My Ultimate Valentine for ALL

I can’t live like this anymore.  It’s time to either get this show on the road or erase this entire debacle from my mind forever.  As a testament of my FAITH in God and of my undying LOVE for Shannon and my other loved ones, as well as my LOVE for all of humanity, I have decided to take this vow:

I will submit myself to Dr. T. for any kind of tests or assessments that he chooses to determine if I’m  delusional or if I Am indeed The Aquarian Messiah.  If he convinces me that I am delusional, I will submit to whatever treatment he prescribes, including but not limited to Electro Convulsive Therapy to completely erase the delusion and all associated memories.

I would much rather give up my mind than be a burden on any of you for a second more.

I love you.  This is how much.  Happy Valentine’s Day.



3 thoughts on “My Ultimate Valentine for ALL

  1. Hi Satina,

    You don’t know me, but I’ve been reading your and Shan’s M/K fics for years. Big fan! 😊 Sounds like you’re going through a lot. It can’t be easy. I’m glad you’re getting help, though. Keep your chin up. Things will get better, eventually. You just have to hang in there.


    • It’s time for Shannon to Choose Love. If you’ve read our work, Krycek always faced the time when he had to make his own decision about whether to continue to be driven by fear, or to take a chance and Choose Mulder and Love. It’s time for EVERYONE to make that choice and it begins with her, just like we always wrote. It’s TIME to see what everyone’s REALLY made of. And if I’m delusional, I’ll sacrifice EVERYTHING in order to stop misleading everyone. In a heartbeat. Because THAT is what I’m made of.


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