The Avatar of the The Avatar.

The avatar of the Avatar of The Age of Aquarius!
The avatar of the Avatar of The Age of Aquarius!

When I was doing this mixed-media painting a couple of years ago, I had NO idea it would become the avatar I would use on the Internet to represent myself as The Avatar of the The Age of Aquarius.  I created it during a battle I was having with someone who was enmeshed in the dark and harming others.  It was very intentionally created and channeled as a spiritual defense tool and it kept me perfectly safe and continues to do so.  Please feel free to use it to help you visualize as you send your own roots deep and wide into the body of Mother Earth, and send your branches deep and wide into the cosmos, making yourself a pure, divine conduit between Heaven and Earth.  I shield and ground myself this way every morning and every evening and anytime I’m feeling shaky at all, as I clear the weaknesses that are not mine, the way YOU all are.  Feel free to do the same.  Know that I am with you and WE ARE ALREADY VICTORIOUS.  We really are.  The more they kick and scream and pull out all the stops, the more they push this to a very quick, decisive end.  This is OUR WORLD NOW.  And they know it.  These fears you are feeling are NOT yours, you are clearing them for an unconscious world who cried out for your help, and as you feel it in your hyper-sensitive spiritual body, you heal it for the entire world.  Know this is so and celebrate every release.  LOVE yourself for the service you are giving.  ❤  ALL of the Benevolent Forces of Light do!  I DO!  And once we’ve cleared it all, it’s DONE!  And we have done SO MUCH already!  We are SO CLOSE TO BEING FINISHED!  We’re almost THERE!  Things are just going to get better and better for us, as they get worse and worse for those serving the dark!

The writing around the image says,

“I hereby call forth all of the spiritual protectors from every corner of every universe to protect me from all harm, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual!  And so it is!  And so it is!”  (And I would add a third but ran out of room.)  And so it is!

Sending you Unlimited Blessings and Enormous Streams of Divine Unconditional LOVE in every single moment,

Satina  ❤


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