What about the Internet trolls? What is their problem, anyway?

We CAN stop Internet trolls for GOOD.

First of all, if you don’t know about The Interference, you have to read that first.  Sorry.  It could be rough.  Maybe you should sip a little weed first.  Keep it close.

Back?  Good.

This is one way the demons stop my Indigos and others called to serve the Light:

The archons and demons identify those called to serve the Light, especially my precious and beloved Indigos, and then destroy their lives so they are unable to do God’s Will.  They employ a whole arsenal of techniques.

1.  First of all, they surround the individual with psychic vampires, both human and nonphysical, to drain their life energy.  They make the individual physically sick, doing damage to the aura and putting all kinds of pains and weaknesses and diseases into the body.

2.  They attack the people around the individual, even the very closest family, friends, lovers, and children, making them attack the Indigo in inscrutably cruel ways.

3.  They send in toxic sex partners to drain off the sexual energy and emotionally enslave the individual and lead them into a toxic lifestyle.  They make sure they have loose sexual boundaries, and that they are using alcohol and chemical drugs to kill the pain.  They make them attract abuse.

4.  They make the individual mentally ill so that they will be put on the pharmaceutical drugs as well.

ALL of these things drive the Soul out of the body more and more, until the individual is unable to rise above their Infant Soul consciousness, which has been traumatized into lizard brain, Kill or Be Killed.  Then they use these poor, precious, traumatized individuals to troll the Internet and recruit more agents of The Dark.

One way they do it:

They troll the Internet whenever they are triggered and make cruel, ignorant, half-nonsensical and most importantly, INFLAMMATORY comments on anything that remotely suggests The Truth to people.  They get everyone all hurt and angry and fighting, and no one pays any attention to the information, which is their first goal.  People also get the impression that all of humanity is ignorant and hateful.  Which is the second goal.  This also completely devastates Truth Tellers, who also get the wrong impression that all humans are ignorant and hateful and they’re wasting their time trying to help them.  Then they go into lizard brain and join the war in their comments, making things worse, or they just shut up altogether and stop trying to share anything at all.

The words “nigger” and “fag” and “retard” and “bitch” and “fat” and “whore” and “slut” and “dyke” and sexually violent verbal abuse are all TRIGGERS programmed into the lizard brain.  They are designed to hurt us so much we stop thinking and go into lizard brain ourselves.  Anyone using them isn’t thinking for themselves.

Google and Youtube support this by putting all the comments with the most replies on the top, so that any intelligent discourse is pushed down below where you’ll never see it.  All you see is half-illiterate HATE-filled provocation, and all the traumatized people who go into lizard brain and hate them right back, as well as the other agents who swarm in and keep the blood frenzy going.  Some of whom are Google employees.

How to fight it:

When you see a troll say something inflammatory, STOP.  Just STOP.  You’ve been triggered.  You’re feeling pain and hate and rage, and if you act, it will be THEM acting out the programs they’ve put into your lizard brain.  STOP, until you return to a place of Unconditional Love and see that troll comment for what it is.  Use marijuana if you need to.

Once you are in a place of Unconditional Love and Power, you can help me stop them.  You can go to the Truth Teller places where they hang out, especially Facebook and YouTube, and help me call them out, and help me support the Truth Tellers.  When you see a troll comment, you can post something that thanks the Truth Teller and calls out the trolls without inciting war, so that others realize they need to redirect their attention back to the information.

And MAKE SURE you mute all further responses so they don’t come to your email!

I just put God’s Top 7 FAQ up as a Page which links to the different sections, which should make it easier to pass around.  Feel FREE to simply copy and paste these anywhere that you see trolls swarming.  Or put it into your own language, but remain in LOVE and TRUTH (LIGHT).  When we send LOVE to the human soul, it feels that and grows more powerful, and when we shine LIGHT on the demon, it runs away and frees the mind to think for itself.  Victory over The Dark is assured with this approach, and we will clean this place up in no time.

And if you feel bad about saying something, you must remember that as you call them out, you help DELIVER these precious souls from the demonic control they are under.  We can turn EVERY troll comment into the opportunity to spread God’s Love and Light exactly where it’s needed most.  Amazing. ❤

See how this works?  We take this planet back together.  🙂

Unlimited Blessings!

God’s Top 7 FAQ

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