This is why The Vineyard Christian church called the cops and kicked Me OUT.

It wasn’t until I watched all three of these videos together that I really understood the violence of Pastor Trevor’s reaction, as well as that of the woman who runs VineArts, Jessie, who was the most hostile one of all and the one who called the police on Me.

I asked him to debunk Me. Then sent him My materials, including especially, these videos and My blog.  And without My permission, he forwarded them on to Jessie.

And after they viewed them, their egos realized they CANNOT DEBUNK ME.

Which means they are about to LOSE THEIR STAGE.

One of My favorite songs in the world is Toby Mac’s “Steal My Show,” and My precious cousin and I even sang it together while she was here on her visit. 🙂

I’ve entitled this playlist, “DON’T Steal My Show, Satina!” because that is what the egos of Pastor Trevor and Jessie both screamed, even as their souls BEGGED to Know Me.

It occurred to Me today that Pastor Trevor just might be Peter, the Disciple who denied Me three times and then built My church.

It’s just an idea.

Anyway, when you watch these three videos all together, you can see why their human egos just freaked the fuck out.

Poor Darlings.  I forgive them, of course.  Let’s watch them ass out together now.

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Peace out!



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