My Ultimate Valentine for ALL

I can’t live like this anymore.  It’s time to either get this show on the road or erase this entire debacle from my mind forever.  As a testament of my FAITH in God and of my undying LOVE for Shannon and my other loved ones, as well as my LOVE for all of humanity, I have decided to take this vow:

I will submit myself to Dr. T. for any kind of tests or assessments that he chooses to determine if I’m  delusional or if I Am indeed The Aquarian Messiah.  If he convinces me that I am delusional, I will submit to whatever treatment he prescribes, including but not limited to Electro Convulsive Therapy to completely erase the delusion and all associated memories.

I would much rather give up my mind than be a burden on any of you for a second more.

I love you.  This is how much.  Happy Valentine’s Day.