The future’s so bright, we gotta wear shades.

It was gorgeous here today.  And we talked it over on the beach while we were working on manifesting Heaven on Earth, and I’m now proudly introducing my very first Disciple to physically join me on The Indigo Mission, Lauren Hernandez.

Lauren 31715

Killer wings, huh?  😉  Seriously, you really are looking at an incarnation of Shakti, Goddess of Peace.  Yes, she’s All That.  She’s a home girl from The Powers of God.  My Indigo little sister from the home neighborhood.  We have the same type of Realm DNA, so we really share the same vision of this Mission and The New Earth.  Plus we get along REALLY well.  I can’t imagine a better traveling companion/apprentice for this journey.  We are going to have SO MUCH FUN doing this!  We already are, in many ways, but it’s gonna get freakishly better, of course, once we get the money flowing.

After I prayed for Home to send me someone Special last month, God picked her up in New York and carried her over here and dropped her in my path in little ol’ Humboldt County.  We’ve been on the road together for a few weeks now, and we spent an amazing afternoon on the beach today, manifesting all kind of amazing things for us all.  Two whales even got in on it, giving us an amazing sighting that totally blew our minds!  And I thought I was a crazy Goddess.  This chick definitely has me upping my game as far as allowing myself to have what I REALLY want.  This just gets better and better.  Thank you MotherFatherGod.  🙂

Fellow Goddesses and Gods, get ready for a TRANSFORMATIVE New (Super) Moon Full Solar Eclipse Equinox.  (What a divine mouthful.  I don’t even know if all of that has ever happened before at the same time, people.)

All our Love and Blessings from Home, just two Goddesses on the beach manifesting Terra Nova,

Satina and Lauren

Us March 17 2015

On the issue of Mozilla and Net Neutrality

Mozilla is taking a LOT of abuse for supporting and working for Net Neutrality.  So much of it is from loving, freedom-seeking warriors for the Light, and it’s hard to see.  I’ve now ‘come out’ about my feelings for Mozilla, so seeing this was disturbing and shocking to me on a human level, and I prayed for just the right words to say to hopefully help bring Light and Love to this confusing situation.

I will admit that I am NOT a techie (in this lifetime) and do not understand the issues involved in any deep way.  But I do SEE the spirit of Mozilla and the intentions of its Mozillians.  This I was shown by God, Goddess, All That Is.  Mozilla are Stewards of the Light.  Protectors of Information.  Servants of the Benevolent Forces of Light, just as I AM.  And their INTENTIONS are the PUREST and the HIGHEST.  They will do ANYTHING necessary to fulfill their mission of protecting and defending the Light (information).

We are not in a time of perfect, permanent solutions to the enormous problems facing Earth and humanity.  Not yet.  We are just entering the chaos of the shift to a whole NEW world.  Now is a time for innovative compromise and using what is still present to create a raft to carry us through the tidal waves of change.  And it is absolutely crucial that we not take out our stress on one another as the tsunami hits.  We must learn to look into the HEARTS and SOULS of those around us to discern their INTENT, and then gather together all of those choosing to accompany us to share all of our unique human (and not-so-human) perspectives on how to get through this.

We are not happy with Obama now, but he was the best of all the options presented to us at the time.  The government has horrific plans for us, but it is still also filled with our sisters and brothers of the Light as well, doing all they can to hold the center while it all falls apart.  The same can be said of the education system, the banking system, the health care system, the justice system, and every other thing whose time is OVER.

As we enter a maelstrom of CHANGE unlike any this planet has ever witnessed, we MUST not fall into the old habit of choosing a side and simply ripping the other side apart.  NEITHER side has a perfect answer at this time.  Even this crowdfunding venture which God has led me to is a temporary solution.  Eventually we will leave money exchange behind altogether.  But we have to get from here to there with whatever we can cobble together from the remains of this dying world.  And I know Mozilla’s intent is to do that here.  NO ONE wants big government controlling us, just as NO ONE wants police officers taking on military rule.  But when you are small and alone on a dark street and someone pulls a knife and demands your wallet, you will be grateful when God sends in one of your sisters or brothers of the Light in blue to enforce the law that exists and protect you from danger.

I support Mozilla, because I know they are of the PUREST and HIGHEST intent, and I know that when total sovereignty is an option, THEY (WE) will be the ones to bring it to all of you.

All of my love and unlimited blessings,

Satina – The Avatar of the Aquarian Age/The Aquarian Christ/The Aquarian Messiah