FIRST of TWO New Moons in Aquarius on January 20th!!!

Gosh…we’ve got DOUBLE new (super) moons in Aquarius happening!  You’d almost think The Universe was up to something BIG.  Like the physical manifestation of The Age of Aquarius on planet Earth.


Maybe SOMEBODY VERY SUPER SPECIAL will finally be ready to STEP UP and COLLABORATE with ME, the ultimate Aquarian of Aquarians, and take a risk on this absolutely miraculous business venture so we can get to WORK saving the world already!

Whaddya think?  😉  Can ya handle it?  I’m READY when you are!  So are all kinds of people I talk to every day!  We’re all just waiting on YOU, very super special somebodies whom I have mentioned by name once and won’t again until you have agreed to partner with me.  😉

Let’s DO this!

P.S.  Yes, I’m on a beach vacation, but if you knew me, you’d know I never stop working, because I LOVE MY WORK!  ❤  Let’s make it a WORKING VACATION!  ❤  THAT is what I AM SEEDING on this Aquarius New Moon, brothers and sisters.  Say a prayer on the 20th, everybody, and help me make it so!  🙂

It’s TIME.  ❤  Open up your heart and let the sunshine in.  ❤

Trust Walking…

…has led me HERE today.  Ahhhhhhh……

Jan 18 beach shoes

Click on the picture to see it full size!

Trusting God.  I thought I knew how to do that before.  Turns out, I really had NO clue.  Living on the road like this, I realize how much my life has been spent in fear.  I used to jump at every door slam, every dog bark, every siren.  I used to worry about if my dishes were clean enough, my food fresh enough, my coat warm enough, my clothes clean enough, my makeup pretty enough.  I never realized before how much I allowed myself to exist in this tiny little safe comfort zone, even as from the outside I appeared to be living so fearlessly and so boldly.  I watch my Indigos strip down and jump into the waves in the middle of January, cooking and eating real simple, wholesome food over whatever heat source is available, living so joyfully every day as a fearless, organic part of their world, and I am humbled and inspired.  And I am getting better and better at living fully alive every day myself.

The place I am staying is JUST rustic enough to offer me an opportunity to challenge myself and GROW into a bigger person without pushing me into true fear or discomfort.  I am so very, very, very grateful for that.  I absolutely love the way God has met my needs in this way.  I am living close to nature, but with the comforts that I need in order to feel safe.  In the future, I feel I will be taking bigger risks in this area, but with more resources and more experience, so this is a way to prepare for grander outdoor world adventures, I know.  We’ll see if they get me to try the totally open outdoor shower.  😉  Maybe in the middle of the night.  LOL!

I am so very grateful to my cousin for allowing God to move her heart (and her husband’s!) to such loving generosity, and to God for leading me to this particular place, which is opening my heart in ways I didn’t even know I needed it to.

I Am Blessed.  I wish the same for all of you.  In other words…wish you were here.  😉

All my love,


My Vacation Starts Tomorrow!

My MIRACLE has arrived, and my VACATION starts tomorrow.  Thanks to my beautiful angel-cousin whose name I won’t share to protect her privacy, I will be staying for THREE WEEKS at a beautiful little quiet retreat within walking distance to the beach.  This is where I will be celebrating the most important birthday of many lifetimes in less than two weeks.  🙂

It is a DREAM come true.  And I need this SO much.  🙂  THANK YOU to every single beautiful soul all around the world who has prayed for me, helped me, and wished me well throughout this Mission.  Your love and prayers have been the support that held me up when I didn’t think anything could.  You’ve all been the miracles that keep proving God’s love to me.  🙂

And my family…I don’t even have words.  I am just so DEEPLY and PROFOUNDLY grateful for every single one of them.  Every single one of them has given ALL they could to support me in this, even as they are struggling in huge ways themselves physically, emotionally, and financially.  I have been so humbled and nurtured by their love.  I am so excited about being able to offer them something in return that will transform their lives as soon as I get the crowdfunding venture up and running.  I know they don’t even really understand what I’m doing, and that makes their unconditional love and support mean even more.  I AM BLESSED.

❤ Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you. ❤

Unlimited Blessings to ALL!


Connect with me on LinkedIn

I’ve been on LinkedIn for years, but not as this.  😉  I just updated my profile, to open up my offer of non-profit partnership beyond where I’ve been looking, so if you’re on LinkedIn, Connect with me there under my name, Satina Scott.  You’ll be able to tell it’s me because, well, I’m calling myself Not The Messiah You Were Expecting.  And you can get a glimpse of my new hair.  😉  I figured out how to make my own URL for my profile, so hopefully everyone can access this:

It WOULD NOT work as a link, and wordpress only made part of it live, so I’m sorry but you’ll have to cut and paste.

