MUCH LOVE!  We Are Already God Victorious!


Gregory Scott’s really ON for today’s post-holiday plans.

And he’s such an adorable lil’ Indigo Nature Spirit.  ❤  Please remember to show him a little Like and Gratitude to keep his light shining BRIGHT because the Internet trolls are out in force, and The Dark would love to scare people away from THE TRUTH.

Love, MOM

BLACK FRIDAY could kill you this year. DON’T GO.

Just in case anyone still needs this warning, if you go to the stores tomorrow during Black Friday, you could be killed.  People will be scared, ANGRY, impoverished, and FED UP, and the police are trained to PROVOKE THEM this time.  On purpose.  Also, protests are being planned all over the world, and as the Light Warriors hit the streets tomorrow,  they also will be met with SHOCKING violence and a total loss of rights of any kind.  Ferguson is the TIP of the iceberg.

This is THE DARK’s plan to take out the warriors.  Don’t play the game.  READ GOD’S TOP 7 FAQ all the way through and THINK for yourself, instead.  Stay alive and help BUILD the new.

Unlimited Blessings

***They’ve taken over all of my email. Oh it’s ON, now.***

If they can get to me, they can get to you.  They are GOING to lock down the Internet SOON, so USE IT while you can!  Spread this message as FAR as you can in any way that you can!  Make sure EVERYONE IN THE WORLD gets a hold of God’s Top 7 FAQ!  KNOW that they can get into your emails, every online account, and your banking accounts.  I have already taken what little money I had out of my accounts, and I Am closing everything tomorrow, after the holiday.  And I am closing every government public assistance account as well.  It’s time to go into those intentional communities, people.  It’s time to BARTER.  Step away from the dollar, because it’s going DOWN.  It’s time to create our own temporary systems to get us through the chaos.  It is ALL about to GO DOWN.  The TOWER is FALLING!  Thank you Thank you Thank you GOD!  THAT is something to be THANKFUL for! 

The liberation of humankind from the bonds of spiritual slavery!

This is IT!  And We Are Already God Victorious!

I am no longer receiving the things sent to me, so all communication must be PUBLIC.  Make sure you hook up with me every way you can and PAY ATTENTION to everything that comes out!  Nothing is more important than this now!  I’m Marijuana Messiah on  Twitter.  You can message me there.  You can also FRIEND me on Facebook, (for now!) but I cannot respond to any private messages, as I get too many.  And you can leave comments on this blog, and I will handle them from the blog itself while I can.  I Am taking down the Contact Me link on this blog because I won’t receive anything you send.  The only email I still have access to is THEIRS, Gmail, and I don’t want to use THAT.  They are obviously trying to limit me so that they can spy on all the correspondence that comes through.  Not gonna happen.  This is all carefully orchestrated.  But I Am not meant to do it alone.

I have given you The Truth that WILL BRING THEM DOWN, now YOU ALL must help SPREAD IT! 

❤ Let’s Get This Party Started! ❤

*** Make This Viral! ***

Satina M. Scott

The Aquarian Christ

In Eternal Service to The Powers of God

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They’ve just HACKED me! This could be it! Pass it on!

They’ve just HACKED me!  And I have no idea how far it goes or will go!

I just got a notice that my old email account has been hacked and was spamming.  I went in and just totally deleted it, as my old life is over anyway.  Then I went to Amazon to take out my information, but it’s not accepting my password!  I think we may be about to see the crash of the system, or at least a total takeover.  I’m taking what little money I have out of the bank and Paypal as we speak, and I’m done trusting the system.  If they try to charge the card, I have nothing anyway.

If you haven’t read God’s Top 7 FAQ yet, READ IT! And pass it on!  USE whatever resources you have to get this truth out any way you can!  THIS is the TRUTH that is going to BRING THEM DOWN!  Spread it NOW!

We Are Already Victorious!  WE ARE JUST EXPOSING THEM NOW!