Just a hypothetical, here.

Just a hypothetical, here, for anyone considering this joint venture with me.  Let’s say you’re a well-established global non-profit with a mission that I fully support.  Like Mozilla.  You could simply make The Indigo Mission a subproject, not even involving me in the business end of things beyond that, and sign up direct to the company yourself.  Then as I funnel people into the venture, they fund me by funding YOU, and you simply fund The Indigo Mission as well as all of the other things you are supporting.

When you sign up direct to the company, you are signing up in their project which donates the money to charities all over the world, by the way.

This is a total WIN WIN WIN in every way that I can see.

And I’m um…totally and completely READY when you are.  😉

It SUCKS to call yourself The Messiah.

It just totally, absolutely SUCKS to call yourself The Messiah.  Just to be crystal clear.  I would never, in my most horrific dreams, choose to do this, especially now when it’s gotten me tossed into a psych ward and I’ve been warned that it could get me thrown into jail.  And I have just enough money to stay in this place one more night and that’s IT.  I never wanted to do it in the first place.  But I have absolutely no choice, because I said it, it’s true, and I can never ever lie about that.  And I can never give up and settle for a normal life, because I called myself the Messiah, and if I’m not the Messiah, no one will ever trust me as anything else again.

So anyway, I wanted you all to know just how very much I understand your reluctance to embrace that WHOLE truth.  Or that word.  And I wanted anyone who is considering the crowdfunding venture to know that as you bring people into your project, it has nothing to do with whomever sponsored you in, so you don’t even have to mention that.  And you will still receive all the training and support materials.

And just in case I didn’t make it clear enough before, you do NOT have to believe I’m The Messiah to do this.  I could care less what you’re able to believe, I just want you to have the Truth, Justice, and Abundance.

Peace Out.

Satina Scott, renegade activist blogger, and simply the best networker in the world. ❤

We$hare Crowdfunding. Join The Indigo Mission Tribe and THRIVE.

Okay.  So, no non-profit has yet stepped up to take my offer, and now I’ve found myself in a rather serious financial bind, so I think it’s time to do this on my own, like the little hen who ended up baking the bread all by herself.  So be it!  I don’t think anyone else really sees the POTENTIAL here, and I don’t think anyone is ready to openly declare that they believe I Am the Aquarian Messiah.  I understand that.  And it’s certainly not necessary for you to fully believe that in order for you to offer me support or get mine in return.

I could set up a typical crowdfunding platform, but that would just result in people giving me money.  That’s not what I want.  I want to network the world and offer a way for EVERYONE to get their dreams funded.  And I have found that way with We$hare Crowdfunding.

We$hare Crowdfunding has taken crowdfunding to a whole new level by combining it with the power of Referral Marketing, or Network Marketing.  When you make a donation to my Crowdfunding Project (The Indigo Mission) you become a Project Manager yourself, and I help YOU find people to fund YOUR Project.  I can also place my own Project Managers who come after you underneath you in the structure if you are wanting to be a real leader within the organization and will support your team, and you can share in their abundance as it grows.

As you receive funding, you use part of that funding to donate to the projects that came before you, which entitles you to receive a share of the funding that comes in for the Project Managers which you bring into the group, as well as the ones they bring in.  As you continue to receive even more money, you continue to fund the projects ahead of you, and your share of the income continues to grow.

The best way to get started is to make the basic $200 donation, which automatically meets the requirements of funding your first Floor, and gets you solidly involved in the income structure.  That donation comes directly to The Indigo Mission in full.  And when you find your first Project Manager to bring in, their $200 donation comes directly to YOU.  You can see how EASY it is to break even very quickly.  Even the same day, although the cash doesn’t become available for seven days.  If you can’t afford that, you can actually get started with a donation as little as $10.  And once I get going, I will even be able to offer Tickets to Ride for those who have NO money to invest upfront.  And so will you.  I have plans to make this available to even the homeless, with structures set up to help them rebuild their lives with case management, healing, and life and business coaching, among other services.  These will be subprojects under The Indigo Mission main project.  And of course, that’s only the beginning.

