Presentation Script

As soon as I’m ready to go, which I feel will be SOON, I’ll be using this script to create media presentations for the crowdfunding opportunity I’m offering:



I’m Satina.  Proud Leader of The Indigo Tribe.  I hear you have a DREAM to share, something that will make the world a better place.  The Indigo Tribe is all about that, and if you’re here, someone thinks you might be a good fit and has invited you to join us.

What is The Indigo Tribe?

First and most importantly, it is a virtual intentional community that will help you get your DREAM funded.  With money.  But we don’t stop there.  We know that as one Member of The Tribe thrives we all thrive, so we offer everything you need to make your DREAMS into reality.  We don’t use the word ‘TRIBE’ lightly.  When you join us, we turn around and embrace you as the planetary family you are.

Here is just PART of what you will RECEIVE when you join The Indigo Tribe:

  • A FREE Project Platform webpage for promoting your DREAM!
  • FREE life and business coaching aimed at helping you THRIVE in every area of your life!
  • FREE ongoing support and training to help you make the most of the funding opportunity!
  • FREE support calls, and in some areas, local meetings and parties!
  • A FREE referral network where you can connect with other members of your TRIBE all over the world and exchange goods, services, information, and love!
  • A FREE travel network to guide you as you explore your planet!
  • FREE and ongoing INSPIRATION, empowerment, and upliftment to help you BE the amazing conscious creator you came here to be!

And all of this comes from the top…me…and is offered to everyone in the entire Tribe!  You don’t have to supply ANY of it.  All you have to do is invite people.

So, who can join?

Anyone 18 years of age and over can do this.  All you need is Internet access and an account to deposit the money into.  And if getting those things is a problem, we will help you find options that work for you.  If you sincerely want to join us, we WILL make it happen.  You are family, and no one gets left behind.


Because YOU are PRECIOUS!

What you came to Earth to offer is PRECIOUS!  The world needs you!  And when everyone is doing what they came here to do, we will have World Peace!  So YES!  We want to help you to THRIVE!  We want you to realize your absolute HIGHEST potential!

How do you get started?

With a one-time donation that will go directly to the person who invited you.  And if money is a problem, don’t worry, we can still get you started.  All you really need is a sincere desire to help people.  We can help with the rest.

The way our shared crowdfunding platform works, you will get the fastest and biggest returns if you donate the maximum amount, $200.  That qualifies you to receive the entire $200 donation of every new Tribe Member that YOU invite to join us.  Yep, that’s right.  Once you’re a Member of the Tribe, you get the opening donations of everyone you invite from now on.

Just picture that!  Who do you know that has a DREAM?  Everyone, right?

And it gets even better.  That’s only the beginning of your income potential.

As your money flows in, you can fund your way up the 7 levels of the funding structure by making one-time donations for each level.  And as you do, you then qualify to receive a share whenever your own Tribe Members fund their way up!

This is PASSIVE INCOME that automatically pays into your Electronic Wallet!  You can be collecting money while you’re sleeping, eating, playing, traveling, or lying on the beach working on your tan!  And this is in addition to the income you create with your personal project!

Where can you do this?

This is already available in 80 countries and counting, so you can travel the world and invite new members into the Tribe wherever you go, giving you a fantastic, fun income source you will never have to compromise yourself for!

Think about that!  You will NEVER have to do anything you don’t want to for money again.  You will never get stuck living somewhere you don’t want to be because of some job.  This will follow you wherever you want to go.  And you can build your income stream into a raging torrent whenever you feel like it, and just sip from the passive income stream when you don’t.  And you will be making your DREAMS come true by helping other people make THEIR DREAMS come true!  Can you imagine a more beautiful life?  I can’t!

This is PERFECT if your dream is just to TRAVEL and/or help people!  You will be planting the seeds of World Peace and Prosperity everywhere you go!  Bless you for that!

Ready to get started?

Talk to the Tribe Member who sent you here and put up your Platform Page today.  Who knows?  If you can think of someone else to invite, you could have funding before another day has passed!  Start making your list!