I’m worth it.  😉

Tapping for Miracles

I just found this wonderful EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping video by Margaret Lynch, and with the INTENSITY we have all been battling lately, I wanted to share it so that we can ALL open up to receive MIRACLES.

I haven’t used tapping in awhile, but I’ve had some really amazing results with it in the past, so I’m going to be searching out more tapping videos now, to help get my energy into alignment with my highest aspirations.

Unlimited Blessings.


Holy Harmony

Last night, I found another youtube video of my favorite sound healing, Holy Harmony by Jonathon Goldman.  I actually purchased three copies of this in the past, but they’re on my old computer which I sent off to my ex-partner, so I didn’t have them.  It used to be on youtube for free, then it got taken down, so I haven’t had it in awhile.  I found another copy last night.  🙂  The video parts don’t go with the healing, so I won’t vouch for those, but this is the sound healing I love.  I played it ALL night through my earbuds as I slept, and this morning almost all of my pain is gone and my appetite is back.  🙂  I am still detoxing my sinuses, but I feel SO much better.  I highly recommend you try this if nothing else is working:

If you want to donate…

As I’ve explained, I’m not allowed to charge for my services, but I am allowed to ask for donations.  I haven’t wanted to do that, but no one has yet gotten back to me and I’m out of money again and have to check out at 11am tomorrow if no more shows up.  I’m also at the END of my physical endurance, and coming down with weird stress-related illnesses.  I’m utterly fatigued and my whole body aches so much I can barely walk.  I feel too sick to eat.  I hurt too much to sleep.  I desperately need a break. I need to get into a place that has room for my son to join me, because I’m so very lonely for FAMILY, too.  I had no idea how hard this would be, and I feel I’ve used up all I had to get me here.  I need healthy food and REST.  I need warm clothes and good shoes and socks.  I desperately need to hug my kid.  Lots and lots.  Whatever you can spare is of course all that I’m asking.  Every drop helps fill the bucket.  🙂

UPDATE as of March 21, 2015:  My Paypal account is wonky, so I cannot accept donations that way.  Please use the Contact Me feature if you wish to make a donation.

When I do get the crowdfunding platform up, EVERYONE who donates will be given a FREE spot in my tribe and I’ll help you make your DREAMS come true, too.  🙂

Unlimited Blessings,


Being perceived as a parasite is…

It’s bizarre, and humiliating, and frustrating, and humbling, and when I can let go of all that baggage, it’s also fascinating, to be seen as a societal parasite, one of the disenfranchised, a homeless person, someone who is only capable of taking. Because you can talk a good game, but if you don’t have some financial resources to support yourself and even offer others, people FEAR you because they see you as someone who can only TAKE from them, no matter how brilliant or charming or magickal you are.  I get that, and I don’t blame those who love and fear me at the same time right now, when I have no material resources to offer.  Even my family, who are the only ones I’m allowed to ask for help right now, and who are mostly impoverished themselves, are only able to see me through their worried eyes, and they’re afraid I’ll just be dependent on them forever, I can tell.

This is so ironic, obviously, given Who I Am, and it’s not something I’m used to, now that I’m able to work again! In my ‘old life’, I was always a resource for others. Of course I was always the counselor and the healer for my family and everyone else around me, and I have always been a workaholic besides, because I LOVE TO WORK.  In college, I worked several jobs, all of them involved in service, some of them volunteer, as well as running or holding a leadership position in more than one activist organization.  After graduation, I worked in mental health for ten years, as well as running several network marketing businesses where I was absolutely SOUGHT AFTER by the top people.  I was even one of the most popular (and controversial) leaders and proficient writers in my chosen fanfiction world.  Then after my Spiritual Awakening and Call to Action, I became a profound healer, certified spiritual business coach, and master psychic, and I got paid $120 an hour for my services.  I was told by my teachers at coach school that I could and should be charging much, much more, but I had NO interest in working with rich clients, so I often charged less or offered my services for barter.  All during my training, I was doing the absolute opposite of my peers, who were all trying to maximize the monetization of their skills.  I was designing a way to offer life and business coaching services to welfare recipients and even the homeless.  Which I will do under the umbrella of The Indigo Mission, giving the disenfranchised a clear path and all the support they need to become REenfranchised, and in a NEW society that is loving and nurturing.

