WTF? Why Is It Such a MESS Down Here?

WTF?  Why is it such a MESS down here?  I get asked that one a lot.

Well, this is the ONLY planet in This Universe that has TOTAL Free Will.  The others all have to keep a certain ratio of light/love energy to dark, and We The Powers keep whatever that ratio is.  We usually do this in high freqency cultures where we are Gods and Goddesses resplendent, and let me tell you, that’s a lot more fun.  That’s what We will all be NOW.  Oh it’s gonna ROOOOCK.  Anyway, when God impulsed itself into human bodies down here and Goddess created and fed them, He wanted to find out what would happen if He allowed his selves to have the permission to create TOTAL HELL or TOTAL HEAVEN.  No judgement, kiddos.  None.  Just you all having fun.  And for awhile, it really was!  Because you had a direct antenna to The Heavens, and God could impulse you with thoughts that would lead to pure joy, and We would release the Goddess energies down to create that.  It was a Paradise filled with Magic.

Then Interference showed up.  You can read the whole ugly Truth about that here.  But don’t go there until you’re ready to SEE IT ALL.  Long story short, you lost your antennas and demons started projecting thoughts into your head which create HELL, because their food is misery, pain, hate, fear, and despair.  They’re not from This Universe either.  And because you don’t remember you are Gods, you don’t realize those aren’t even your thoughts.  They have broken the antenna that picks up your OWN THOUGHTS.  I can’t tell you how mortified I was when I realized all the thoughts I’d thought were my own weren’t, and all of these amazing thoughts were up there just out of reach my whole life, unable to help me.  Man.

So now you listen to these thoughts and think they are your own, and you use your FREE WILL to create HELL on Earth all the way around you.

That’s about it.  I mean, there are ALL kinds of details, like MK Ultra and Roswell and HAARP and Chemtrails and all that, but you can figure that stuff out for yourself, right?  Oh, and how’d I get my mind CLEAR enough to hear God tell me all of this?  The Holy Marijuana Plant, The Christ in Plant Aspect.  That’s how.

God’s Top 7 FAQ



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