So what is the point of this whole human thing, anyway?

So what is the point of this whole human thing, anyway?

You are Creator playing in a human body. Creator is made of masculine and feminine energies. The masculine thinks up new ideas and projects them into the world to be made into creations, and the feminine breathes life into these creations and then sustains them. You are made up of both masculine and feminine energies. No one is under any obligation whatsoever to express one gender over the other. Your body is your own and you can do whatever you want with it.

In general, women are choosing to express more of the feminine energies, and they are also agreeing to be the ones responsible for bringing new human beings onto the planet. As such, a woman’s body is SACRED, and the decision about who touches it and what life is brought forth with it is up to each woman and Creator and no one else. That is why women are given a much stronger connection to Creator’s Voice. In(ner)Tuition. They are meant to learn from within, and then teach the men and children how to develop this for themselves.

And in general, men are choosing to express more of the masculine energies, to push Creator’s ideas and creations into the world, and they are also agreeing to be the protectors of the women and children, who are more vulnerable, especially when the children are young. That is why men are given superior strength.

These were primary roles, meant to be evolved, and can be tweaked in any way that serves the Highest Good of All. That’s all God does all day is tweak things and make more and more and more Creation.

This planet and her women will no longer be raped for their gifts. Dominion over this planet is now given unto those who Love the Goddess, and Her gifts will only be shared with those who serve The Highest Good of All.

Finally, there is no judgment. The original plan for Earth was Total Free Will. Unlike all other planets, there have never been any God-imposed rules here. You are free to create Heaven or Hell. A radical experiment indeed.

God’s Top 7 FAQ


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