But now I’m not allowed to charge anything. And for work, I can only do what God tells me to do and live with the consequences. I can’t ‘earn my keep’ with my skills in ANY OTHER WAY than this crowdfunding business deal.  Which I am NOT allowed to pursue as an individual.  Which is CRAZAY, because back in the day, people FELL OVER THEMSELVES trying to recruit me, or they just picked my brain constantly for the latest ideas, which I always shared freely. People used to beg me to write a book, and I was going to, before my huge disappointment which led to my Spiritual Awakening.  And if I had found this then and were doing this my way, I would have already signed up weeks ago and would have a whole tribe by now and would be throwing parties at my beach house.

But I’m not allowed to do that. Because this isn’t about me.  And the money will be TOO BIG and will grow TOO FAST for me to have any fun managing it.

Plus God WANTS this non-profit (YOU) and the associated projects to THRIVE beyond (YOUR) wildest dreams!  You are PRECIOUS and UNIQUE and MAGNIFICENT.  And God wants The Indigo Mission to have the phenomenal BLESSINGS of the immense TALENT POOL which YOU are!  You know you are destined for GREATNESS!  YOUR mission is mine! We are family! And neither of us can do it alone!  We need each other in order to realize our Very Highest Potential!  This is DESTINY!

And I AM not allowed to take a single step on this without YOU.

So I’m living as a vagabond, not even allowed to barter my services for food or shelter. And it’s interesting, because I’ve offered absolutely free healing to a few people who were suffering, but they kindly declined. WEIRD. I can usually stop pain almost instantly, and I can even effect instantaneous complete healings of things nothing else has been able to touch, when God wills it. But my energy is overwhelming, so people back away when it’s offered casually, and perhaps they feel bad that they have nothing to offer in exchange.

So all I have now to be judged on are my ideas and my radiant energy.  It’s like, maybe I’m someone you want to know because I can transform your life, and maybe I’m just this WAY OUT THERE cool chick who is absolutely CRAY CRAY but means well and is entertaining. Either way, people are forced to respond to me from their hearts, not their heads. In the old conventional days, before I was driven absolutely NUTS by the archons and anti-Christ, I was GOLDEN on paper, and often able to outpicture that in all kinds of ways in real life.  People’s heads were ALL ABOUT ME. People would trip over themselves to have me. They fought over me and lied, cheated, and stole to get me on their team.  I walked into any situation and automatically UPGRADED it, usually revolutionizing the way it was done.  Not that everybody enjoyed that.  Some didn’t.  I didn’t say I was always the most popular, just the most powerful and often the most famous.  And/or infamous.  😉

Now, people I meet are seeing this other me, stripped absolutely BARE, no reputation, no resume, no identity, no home, no fame, not even any makeup, no clothes, no cash, no socks, stinky shoes, no services to offer, NOTHING but me and my ideas and energy. And I’m frankly amazed at the love my Indigos show even when there’s no physical evidence to back up what I’m saying. And honestly, many of them don’t care if I’m crazy or not, because either way they get that I’m REAL. I can tell they’re thinking I may be crazy, but I’m loving and AUTHENTIC and telling MY TRUTH, and that is what my Indigos find beautiful. Not makeup and fancy hair and the right phone and cool clothes and a killer resume. Just realness. Truth. Most don’t even read my blog, or don’t care what it says, they just go on ME alone.

And that is just BEAUTIFUL. I have never lived around that. I am learning SO MUCH from them. I AM not the same person I once was, and I don’t look anything like I used to.  For one thing, I’ve lost 75 lbs.  For another, I threw away my lipstick, which was a huge part of my public persona. Like Thelma and Louise! And the cops threw away my $13 eyeliner made from coconut oil, which in the past I wouldn’t have left home without.  And my hair…well, it doesn’t look anything like my Facebook or my videos or anything else I’ve ever worn.

