Navigating The Indigo Mission Blog

I began this blog on November 11, 2014, and since then I have written nearly 200 entries to date.  I am very close to finally having some HELP on this, so that the information can get organized, but for now, I’ve done this entire mission on a refurbished Acer laptop while homeless, carrying everything I own in bags.  So forgive me if it’s a little rough.

To read my story from the beginning, the easiest way is to start with my very first entry and then use the buttons at the bottom of each post to lead to the next…and the next…and the next.  You will work your way through an entire year of posts, since it’s now November of 2015.

FIRST ENTRY: Why Cannabis is Illegal and Alcohol is Legal.

You can also just intuitively choose an entry from the sidebar, then follow the links within it as you wish.

You can also put a term into the Search bar and see what comes up that way.

You can also go down the sidebar to the Archives and click on a month or a day to see all the entries posted then.

If you read God’s Top 7 FAQ…now with Answers…I have left a trail of Light for you to follow in the highlighted links within the articles that should give you a broad overview of the most important information.  If you follow the ones that call to you, you’ll get what you need, personally.

You can also click on the tags at the top of an article to bring up all the articles with that tag.

The best way to do it is whichever way appeals to you.  Just follow your heart.  Follow your natural curiosity.

Enjoy.  ❤


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