Feeling suicidal? Here’s why and what to do about it. FOR REAL.

I made this video straight from my heart for anyone struggling with depression, suicide, or sobriety issues.  I pray you find it just when you need it.  All my love.

~Satina  ❤

X-Files Mulder/Krycek Fanfiction…want some?

Are you a fan of The X-Files who likes good, dirty, filthy NC-17 slash fanfiction?  Maybe you’re a former fan of mine and are wondering if I’m the same Satina.  I Am that!  I Am!

You can find all of the wonderful Mulder/Krycek slash fanfiction stories Shannon Kizzia and I wrote, under the names Satina, Shannon Kizzia, and our collaborative name, SandS, RIGHT HERE:

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Expose me right back. I dare ya.

The reason I can fearlessly expose anyone I want to is because I have absolutely NOTHING in my past that I am not already mandated by God to expose, because I have always been PURE of heart.  You will never find evidence that I was ever anything else.  And hey, when you’re spreading the Word of God, any publicity is good publicity!

Plus, I am utterly and Divinely protected by God as I do His Will.  I put my life on the line with every word I say.  I gave my life to Him the day I came out as The Messiah.  NOTHING will ever stop me.  NOTHING.

Can you say the same?