The money donated to your project is available to reinvest in other projects immediately, which allows you to ascend the levels as quickly as possible, building your income shares.  It takes seven days before you can actually withdraw the money from your Electronic Wallet and spend the cash.

The business structure is handled by the We$hare Crowdfunding back office, which tracks everything and manages your entire organization.  And of course, I will be offering constant ongoing training and support of EVERY kind to anyone in my Tribe.  🙂  It is what I was born to do.  And as we bring in Project Managers with skills in a variety of areas, our own training and support platform will become the best in the world.  And this opportunity is already available in 80 countries and growing!

The bottom line is, if you would like to donate to The Indigo Mission, please do it this way so I can prosper YOU in return!

I Am currently setting up the account and will post the link as a page on this blog when it’s ready.

In the meantime, spend some time on the site to get more information, and Contact Me with any questions you have, and I will get answers for you.  Do not use the links on that page to sign up.  I am not signed up yet and will provide you with my own links to join with me.

The intentions of The Indigo Mission are threefold:

To spread TRUTH:  I do this via the blog and other media outlets, which will continue to share the current Word of God.

To spread JUSTICE:  We will do this through various physical and um, nonphysical means.  More on that later.  😉

To spread ABUNDANCE FOR ALL:  We will do THIS through We$hare Crowdfunding!

I look forward to hearing your dreams and helping you make them come true!



This is a deep and profound THANK YOU and HUG for my son’s friends.

Friends of Gladius:  He told me that you all banded together and kept the faith, supporting HIM and ME in our very darkest hours, even under both demonic and human attack for doing so, and I just want to commend you for being WARRIORS OF THE LIGHT of the Very Highest Honor, and to tell you that YOU are my children, too, and I love you so much.  I AM HERE FOR YOU and I am so profoundly grateful for your loyalty and service.  Hugs all around, and we’ll make that real someday.  ❤  You are already Disciples.  I AM HONORED.  ❤

We are gonna TAKE THIS PLACE BACK in the Name of the Light.  We have begun.  And we are already GOD VICTORIOUS.  Keep reaching out to one another and don’t let them get you down.  We are SOOOOOOOOO close.  The Dark is pulling out all the stops, but we are STRONGER.  They got NUTHIN’ on us.  They’ve never seen anything like us.  They have NO IDEA who they are up against.   🙂   But I do.  ❤

And I KNOW that I was able to stay magnificently strong under the worst conditions because of ALL of the LOVE and PRAYERS and SUPPORT from EVERYONE who Follows me in every way.  I leaned on that strength very, very hard over the last two days, and I FELT it.  So thank you thank you thank you from the very depths of my heart.  ❤


My amazing kid.

Before I hit the road, I went through all of my printed photos and selected just the very best to bring on the journey.  This is one of them.  I just now took a picture of a great photo with a cheap phone, so it’s blurry.  But it’s obviously beautiful.  🙂

Chazz and me hugging

This was in 2007, in the nature park in Portland, Oregon.  I love this kid so much.  My (then) partner and daughter are on the left, also Beautiful.  (I don’t want to post too much, to protect their privacy.)  I Am Blessed with Beautiful Family.  I love them (YOU) all so much.

Okay, that was fun.

Best Western, being an inhuman, totally automated corporation, sent me a request for feedback on my recent stay.  And asked me to please post my review on Trip Advisor.


I told them I was happy to fill out their survey and sent them the link to my blog, and then posted the link in the survey comments and the Trip Advisor review.

One of the questions:  How would you rate your check-out experience?

Extremely dissatisfied, Best Western.  Extremely.  Dissatisfied.

Why I wasn’t allowed to pack.

