Jesus, deliver us from your followers! “Okay. Will do.”

Yesterday, I visited The Vineyard Christian church and they called the cops and escorted Me out to the sidewalk.  Wait ’til you see what the sermon was about.  I’m totally stoked, because I think with this video I just covered the SALVATION of everyone the Christian church is missing, which as we ALL know, is an enormous SHITLOAD of people.  Not only that, but my precious, *BEAUTIFUL* cousin just inherited the entire existing Christian church.  I will deliver it unto her hands.

So yeah.  I think I just saved the whole fucking world yesterday with this video.  I think I’ll take my amazing son, Chazz, out for half-price Sonic milkshakes to celebrate tonight.

Ready to see it?  Then after the video, you can go watch the sermon, because it will be archived on their website.  And you can Follow Me on Twitter, which is MY CHURCH, called The River, and very soon we’re going to have a wonderful time analyzing the entire sermon together and learning more about Jesus.  And Christian hypocrisy.

Ready?  Okay, here’s the video:

And the sermon will be archived here:  Under the date May 8, 2016.  Mother’s Day.  If it’s not there yet, it soon will be.

And here’s My Church, The River:

That’s where I pour out The Current (ha!) Word of God day and night as it comes through My Hands and Mouth.

And you can subscribe to My Youtube Channel here:  I’m currently posting videos about every other day, documenting my Awakening and pouring out The Word of God.  Watch the April Playlist and the May Playlist to get caught up on what My life is about right now and learn what it’s REALLY LIKE to be the fucking Messiah.  And find out what happens NEXT in what is becoming an extremely exciting story.

And here is the link to KTSY’s alternative Christian rock radio station, which I keep playing in my ear day and night as my personal soundtrack for life:  You can listen online with Me no matter where you are in the world.

Okay, that oughta answer your prayer, “Jesus, deliver us from your followers!”

Peace out!

Love and Blessings,

~Satina, The Absolutely, Positively REAL Aquarian Messiah.

P.S.  Obviously, this is about to get REALLY GOOD.  You don’t wanna miss it, people.  My hands are shaking I’m so excited about this.  Seriously, put aside about twenty minutes and WATCH THAT VIDEO.  You will leave CHANGED.


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