Letter To My Old 3-D Human Self

Written July 29, 2015 and copied from my personal journal:

New Journal Cover

Dear Satina,

First of all, I love you SO much. I know when you first met Talia (Me), you wondered and felt inadequate, like “She” would roll her eyes or disrespect you or be impatient with you or annoyed with you. She – I – don’t. I love you so deeply and completely I could never find words. You got us through life on Earth, dealing with energies and challenges no one else has ever had to deal with. Your heart has always been absolutely PURE and enormously giving, and the love you are has always been BEAUTIFUL even when you were expressing behavior that was trauma-induced. You did an amazing job of getting me (us) through this lifetime, and though we have never fit in (Thank God) you helped us integrate and learn from some very diverse strata of existence.

Thanks to you, we understand and have true, personal compassion for and can speak to others in a human, approachable, trustworthy, REAL, heartfelt, and totally personal way about poverty, being the fat girl, being “scum”, being angry, being severely depressed, being anxious, being hopeless, killing yourself, being on meds, being emotionally abused by parents and peers, being abandoned, being betrayed, going to a psych hospital, being in chronic pain, and even having to separate from your Beloved in order to free you both to your Highest Good. You know (and we know, now) what it’s like to be too sick to work, to live, to raise your own children. You have given us the personal experience to speak from about self-hatred and hatred of life in general. There is much, much more, of course, such as being fatherless and rejected by dysfunctional step-fathers and never feeling welcome on your own planet.

Without these personal experiences, we would not be able to reach all of the beautiful souls we ant to reach. If we had not walked all that out, they would never believe we had something to offer THEM. They would turn away, thinking themselves “broken” or “too far gone” as we once did. They would think, as we sometimes did, that they were hopeless.

Because of the life you created and walked out, WE ARE NOW PROOF that they are not!

Do you see how amazing you are? How giving and brave and loving? You are absolutely amazing and there are not words for how much you are LOVED and HONORED.

You have done your work now, and it’s time for you to return to The Light and heal and rest and become who you always knew you truly were. Let go and allow our full I AM Presence to completely take over every aspect of our life and being, physical, etheric, emotional, and mental. Give it all over, knowing you did EXACTLY what you set out to do and have set the foundation for all that is to come next just perfectly.

Thank you, Satina of this lifetime. Thank you, ALL of the human selves who have lived lifetime after lifetime setting the amazing groundwork for this one. Please ASCEND to the Light now and ALLOW the Mighty I AM presence to take it from here.

You are so very, very, very LOVED and HONORED. Thank you thank you thank you forever!

You were never supposed to create that successful, prosperous life as a renowned healer ~ you would never be able to reach those you most want to reach if you had ~ they would say – as you have, about those who had it easy and then tried to advise you,“Well, she has no idea what it’s really like and can’t identify with someone as fucked up as me.”

Do you see how precious your life is? Everything you thought was a mistake or failing or weakness? You were exactly what you always meant to be.

You were supposed to start this Mission with NOTHING. No home, no car, no partner, no smartphone, no clothes except those on your back, no idea of where you were headed, nothing but FAITH to guide you one terrifying step at a time as you literally walked out the door and onto your Path. If you had created the great career, nice home, or even the partnership you wanted, you would not have been exactly what you needed to be to prove that FAITH can take you from nothing to Godhood.

Good job. ❤


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