My YouTube Playlists


Me, April 2016.

Since God is communicating both TO Me and THROUGH Me with a steady stream of YouTube videos and has Guided Me to begin making them Myself, the best way to get CURRENT (Ha! I kill Myself!) on the teachings of My Church, The River, is to spend time with My Favorite Youtube Playlists at this time.

Here is the link to the May Playlist, which is the one we’re in now.  I’m required to document My days with a combination of Twitter and YouTube videos to help people finally KNOW GOD and give them a way to watch My Ascension Process as it unfolds minute to minute.  Looks like it’s time to reinvolve The Indigo Mission blog, too, so make sure you click the button up there to subscribe to get the new posts in your email.

May 2016

Here is the link to the April Playlist, which is when God had Me begin documenting My Ascension on video nearly daily, following My Pisces Super Full Moon Full Solar Eclipse WAKE UP CALL on March 8, 2016, that put this I AM JESUS REBORN thing in My face like a cold, wet Jesus fish smacking Me all day and all night, over and over and over.  It also demonstrates how to suffer without letting go of God and faith.  And it explains what’s going on between Me and My Twin Flame, the other half of My soul, Shannon, Mary Magdalene, The Goddess.  It’s an EXTREMELY RICH playlist.  You won’t regret settling in for a marathon viewing.  Grab a snack.

April 2016

Here is a link to my current favorite Church Music.

My Church Music

Here is a link to My Churchy Cheer Up list that I use when I feel like shit.

Churchy Cheer Up

Here is the link to My absolute FAVORITE WAY to cleanse and balance My chakras.


Here is an enormous list of reasons why I love My Disciple, Russell Brand.

I Love Russell

Not to be confused with the personal video I made for him, telling him of My love.  Which I sometimes loop to remind Myself how this process works.  It gives Me patience.  Plus I had super good hair that day.

I Love You, Russel

Here is a list of My personal anthem songs, which will tell you exactly what kind of Messiah I Am.

My Anthems

Here’s a list of movie and T.V. clips that show you how I Am introducing Myself in popular media.

Getting To Know Me

This is the set of songs that got Me through My Humboldt Initiation Journey. I played them every day to get into The Vortex that Abraham-Hicks teaches about.

My Vortex Songs

And here is the collection of Abraham-Hicks teachings that I listened to over and over and over to help Me to manifest the BIGGEST FUCKING DREAM IN THE WORLD.  World Peace.

Abe – Big Dreams

And if you have ever prayed the prayer, “Jesus, deliver us from your followers!” feel free to loop this video the way I do, because with it, I just saved the fucking world.  Seriously.  Give it a shot.  It actually gets Me hot for Myself.

Jesus, Deliver Us

That oughta get you started.  Make sure you subscribe, because seriously, I Am just getting started.  And this is getting really, really GOOD.

Peace out!




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