Thanks for listening!  And WELCOME to the REAL Age of Aquarius!

I met God today.

I met God today at the hostel. Of course, I meet God every day in everyone I meet, and it’s especially obvious at this particular place on the map, but this guy has a clearer connection than anyone I’ve met in this lifetime.  Including me.  We had the most profound conversation of my life.  When I came back inside, I couldn’t believe it was only 11am, because it felt like I had spent the whole day, or that I had experienced a whole day, somehow, in that one conversation.  Really, what he gave to me most people don’t get in a whole LIFE.  Most importantly, it was EXACTLY what I needed at this stage of my journey.  I believe God pulled him to Arcata for me this time around, so he could give me what he did, and if I had money today and a wall to hang art on, his pockets would be full of money now, but someone else will be God’s way to give him his daily bread this time.  But not for long.  I can’t wait to hang his work on the walls of my Arcata beach house and see the Gold Vanagon in real life, reaching its highest potential.

Here’s his link, if you’re curious:



It comes down to this.

I can either sit here and ask, “Where will I go next Saturday when my money runs out?  How will I pay for it?  Will I get private sessions?  Should I give a group healing or readings and ask for donations?  When will my ideal business partner finally get back to me?  Will it be before Mercury goes direct?  Right after?  What if it’s not?  What will I spend my time doing if I’m not able to do that?  How scary will it be when they finally contact me?  How scary it is going to be, becoming famous?  How fast will it happen?”

And on and on and on, my stomach flipping and clenching the whole time…

Or I can lay back on a bed that has sheets as soft as kittens and listen to an Aquarian Indigo in a bed a few feet away playing “Blackbird” on his guitar and just weep at the beauty of the moment.

REAL help for panic attacks.

Living day by day, moment by moment, by the grace and guidance of God/dess alone leads to a life of miracles.  And for me, a life of near-panic attacks.  Yes, even now when I’m no longer mentally or physically ill, I still have a total knee-jerk anxiety response to the unknown.  Which is my whole life nowadays.  So, much of this mission has been spent fighting off gut-wrenching, breath-stealing anxiety.  In fact, I am just now realizing that has been the only true negative.

As we can all see by reading my account, I’ve been safe the whole time.  Every single time I thought something bad would happen, I was protected and safe.  The horror was ALL in my head.  You might think being hauled off to the psych ward was the exception, but honestly, I wasn’t afraid during that time, because I was endowed with such Goddess power and certainty.  For me, it’s not about what’s actually happening, it’s always about uncertainty over what is GOING to happen.  I have endured dangerous situations without anxiety, because I had certainty.  It’s when I’m faced with uncertainty about the future that my body freaks out.  When I make myself a totally empty conduit, and then don’t receive information or guidance on something to DO, I revert to panic.  I don’t think I’m alone in this.  I think this is why some people avoid just being, as I have my whole life.  Because it’s SCARY AS HELL to just be.  Literally, because the hell is in your head.

I had a triple whammy trauma day yesterday, and I was in a near-panic attack/actual shock over and over throughout the day.  I was never in physical danger of any kind.  This was ALL emotional.  And yet, I felt like if I didn’t get control over the constant panic, I was going to go truly mad and totally blow the mission.  So I PRAYED for help with the panic attacks, instead of praying for help with the situations themselves, and I was led to find a couple of REALLY interesting videos with information I’ve never seen before.  I tried the techniques, and to my amazement, they work.  The only thing that works better on a panic attack, for me, is good ol’ Ativan, which I do not, of course, have the option of taking anymore.  I use a combination of both of these techniques, personally, and I’m feeling so much more peaceful and solid and empowered as I walk through my life of the constant unknown.

I am also including a meditation by the Angel Goddess, Doreen Virtue, on letting go and letting God.  I played that over and over and over last night to get me through a scary storm, after spending the day in panic-land.  And it did the trick.  I was safe and cozy and able to sleep.

My highest intention is that these can save you as much suffering as they’ve saved me.

Unlimited Blessings.