It’s Time To Choose: All Out Civil War or The Creation of a New Earth Society That Serves The Highest Good of All.

All my life I’ve been a warrior. An activist. I bought Ms. Magazine when I was fourteen and raged over the injustices being done to the feminine. I grew up to be involved in all kinds of activist groups. I organized rallies and I carried signs. When I received my CALL TO ACTION during 911 in 2001, I thought I was being prepared to go to war against the cabal. And I was ready. I’ve never run away from justified revolt. I was born for it.

Now that I have been shown WHO I REALLY AM and have been given my actual Mission Directives, I realize I am here to offer the PEACEFUL ALTERNATIVE to going to war against our oppressors. I see now that raging against the machine is a waste of time and the act of a spiritual child. Our freedom will not be won by screaming, “Take better care of us!” to those who are currently holding power over us. It will be won by taking care of ourselves and each other. We have everything we need to solve every single problem we are facing. We just need to grow up and stop looking to civil and government “authorities” to fix things for us. Those “authorities” are the ones creating the problems. No matter what rhetoric they spew about “Hope” and “Yes we can!”, they have NO intention to do anything to make things better. Their plan is destruction, exploitation, and enslavement. Period.

To claim our freedom, we must STEP UP and claim our responsibility to set things right for ourselves. Now that may sound boring and grown up or overwhelming and impossible, but Creator has shown me how to make it One Big Party. And that’s what I’m inviting you to with My Plan.  The day after I posted this plan, Facebook took my page off the Internet.  Guess I scared somebody.

Taken to its highest potential, this simple, unassuming shared crowdfunding platform “just happens” to give us the way to turn our backs on all the meager, poisoned hand-outs we are fighting bitterly over and EASILY and JOYFULLY create a world of love, truth, sharing, mutual support, and ABUNDANCE FOR ALL.

Now I had to look it up myself and the word Messiah means the LIBERATOR of a group of people. And in this Divine Plan for a new business model, I truly feel in my heart and SOUL that I have been blessed with the KEY to our LIBERATION from the current system. Does that make me the Aquarian Messiah? That’s what God says and made me announce publicly, but you decide for yourself. I don’t care if you believe that, all I know is that I’ve been shown enough to know THIS WILL WORK.

And I will spend my every breath from here on out doing everything God tells me to do in order to make it happen. This is what I was born to do.  I have walked away from everything else in my life and willingly given up any chance of ever doing anything else, and I will never, ever stop. THIS WILL HAPPEN. It is the Divine Plan for the LIBERATION of HUMANITY.

But you don’t have to be part of it.

This is a free will planet, so you get to choose. And the time has come. Obviously, things can’t go on the way they have been. People are literally dying in the streets as they stand up for their rights. It is becoming abundantly clear that we are living in a police state, and the curtain is about to go up on all of their REAL PLANS for us. So it’s time to make your choice.

Do you choose to go to war against our oppressors to BEG them for better handouts?

Or do you choose to TAKE BACK YOUR REAL POWER and create the alternative yourself?

To help me give birth to the PEACEFUL alternative, please —>SIGN THE PETITION<— to get Mozilla to listen to my proposal, and pass it on to every freedom-loving individual you can while you still can.



How you make an income.

I have had some beautiful people tell me they love my idea of networking the world and sharing resources, but they don’t understand how they’ll make an income with my new business model.  It’s simple.  And fun!

You see, when you invite someone to join the community, they make a donation to your project platform in order to put up their own.  The community offers the resources, but YOU get the donation.  And although not everyone will be able to afford the recommended $200 donation, many will.  You get what you give, so it makes better business sense to make the maximum donation of $200 so you qualify to receive that from the beginning.  If you donate less, you just start out receiving less, but as your income grows, you can add to that original donation until you’ve given the $200 amount, and from then on, you get the full $200 of everyone you invite.  So, you just invite five people a week who make the full donation and you have a full time income.  And it’s just from sharing something that will, in all honesty, be so much fun you won’t be able to shut up about it anyway!

