Why you want to party with me…

There is a line in U2’s song, “Beautiful Day,” that used to make me cry.  Okay, yeah, it still does.  “Touch me.  Take me to that other place.  Reach me.  I know I’m not a hopeless case.”  Just a couple of years ago, I used to reach my arms to Heaven, hating my life, and cry that line, because I knew that deep down inside, in my core, I really DID know how to be happy.  I knew that, as miserable and sick as I was, severely depressed and agoraphobic to the point of absolute disability, on multiple medications and unable to even leave the house without great anxiety, I was NOT a hopeless case.

Now I cry with grateful joy because I’m THERE in that other place.  I’m absolutely fully ALIVE and enjoying my life.  I’ve been reached by God/dess.  I’ve learned to SEE the BEAUTIFUL DAY in every day that God/dess gives me.  The dream of being happy that I nourished every time I would cry that to the Heavens has been REALIZED.  I am able to be the grateful, fun, happy person that I AM in my core.

Because yeah, I have not always had an attitude of gratitude.  In fact, I kinda hated that term.  Because as a warrior, I mistakenly thought that my job was to point out everything that was WRONG with everything all the way around me.  Which, in the opinion of most humans living here, let’s face it, is A LOT.  I really felt it was my purpose to be always discontent.  And I did a very good job of that.  To the point of suicide a few times.  A real overachiever.  But what I didn’t understand, what I didn’t quite make my own, even with the years and years of spiritual teachings, is that our ATTENTION is the God Force that creates worlds.  Our ATTENTION is the Goddess’s FOOD for all of creation.  And when we put our attention on what we don’t want, we FEED that and just get more and more and more of it.  So the trick is to put our ATTENTION only on what we want MORE of.  To look around us, even when we are somewhere we think we don’t want to be, and FIND WHAT IS GOOD so that our ATTENTION is feeding only that which we want to sustain.

Because that’s how it works.  That is how we change things.  What we focus our attention on is fed by the Goddess, and what we don’t focus our attention on naturally withers from lack of food and disappears.  Which is why we don’t want to go to war.  (Remember, “Resist not evil?”  That’s what that is all about.)  We just want to FOCUS on throwing our own party.  As we do, everything dark that is deprived of the SUNSHINE of our ATTENTION will just…wither away.  And what we all turn our FOCUS to will THRIVE beyond anyone’s current imaginings.

Ready to PARTY WITH ME? 😉

Blessings and Love,


Why it sometimes feels like we’re dying…

As I have risen further and further up into my true level of consciousness as a soul, each step I have taken up the ladder has led to a feeling of well, if I’m to be honest, utter terror. As a new level of understanding of Who I Am comes in, I face a new set of old fears that I then have to clear. God/dess has kept me right here at the same profoundly healing little beach retreat I was dropped at over four months ago, and WOW can I see why. Each rung up the ladder leads to fear for my survival, and days and days of crying and praying and walking the beach, releasing old shit as it comes up to be seen in new Light. Once I do, that new level of understanding becomes just, “Oh yeah, that’s what I believe.” And I get a day or two to breathe until my next leap.  It’s the human process of change.  And it has given me a killer tan.

Think about when the ‘new’ ideas about race and women’s rights and gay issues were exploding in the sixties, which is when this cosmic energy first touched in for a visit. ALL these people were being forced into LEAPS up the ladder, and facing utter terror as they stepped away from their old level of beliefs. It can truly feel like your very life, your very survival, is in danger with each level you move up. Lots of people felt threatened enough to be driven to depraved acts of violence.  And lots still do.

In fact, fear is the ONLY thing that will drive human beings to violence.  It’s just survival mechanism to the extreme. It’s just F.E.A.R. False Evidence Appearing Real. Trite but too effin’ true.  Think about that.  We are, at our core, SO LOVING that ONLY FEAR can drive a human being to violence.  And FEAR is, basically, bullshit.

Wow.  That’s Who We Really Are.  ALL of us.

And now, we are ALL being asked to (because as souls WE asked to) climb really high really fast, so WE can ALL step into our Greater Service on this planet. IT’S TIME.  Sorry, but there’s just NO MORE PLAYING SMALL. Not for any of us.  And we are all facing F.E.A.R. and having to meet it head-on with faith and love.  One step up the ladder at a time.

I just wanted you to know that you’re not alone in what you’re going through. I’m feeling it, too. So I understand why you can’t just all believe me, line up in droves to Sign the Petition, and jump onto this Peace Train so we can finally all get to happy land.  I send you SO MUCH LOVE as you work through all your own leaps up the ladder.  You’ll be here on the Peace Train with me soon, because WE who have chosen to make this leap (and who have tirelessly worked lifetime after lifetime to help others make this leap) have now collectively reached a point where we start feeling the wind at our backs, instead of always in our faces.  🙂  We’ve released SO much fear collectively that our leaps up the ladder are gonna stop feeling like a threat to our survival.  We will start to just get to the, “Oh yeah, that’s what I believe,” stage of things without all the drama.

Can I get a group hug? ❤

Blessings and SO MUCH LOVE,


P.S.  I have reconsidered my ban on cussing, if you noticed.  I’ve realized it’s still a part of ME and telling my truth, and as I’ve met more of you, I’ve realized it’s still a part of YOU telling yours.  But I’ll try to clean it up a bit in public, because I’ve also met those of you who are more sensitive to the harshness and don’t like it.  I want to honor both points of view.  Namaste.

I’m IN, Mozilla. I’m so effin’ in.

This is an effin’ brilliant ad from Mozilla promoting their browser and sharing how it protects us from interference and spying online. I was LMAO.

I’m IN, Mozilla. I effin’ love you guys. I’m so in.

Are you in? 😉


P.S. I would ‘like’ you on Facebook, except Facebook yanked my account off the ‘net after I posted My Plan for a New Earth Society that serves the Highest Good. Obviously, I totally need you to get my back on this one. ‘They’re’ onto me. 😉

P.P.S.  They said I could have it back if I just gave them a copy of my current Driver’s License.  I need an emoticon with the middle finger extended, other fingers held down, if anybody over there might have that kind of thing.