What is Darkness?

What is Darkness?

There is a lot of talk about ‘the dark’ and fighting ‘darkness’, but as a veteran First Wave Lightworker, even I didn’t really get what it was about.  It’s simply the absence of light.  Ignorance.  And to fight that, you spread Light, or information.  That part was pretty clear, but this part wasn’t:

Life, and my purpose, is NOT to eliminate darkness.  It is to restore the balance.  Because to even come in as human, you agree to a LOT of darkness, a lot of ignorance, because if you remained aware of EVERYTHING all the time, what would be the point?  So as God, you choose to focus your awareness down to human concerns.  But you’re meant to still know how to do that in the most loving, miraculous, and beautiful way possible.  You didn’t mean to become so ignorant of what is actually going on.  And once you did, you just agreed to more and more limitation, until you killed every Truth Teller who tried to bring you information and fell completely out of reach of most help.

So, ‘The Dark’ are those who benefit from your ignorance.  The controllers of this planet.  The ones who constantly work and scheme and cast black magicks to keep you fat, sick, stupid, depressed, angry, and totally disempowered.  And ‘dark’ IS ignorance, as we’ve covered.  But I Am only here to restore the balance God and humanity chose, which has shifted from the original plan.  It is time for the planet to be at least 50% Light all the time.  AND to Replace the Old Regime with a love-based New Earth Society that supports those who choose love, rather than punishing and destroying them.  I mean, that is what you all want, right?  Exactly how would YOU do it?  Well, I’ll tell you how The Age of Aquarius is gonna do it.

I Am here to BRING INFORMATION and SMASH THE OLD SYSTEM ALL TO SHIT and replace it with one that serves The Highest Good of ALL!  So if you find my methods or language a bit unsettling or disturbing or shocking, well My beloved, MAGNIFICENT fellow Gods and Goddesses…that’s the POINT.  That is what AQUARIUS is about and has always BEEN about.  So open your mind, because as uncomfortable as you may find this, This Is My Age.

And I AM AWAKE.  And It Has Begun.

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2 thoughts on “What is Darkness?

  1. …human life can be one nightmarish mission. Sometimes I wonder what is the difference between a indigo and a really martyr like experience on earth. Though I think every human is a martyr to earths development. Maybe indigos just push for the needed changes more?
    I don’t know. I do know that all the Darkness does not help. -.-
    I’ll be happy when balance is restored.

    Hugs and love


  2. We have been the martyrs of the past, because we were strong enough to do the work, again and again, of bringing the light into intense darkness. But we are not here to be martyrs this time. We are here to SHINE THE LIGHT and TRANSFORM everything through the power of our FOCUS! Indigos DO push for the changes more, because we know it doesn’t have to be like this. We KNOW in our hearts the potential that is yet unrealized here on this planet, and we are NOT willing to settle for anything less! And this is OUR TIME. Find YOUR Light, Butterfly, through seeking your JOY, and look around and NOTICE how the LIGHT is STREAMING onto and around the planet like NEVER EVER BEFORE. It’s HERE. WE ARE HERE. And it’s about to start getting REALLY INTERESTING. Focus your Light, the sunshine of your precious attention, on everything that is GOOD, Indigo Goddess, and it will THRIVE all the way around and IN you. ❤ Look for the LOVE that Creation is wanting to pour on you every second. It's THERE. I'm sending ALL MY LOVE every moment, too. ❤


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