This ain’t work, and it will never be a sales pitch, like I said.  It will be a loving invitation you will be excited to be able to offer people.  This will transform lives.  It will SAVE lives.  This can, and is intended to, transform the world.

Everywhere you go, you will find people waiting for this, literally praying for this, and you will have it to offer. 

I hope that clears things up somewhat!  Keep asking questions!  🙂  And please SIGN THE PETITION to get Mozilla’s attention so they’ll TALK TO ME, because we can’t start without them.  And PASS IT ON!

Namaste!  ❤


Facebook is censoring me. Again.

Facebook is messing with me again. Right after I posted MY PLAN for an organized way to share resources that serves the Highest Good of All, they blocked my account and are asking me to upload a picture of my driver’s license or some other kind of picture ID to unblock it. Um….NO EFFIN’ WAY, Facebook. It doesn’t look anything like me anymore anyway.  So…game on, I guess. It’s nice to know somebody’s paying attention to what I write, anyway! 😉

Letter to All of My Beloved Indigo Children

Dear Precious Indigo Kids,

For those who don’t know, Indigos are a special set of souls born between roughly the mid-1970’s to the mid-1990’s.  You are only 75% human, with the other 25% of your DNA coming from your home realm, which can be from this world, or another, or from the nonphysical realms, like me.  You are all part of the 10 Million Light Warriors who answered Earth’s Call For Help as she FELL into darkness beyond reach and was lost.  We are here to create a NEW timeline whereon the human race is preserved from their original fate of becoming half-mechanical, half-biological slave beings controlled by implant.  And we’ve done it.  🙂  Over countless lifetimes, together we’ve raised the Light Quotient to the point it needed to be.  Now we just have to walk out what our Higher Selves have already mapped out for us in the etheric.  It’s time to take it all BACK in the name of the LIGHT!

Beloved Indigos, do you know how I keep the faith when I start to doubt myself, wondering what kind of horrible joke some demon is playing on me, making me leave behind EVERYTHING I KNEW and call myself this and walk around homeless while most humans refuse to take me seriously?

I remind myself that I MUST be your Mother Goddess, because I know who YOU are. I can SEE how absolutely MAGNIFICENT you are.  And no one else seems to. I’m crying as I write that, my amazing children, because God has put me here in Humboldt County to be surrounded by you so that I could really see for myself what MAGNIFICENT WARRIORS OF LIGHT you are, and so I could see that every time I meet one of you and tell you Who I Am and Who You Are, there is barely a moment’s hesitation before you ALL just nod with an energy of, “Oh yeah, of course it’s you. We’ve got this world-saving thing to do together, right? So when do we start?” I’m shocked and delighted every time. You simply remember who you are, who I am, and are ready to get to work. I don’t have to convince you. And you aren’t intimidated by me, either. You’re just happy to see me. And beyond ready to get to work. Just like me.

But because of the predatory financial system of this planet, most of you have a deep, sincere HATRED of money, which makes you all look at me sideways, becoming bored or even hostile when I explain the business model.

But my beloved Indigos, this Divine Feminine business model is how God and Goddess are bestowing their abundance on their children. I know you want to abolish the money system altogether, and I know it seems barbaric to have to compromise within it even enough to have some in your pocket. But you deserve to have the abundance, kids.

You need this in order to realize the amazing, truly miraculous dreams in your hearts. If you want to do things like bring fresh water systems to Ghana, Africa, or go on an expedition to the North Pole to find the opening to the Inner Earth, it will take money. And so you need to make friends with the idea that money is the way the Goddess spreads Her abundance in a way that is universal. It is, of course, not the ONLY way She spreads Her abundance…She IS the life that makes everything possible!

