The Interference.

This is the hard stuff, so don’t go here until you’re really ready to know it all. 

And sip some weed. 

And keep it close. 

And remember to just BREATHE.  It’s okay now.  God’s ON the job.


The first Interference came in the form of a parasitic infection that entered This Universe from another. They like to call themselves the archons (rulers) because of the way they have humans tricked, but they’re just an infection. They are vampire energy, without form, and they feed on pain, fear, hopelessness, greed, anger, and especially despair.

They cannot touch you. They cannot make you do anything. They cannot create anything or change physical reality here in any way. All they can do is project negative thoughts and feelings into your mind.

But when you don’t realize they aren’t yours, you agree with them and act on them and make them yours, creating more of the stuff that the parasites feed on. Your personal misery and that of the rest of the world.

So that was the first thing that happened. And it was bad enough. They put thoughts into your head to be afraid of your own magic, your own abilities, your own power, the very Voice of Creator, and to eat poisons and hurt each other and constantly hurt and hate yourself. Remember 2001: A Space Odyssey when the black obelisk shows up, totally foreign, and suddenly the ape is impulsed with the idea that the bone can be used as a murder weapon? That was Kubrick sharing The Truth with those who have Eyes to See.

After several hundred thousand years of this, more Interference showed up. These were reptilian/human hybrids from another planet. And they didn’t have to follow the rules of forgetting they were Gods. And they were only focused on developing their predator skills, and on the accumulation of material resources, with no ability to feel compassion and love for others. They simply see creation as a resource to be harvested by the strongest predator.

In this psychically-enslaved populace of Gods-in-Amnesia and the absolute paradise that was still very present here on Earth, they saw a GOLDMINE. Literally and figuratively. But the humans were still following the Goddess, knowing that the Divine Feminine is what gives LIFE to everything, and She was blessing them with abundant harvests all the time. The weather was pleasant, and everyone was still receiving constant corrections from the Heavens. There were still huge pockets of Goddess Love and Light everywhere.

That wouldn’t do.

So they created Adam and Eve. They manipulated the human DNA so that they effectively broke our antenna to God. Then they added part of their brain to ours and gave us the lizard brain, to make us more focused on sex and violence.

Then they told their new humans that women were the source of all evil, never to be trusted, and were to be blamed for all of the hardship they would then endure from that day forward. And the new innocent humans both said, “Yes, women are evil and never to be trusted, and now childbirth will be excruciating and we will have to work hard all the days of our lives just to survive.” And because they were Gods, it was made so for them.

They were also taught that men have the right to control and rape women, and that women must bear every seed planted in their womb. Then they began raping their seed onto the planet in a murderous, psychopathic frenzy and created the controllers of today’s society.  Most interbred all over the planet and became our current dominant populations. The rulers have always remained pure Blue Bloods by interbreeding, however, and have a much higher concentration of the reptilian DNA.

And yes, that whole scenario pretty much doomed humanity to true Hell on Earth.

These reptilians have also developed their psychological manipulation techniques to absolute Master levels, and they use pain and trauma as their training devices. This is how they’ve created our entire culture. We are products of evil thought projection, DNA tinkering, total and constant psychological manipulation, and trauma conditioning.  And the main vehicle of this is Hollywood, which is enslaved by pain and trauma-based mind control.  Hollywood slaves are forced to set a toxic culture for first the United States, and then the planet.

There’s a bit more.

When one of their craft accidentally brushed by our planet in 1947, (Roswell) they shared advanced mind control techniques and technologies with the rulers in exchange for not being revealed. This is why things got immeasurably worse after that. Their end game, which won’t be hidden any longer, is to reduce the human population to 500,000,000 and manipulate us into a race of half-android, half-humans controlled by implant. And in the old timeline, it worked. As soon as the Roswell crash happened, our future children’s children’s children, who had the souls driven completely out of their bodies by this plan, came back in time to try and steal genetic information from their ancestors in order to breed their emotions, their connection to Creator, back in. We knew them as the grays. They won’t be back, because We The Powers have already won this fight and that timeline is no longer being sustained.

I know all of that is hard to swallow. Hopefully this isn’t completely new to you, but rather just fills in some blanks.

Now for the Good News about this! Yes, there’s actually a LOT of it!

What this means is that EVERY single thing you have ever done that hurt someone else WAS NOT YOU. It was a trauma-forced survival response. Nothing more. Because if you were happy and healthy with all your needs met, you would never hurt one another. That’s what it means when you hear that You Are Love. It’s not sentiment. You ARE the energy of LOVE…the energy of GOD/GODDESS…and anything else you are tricked or forced into expressing is a LIE. It’s ‘them.’

Just like a pit bull who is tortured into becoming a killer. Your power was meant to SERVE the Highest Good, not DESTROY. You have been traumatized horrifically and need lots and lots of LOVE. Now that you know The Truth, you can start by Loving yourself totally and completely, and knowing God/Goddess LOVES you and wants NOTHING but your happiness.

Just BREATHE.  You are LOVE.  You are LOVING.  You are LOVED.


Still have questions?  Excellent!  God’s Top 7 FAQ


2 thoughts on “The Interference.

  1. Thank you. I really needed to read this today. I felt a lot of my shame soothed and helped me understand more of why I struggle with feeling blamed and rejected for my feminity/vulnerability.
    Warm hug from another indigo:)


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