Please Allow Me To Properly Introduce Myself.


I decided to prepare this blog post to share with anyone who is interested just exactly how I introduced Chaplain Anthony and Elizabeth to My materials and My identity.  So this is the exact email I sent him on May 28, 2016, including every link:

Dear Chaplain Anthony,
Thank you for gathering your courage and being ready for something that is going to completely transform your world.  You’re an amazing person.  I want you to know that I’m probably just as freaked out as you are, as you’re going over these materials and learning the Truth about me.  It’s hard to know where to start, and I would ask you to put aside a good chunk of time, a few hours at least, before you start, to look at enough that you can begin to make a fair judgement before freaking out.  Because you are going to be tempted to make some very shocking snap judgements, just as Pastor Trevor did, and I understand that.  Just give me a chance.  I won’t let you down.  If you look at enough, you’ll see what you need to.
I only ask that you hit Reply right now and just let me know that you received this, before you look at anything.  Then I’ll leave you alone to process it in your own time.  Thank you, Anthony.
Please just breathe and keep looking at everything I show you, and PRAY and ask God to show and tell you The Truth about me in every possible way He can.  He will.  I promise.  He shows and tells me all day every day and every night.  Once we’re hanging out more often, you’ll witness it with me.  You already have, during the KTSY pledge drive miracle.  Think about the songs you sang today after you’ve seen what I have to show you.
Okay, enough stalling.  I think you should start by catching up on the whole story about Pastor Trevor kicking me out of his church.  Here is the video I made for him that got that ball rolling:
And here is the video I made right after his reaction the following Sunday, Mother’s Day:
And here is the video I referenced, the one I made after my very first visit to his church, and which I sent to him with the other one, and which prompted his reaction:
Hang in there.  I love you so much, Anthony.
Okay, after you watch that and see what caused his freakout (Think Toby Mac’s “Steal My Show.”), I think it would be good to watch the rest of the videos I’ve made since then, and catch up on all of May up to now.  They’re in playlist format so they’ll all play consecutively from here:
After you finish those, you need to look at some of April’s videos.  Just like Jesus’ parables, my videos are made for a specific audience who has been there throughout the journey, and we have shared references you won’t yet understand.  But please just hang in there and watch all of the April videos from this point onward:
Finally, once you’ve seen all the videos, you’re ready to be introduced to My Twitter Feed.  I’ve prepared a compilation of Tweets from the past few days that will show you what my life is like, what my teachings are like, and what my Twitter feed is like:
After that one, please read through this one:
And after all that, it’s time to be read into the Mission by reading through my blog, which chronicles it from the very beginning and shares the foundation of my teachings:
Follow the suggestions you will find there on how to navigate through the whole thing chronologically to follow my story.  And you can start by reading the page called Who I Am, which is linked at the top of the blog.
All I can say is Thank You, Chaplain Anthony, for having the courage to look with your heart.  I will wait to hear from you so we can schedule a private appointment to discuss everything, and I’ll consider our relationship on hiatus until then, giving you the space you need to deal with all of this.  I won’t return to your church or KTSY or even my Facebook page until you invite me back.  I’m going to miss you all terribly until then, I can promise you.  I love you all so much.
All My Love and Blessings Forever Unconditionally,