But the human race has agreed that for now, money is their abundance currency, and so in order to take the power back from those who have humanity financially enslaved, we need to take back some of the money. This business model will not only put money in the hands of those who will use it with love and light, it will bring to life ALL of the beautiful alternatives to all the soulless corporate options people are stuck with now. This is how The Goddess will bring to life Her new society, based on all the dreams in YOUR beautiful hearts.  This is the lifeboat She has sent us.  I gather up you, my beloved children, and YOU gather up all of the rest of humanity that you can reach with your amazing offerings, and together we bring as many as we can to The New Earth.

Right now, people aren’t even looking to spiritual matters because everyone is SO FOCUSED on survival matters. They don’t realize it’s the same thing. Their survival is in Spirit, which is why they’ve been distracted away from it in so many ways. All they can think of is how to make money. Money is safety to them. I understand that. I’m living week to week, never knowing where I’ll be going or how the rent will be paid or where food will come from. I’d really, really, really like to have a LOT more money right about now. But I have come to realize that if I did not prove to my Indigos that I can live this way, the way so many of them have and are as they refuse to play the old game, then they would not recognize me or respect me or listen to what I have to say. So I surrender to it.

Similar to the reason Spirit had me show up with just one pair of jeans and a Pink Floyd T-Shirt, and then I even lost my makeup. I would have preferred to introduce myself after a dramatic makeover, but that would have turned my Indigos off. I didn’t know that, but God and Goddess did, so they stripped me down to the real me, because my Indigos don’t waste time with anything less. I have met them (you) without makeup on, in my thrift store pajamas, after three days of not bathing, with greasy hair and cheap, ugly shoes that stink. And they (you) recognize me instantly and love me.

So I’m following the current, like a feather on the breeze, allowing the flow to take me where it’s taking me. And what I’m seeing is that you, my beloved Indigos, are suffering everywhere as you hold so tightly to your heartfelt principals that you sleep in the cold and literally starve rather than sell out to the current system.

And I’m here to tell you that it’s time for you to BE more, DO more, HAVE more!

Please look past the boring business talk to the society I’m proposing. That is what we ALL carry in our hearts. This business model is how you will bring your wild and amazing dreams to life and liberate humanity from their current soul-draining enslavement. Together we will show them how money should be stewarded, how ALL of the Earth’s resources should be stewarded, and how it’s EASY to meet everyone’s needs when we all agree on just DOING IT.

Signing The Petition doesn’t obligate you to anything, it just lets Mozilla know there are people out here who are READY for them to be the first business figures to take a chance on being spiritually open. That’s all. And they are your brothers and sisters, my Indigos. This is THEIR MISSION. They just need to know they’re not alone as they step out into that bright, SCARY spotlight to DO IT. Let them know we’re all READY and right behind them all the way.

Please SIGN THE PETITION and pass it on to absolutely as many other Indigos as you can. And when you come to the Indigo Tribe Gatherings (also known as PARTIES) I will hold all over the world, you can meet me in person for yourself and go, “Oh yeah, you’re here, huh? Cool. Let’s get to work!” And then we can hug. Because I effin’ love hugging my kids. 😉


Talia Shekinah Elohim
PROUD Loving Mother Goddess to ALL INDIGOS EVERYWHERE! ❤

My plan is a new agreement to share resources in an organized way that serves the Highest Good.

My plan is simply a new agreement to share resources in an organized way that serves the Highest Good.

Our current financial system is just a group agreement about what certain pieces of paper or metal are worth to us and how we can get more of them. And this agreement has been taught to us by those who benefit from it while we don’t. We may not (yet) have control over what those pieces of paper and metal are worth, but we can absolutely change the way it’s all redistributed. That part is up to us right now.  All we need is a new agreement on how to share those pieces of paper and metal. Later we can make other agreements to abolish money altogether if we want. This is just a way to easily share what we all currently have.

Springboard To A New Society

It all starts with a simple shared crowdfunding platform, and so far no one else has seen the potential in it that I have been Shown. Maybe it’s not what the creators of this platform had in mind, but in creating it, they’ve given us a springboard we really can use to create the framework of a new society that serves the Highest Good of ALL. And unlike a LOT of other ideas about how to create more money, this doesn’t cost much at all. We can all prosper in amazing ways by just sharing a little bit of what we do have. And it’s even set up to be available for those who have no money at all.