When the cops showed up, because I wasn’t packed, they had to pack for me and it was a huge spectacle that a lot of people watched through the door.  They broke stuff, lost stuff, and threw away stuff.  I want to THANK the housekeeping staff who yelled at the manager to just READ THE BLOG.  That meant the WORLD to me, to hear your support.  I WILL return there when I have the crowdfunding venture up and running, and I will show you how to leave that slave job world FOREVER.  Maybe I’ll bring down Best Western by simply starting my abundance work with all of their lowest paid employees.  Because those are the ones who treated me with the same love and respect that I treated EVERYBODY with for the THREE WEEKS that I stayed there, spending over two thousand dollars!  And they deserve better.  ALL of management have demons in their heads and were absolutely soullessly hideous to me at one time or another.  ALL OF THEM.  It must suck to work for them.  We’ll take care of that.

Well THAT sucked.

So yeah, demons are everywhere right now.  It’s HELL out there for everyone.  The hotel manager called the police, who hauled me away to the psych ward.  And it’s a hellhole, people.  They aren’t helping anyone and they know it, so they drive the souls out of their bodies completely to screen out the despair, and they treat the patients as less than human.  Less than animal.  Less than alive.

So yeah, I spent the last 24 hours in a holding room with three other patients, with four magazines, metal slabs with dog beds on them to sleep on, and some copy paper and a set of oil pastels, which anyone who has spent any time in a psych ward knows are a prerequisite.  I got myself a fresh psych evaluation.  They did not like my answers to their questions.  To say the least.  There was ONE kind soul in the whole experience, a psychiatrist believe it or not, who treated me with human dignity.  And he was the one to pass on the warning that the word “messiah” in particular REALLY pisses people off around here and could even get someone thrown in jail if the wrong set of cops showed up.

Thanks for the warning.

Of course, two of the other three patients in the room were my precious Indigos, thrown in for being divergent.  Two young men, barely twenty years old, living lives of quiet torture as they wait to be saved.  One nature spirit and one angel.  And I told them who they were.  And who I was.  And I hope I gave them enough love and light that they at least give my blog a shot to find out if I’m legit.  They were a tremendous blessing to me, especially the angel (naturally).  He sang the language of light.  It was beautiful.

There was also a sick old man in there who had never had a good thing happen to him in his life, and who thought marijuana was against the Bible.  I truly believe I got through to him that the smoke the prophets saw their visions in was cannabis smoke, and the holy anointing oil is cannabis oil.  It’s right there in the Bible.  Because that man has NO other chance in hell of ever having any other kind of relief in his horror of a life.

Of course, I spent the whole time healing and praying and teaching, and I Am so grateful that my soul was fully in charge.  I felt utterly unbreakable, totally in my own power.  Even when they treated me like nothing, I knew exactly who I was and radiated it to everyone.  By morning, they were treating me differently.

My son, Gladius Ad Lunum, Sword of the Moon, was my KNIGHT in shining armor, giving me amazing emotional and spiritual support throughout the whole experience.  I have totally underestimated this kid’s POWER and maturity.  As soon as I create a stable situation, he is READY to join me as a Disciple.  I am in AWE.  He’s only 18.  I will not underestimate my youngest Indigos anymore.

Some money showed up on my card from previous authorizations that are now expiring, and I was able to get into a room.  And I just smoked and then got the most AWESOME Mexican food from the local place next door.  I haven’t eaten in 48 hours, the food in the hospital being the WORST I’ve ever seen, and it was worth it to wait.  This is awesome.  And while I was waiting for my order, The Mighty Redwoods SPOKE to me and said, “It’s going to be all right.”  It was breathtaking.  They keep saying it whenever I start to freak out because my Disciple is still fully turned against me.

For now, I’m in a wonderful room next to a wonderful restaurant, on a wonderful piece of the world, and all of my needs are met for several days.  That’s MORE than my daily bread.  And I’m GRATEFUL.