Back when I had money, God (and Archangel Michael) sent me to an Aquarian Indigo stylist here who spent five hours giving me a totally intuitive hair style that all by itself has changed my whole life. (Oh I’m gonna PROSPER this kid.) I hated it at first. I cried because it wasn’t pretty. I thought I must NOT be The Messiah, because God had steered me wrong telling me to let this kid do whatever he felt was right.  It was a serious freak-out.  But now I LOVE IT.  And sometimes it looks like crap, in my opinion, but I can tell it’s also beautiful in a way my ‘pretty hair’ never ever could be.  And it shows people what I value.  There is blue in it, which shows that I value personal expression, plus blue is the Christ color and the only color I wear when I have a choice.  And I honestly don’t feel like me without blue in my hair.  But it’s not conventionally pretty, which shows that I don’t place much value on conventional beauty.  It’s totally unique, with its own mood, and doesn’t really look like anything I’ve ever seen.  I don’t decide what it will look like, and it never ever looks the same way twice.  Its beauty has to be perceived from a totally different place than my old, frosted, fluffy locks which nearly everyone agreed were pretty my entire life, even when they didn’t really like ME.

And I guess that’s what God is doing with me, too. Showing me the REAL beauty inside myself, that has nothing to do with the right hair, clothes, makeup, jewelry, technology, car, home, connections, reputation, money, resume, degree, resources, or bling of any kind. And showing me that there are people who WANT THAT beauty, and who don’t give a crap about the rest and would in fact look down on me if I still did.

With my Indigos, what I’m seeing is that you can be stupid, dorky, fat, old, young, sick, weird, ugly, lazy, crazy, dirty, or even mean, as long as you’re REAL. The minute you start faking it, you’ve lost them. Which is fine with me. I never thought there were others who thought that way, and finding them and living with them is a profound revelation. I can’t wait to put together the first Indigo Village intentional community and surround myself with their amazingness.  And then see what happens when we bring them together and give them RESOURCES to play with!

I mean…WOW.  Imagining these kids with real money to use to create their phenomenal visions keeps me PSYCHED to make this happen no matter what. And this crowdfunding venture is so perfect for their nomadic souls, because it follows them wherever they go, never anchoring them in any way, and gives them a passive income stream that they can build into a raging torrent whenever they wish, or simply sip from as it grows slowly once they plant a few initial seeds.

You don’t even need a checking account.  Literally, people can start with nothing but a prepaid debit card, and you don’t even have to pay any money with it, that’s just the way you’ll withdraw your money. You can just set up your project platform and use what comes in to start funding your way up the ladder. And due to the Ticket to Ride feature, you can also accept someone’s donation to you in cash, then go into the system and mark them as paid, so you don’t even have to wait that seven days to get your money. That could put a homeless person in a hotel with a pizza for the night, or pay someone’s rental deposit or car repair!  It could literally save someone’s life in an emergency. Forget about begging, you’ll be OFFERING someone a miracle they might not ever get any other way.  You’ll go from parasite to Angel.  Imagine what that will do for people’s self-esteem, when they’ve never had anything to offer before.

And anyone in the tribe can support themselves in this way. Imagine how that could change adventure traveling! To always, always have a way to get cash instantly, by offering something that is going to prosper everyone beyond their imagining.  To never have to worry about finding work wherever you go.  This is already available in 80 countries and only takes Internet access to run.  And people can get started with as little as a $10 donation, so you could have that in cash and they could be investing just a tiny bit upfront to get started in something that could quickly change THEIR lives, and then give THEM a way to create money instantly when THEY need it.  Need more cash?  Talk to more people!  Or talk to people who want to start BIG with a bigger upfront donation!  Need help?  Your leaders in the tribe prosper when you do, so you’ll have all kinds of it!

Yes, I’m excited about this. 🙂 And the more I get to know the souls of my magnificent Indigo Children, the more I see that this was CREATED for them. For US. For how we know we are going to be living. We will build this amazing network of love-based individuals and businesses all over the world, and co-fund and mutually support one another’s endeavors, using ONLY the SURPLUS left over after all of our own needs are met, and never ever getting anchored down ANYWHERE we don’t want to be, or do anything for money that we don’t want to do!

It’s just like I wrote about in the post Giving What You Have to Spare and NO MORE. That is exactly the way this works. As your initial seeds result in more funding coming to you, you use just a small part of that to fund projects ahead of you, and use the rest to support your life and your visions. And as you give more, always from your surplus, you qualify to receive more. The funding for people’s projects, after you become a part of this community, will never come out of your pocket, only from the surplus created by those who are funding you!  And what we are all funding is one another’s DREAMS.  MISSIONS.  Life Purposes.  What we were all born to DO here.

It’s the way life is meant to work.  No one has to go without.  No one has to struggle or suffer.  As one prospers, everyone prospers!  Everyone’s needs are met simply and easily, by and for one another, in a way that supports The Highest Good of All!

I just thought I’d share that for anyone who needs a little vision-fodder while we all wait.  😉

Namaste.  ❤