Regular Crowdfunding vs. Shared Crowdfunding

With regular crowdfunding, your income comes from the donations of those who agree to support your cause, so it’s still all about what YOU are trying to create. With shared crowdfunding, your income comes from the donations of those you invite to participate with you in the new society, and it becomes all about helping THEM create what THEY want to create. This is not a sales pitch, it’s a loving invitation you will be honored and thrilled to extend to all of those you want to include in the amazing benefits.

The Benefits

And because of the way I’ve been Guided to expand upon the original plan, the benefits far exceed just giving everyone a way to have a virtually unconditional income. As we invite people into this community, we will network all the highest consciousness individuals, businesses, and organizations all over the world. We will build up an astounding pool of resources, all of which will be shared with everyone in the community to help everyone thrive in absolutely every way. Whether it’s legal advice, child care, or organic food, the community will offer it, and because they don’t have to worry about trading their services or products for the money to survive on, it will often be free or very low cost. And what isn’t will be easily affordable by anyone who needs it, because we will all be prospering and able to pay what it’s worth. And because we are purchasing from within the community, we will know we are dealing with those of the highest intent. And we will all keep one another accountable to that at all times, because we will know and prove that the only way for one to thrive is for all to thrive.

Unlimited Support for Your Dreams

The networking platform I envision will list all our offerings by industry, need, and location, so that when you are looking for a certain product or service, you can find it easily. This also gives free advertising and promotion to everyone in the community. If you need help writing your copy, you’ll have it. If you need help refining your message or your offering, you’ll have it. If you need training or advice, you’ll get it. Whatever help anyone needs in launching or sustaining their dreams, they’ll have it within the community, because we all want everyone to be their very best!

We will also be able to mastermind with one another on any topic at any time. Meaning, we will be able to talk with other community members and ask questions and share our ideas and resources in real time in order to make things happen quickly and easily. Whatever you need, someone out there has it, and our platform will get you connected with each other fast.

Travel and Relocation Benefits

If we are traveling or relocating to another area, we will be able to connect with community members in that area in order to access the very best, love-based, light-filled resources in the area, so that we are never stepping out into the world feeling alone. Plus, because this platform is already available to people in 80 countries and growing, wherever we travel, we will easily be able to invite new members, growing our community and our income. We will never be trapped living somewhere we don’t want to live because of some job or because we can’t afford to leave. We will have true freedom to explore our world, and a built-in way to make it more prosperous and joyful all the way along.

Free Your Mind to Free Your Life

This business model can only be implemented in partnership with a very specific non-profit entity whose Divine Mission is to protect and secure our access to the Internet. I’ve proposed partnership with this non-profit entity multiple times now, and, understandably, because of who I am, they are not even replying to my correspondence.

This is all in God’s Plan, for I have been Guided to introduce a petition to show this non-profit that people are indeed ready for the kind of paradigm shift that will occur should they open their minds enough to take me seriously. This is a Free Will planet as you all know, and unless people ASK, Heaven cannot and will not intervene. So it’s time for you to decide if you are ready for this profound paradigm shift…or not.

Here is the wording of The Petition:

Dear Mozilla,

We, The Undersigned, want to state that while we are not ready to say we are absolutely certain that Satina Scott is the Avatar of the Age of Aquarius, or that such a thing even exists, we do believe that the world is undergoing a profound paradigm shift that includes opening our minds to the possibility that we are so much more than we have, up til now, been led to believe, and that expanding our consciousness to include the blending of business and spirituality is the only way we will ever solve the problems we are faced with, especially those associated with ABUNDANCE.

We ask you to open your minds and hearts to the possibility that the new shared resources business model and associated global networking platform Satina Scott is proposing is legitimate and could, at the very least, provide options for you and for all of us to get our missions supported in a way that would not otherwise be available to us.

Please do not deny us the chance to try this solution out of the fear of taking a stand for spiritual openness. All we are asking is that you open your minds to the possibilities and let the rest of the world decide for ourselves what we believe.

Thank you for being Fearless Protectors of the Public Good and for all you do to keep the world informed, secure, and connected!

Sincerely, the Undersigned Human Beings of Planet Earth

As you can see, signing it is NOT a statement of belief that I am who I say I am, nor does it obligate you to anything in any way. It simply says you are ready to open your minds to a new way of doing things and asks Mozilla to be the first large business figure to do the same.

If you are truly ready for the kind of paradigm shift it will take to heal the problems of this planet, please SIGN THE PETITION TODAY and pass it on to every freedom-loving individual you can.

This is how we ALL manifest the REAL Age of Aquarius. Together.



Ready for your abundance? Sign The Petition!

What would you say if I told you that the Age of Aquarius is a very real cosmological time period based on the elliptical pattern created by the wobble of the Earth’s rotation, and it marks a NEW, more advanced stage of development in humanity’s psycho-spiritual evolution?

And that it’s about creating a New Golden Age, a New Earth Society to replace the old one, a society based on Truth, Justice, and Abundance for All?

And that, just as Jesus was the Avatar of the Age of Pisces, which was about replacing predation with love, compassion, and the establishment of the world religions, The Age of Aquarius has an Avatar as well? One destined to wake up from among the masses and lead them to their LIBERATION from psycho-spiritual enslavement?

And that because the Age of Aquarius is also about bringing back understanding of and reverence for the Divine Feminine, that Avatar is a woman?

And that she has now been AWAKENED and told IT’S TIME TO GET TO WORK?

Could you get your head around that? To at least consider the possibility? If not, that’s cool, click on something more entertaining for now. I’ll be here when you’re ready. I’m not going anywhere.

As for the rest of you…WELCOME to the VERY REAL Age of Aquarius!

hotel selfie

My name is Satina Scott, and I will be serving as your Avatar for this profound paradigm Shift of the Ages! 🙂

And I need your help.

Because my first job is to FREE YOUR ABUNDANCE and support ALL of your individual missions by introducing a new shared resources business model that will replace the old financial enslavement model and network all of the highest consciousness individuals, businesses, and organizations of the world!  And this new business model is meant to be implemented in a very specific way. I am divinely contracted to partner with and give half my money to a very specific global non-profit entity, Mozilla, because they are Light Warriors divinely contracted to protect and secure the Internet, which is crucial to the Indigo Mission to liberate humanity. I am not allowed to introduce this personally or to partner with anyone else.

I have made four different proposals of partnership to them so far, and they have not replied. And I understand. Opening your individual mind to the concept of an Aquarian Avatar is challenging enough. Admitting your openness publicly when you are a large, successful, influential business and communications leader is…paradigm shattering! And while we ALL want that paradigm shattered, it’s HARD to be the one to Come Out first. Believe me, I know! The day I did it on the 11/11 of last year, I gave up not only my old home, relationship, and possessions, but any chance of ever going back to ANY other life. It’s the scariest thing I’ve ever done.

Which is why we ALL need to show Mozilla that we are READY for them to GO FIRST and shatter that old world paradigm! We NEED them to, so that we can finally LIVE what has been placed in our hearts by our souls…The New Earth Society! We need to show them they are NOT ALONE in being willing to COME OUT and start being WHO THEY TRULY ARE!

We’ve all been waiting long enough! The answers to your prayers for ABUNDANCE OF EVERY KIND are HERE! And NOW IS THE TIME!

If this resonates for you, please —->SIGN THE PETITION HERE<—- and then PASS IT ON so we can GET THIS PARTY STARTED!  And make sure you Follow this blog (see side panel) and/or my Twitter account so you don’t miss the kickoff!

Blessings of Unlimited ABUNDANCE of ALL KINDS!