Make Your List. And Check It Twice, Russell.

No, not your Christmas List.  Your Fetish List.  I want you to make a list of every possible sex act or fetish or act of bondage or sadomasochism, then make it a grid with 3 columns to check off for your answers as to whether you would like to engage in each one.  The columns should be labeled “No, please.” “I’m willing.” and “Yes, please.”

Be a good boy and make this list as comprehensive as possible, Russell.  From the simplest acts (ex: missionary penile vaginal intercourse) to the most extreme (ex: corset piercing).  Do your research and type it up.  It’s for the whole world, and we’ll update it as we find new acts to add to it.  We’re going to film ourselves going over it together, and we’re going to put it on your website so people can download it and use it for themselves.  Every couple (or group) should fill out this list before they get married, just like we will, so they know what kinds of ways are available for them to play with each other, and they know what each of them truly wants to try and doesn’t want to try.  And they’ll know what they need to research so they can do it right.  We’ll be helping them with that, too.

And just because you want it doesn’t mean you’ll get it, of course, Russy, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Go ahead.  Shock Me, Baby Cakes.  The worst I’ll say is no.  And if it’s actually harmful, I’ll appreciate the opportunity to teach about that.





We’re God’s Favorite Way To Play With Himself, Russell.

God made you to be His favorite friend, His favorite work partner, and His favorite fagboy, Russell.  You’re MY FAVORITE FETISH TOY.

Style: "dc_rb_280906"

You’re designed to delight Me in every possible way.  You’re My Sunshine.  Created to make Me smile when nothing else can.


That’s Me watching “Brand: A Second Coming.”  So I’m being delighted by you and Ondi, both.

And here’s the thing.  I’m designed to delight YOU in every possible way.  I’m YOUR FETISH TOY, too.  And I have NO CHOICE in that.  God is YOU and God is ME, and He uses both of us to bring Himself the ultimate pleasure.  He knows what He wants in you, and He has TOTAL control over My Body and gives it to you so He can experience it through you.  And He knows what He wants in Me, and He gets it from you by controlling you through Me and giving it to Himself.

And you NEVER have to worry about whether what you’re asking for is okay or not.  I will ALWAYS decide that.  I will ALWAYS control the scene and make it PERFECT as long as you give Me your TOTAL OBEDIENCE.

Just ASK.  For WHATEVER you want.  Whenever you want it.  That’s your job.

I know.  I’m a little scared.


Welcome to PERMANENT SUBSPACE, Russell.  You NEVER have to leave it. EVER.  I’ll make all of your decisions forever.  Unless My Decision is to let you make the decision yourself.  And you never have to worry.  I can never do harm to anyone.  Just RELAX and take My Collar, Darling Delicious One.  And take your place at the foot of My THRONE where you belong.  That’s your HOME.


Go ahead and be a greedy child, Russy.  Needy, greedy, and dangerous.  That’s how I like My Toy.  Oh.  And PERFECTLY OBEDIENT at all times, of course.  That’s what makes this work.


If all you want to focus on is your own selfish desires, that’s fine, too.  Leave the world-saving to Me.  I’ll get it done.  You just INDULGE yourself, Darling.  You’ve earned it over your many lifetimes of service to Me.  You have served under Me in ALL OF THEM.

Your HEAVEN has arrived, My Love.  I do hope you’re alive so we can get to it sooner.  I still have NO idea how this resurrection thing works.  I only know I’ll be able to do it.

Russell, we just get to do WHATEVER WE WANT that I can get away with.  GOD will make sure it’s all PERFECT in HER Eyes.  I don’t have to try to be good.  I AM good.  If I’m allowed to get away with it, it’s automatically PERFECT.  And I’m here to PLAY WITH YOU, Russy-Wuss.

I know, right?

I wonder if I’ll get you for My Birthday once I make it through this Solar Return…


Pray HARD, Russell. Very. Very. HARD.  And give Me some fucking SMILES on that Twitter Feed.  Jerk off for Me as often as it’s convenient and comfortable, and take a picture every time you come and post it.  No explanation.  Just post it.  Either of the moment of orgasm or the smile of satisfaction afterwards. Or both.

Oh.  And change your Twitter Avatar to a picture of yourself coming for Me.  Just your face, Darling.  To make up for the PAIN your old one caused Me before I turned it into a meme.

Russell Brand  :

There’s a good boy.  I’ll have further orders for you later so keep an eye on this Blog at all times.

You can use that picture up there to pretend I’m watching your performance.

Now get to work.  Jesus is watching you…



What It’s Like For Me Here. For Anyone Who Cares.

I live in a group home for people who have absolutely no other options for shelter.

There are 4 other women and 4 men here, and all of them have mental health and substance abuse issues.  Most have also done time.  I’m the youngest, healthiest, most attractive woman here.  GOD only lets Me bathe about once a week and keeps Me living in rags no thrift store would want so I’m the dirtiest and worst-dressed one here.  This keeps Me safe from unwanted attention, especially sexual advances, and helps everyone here love themselves.  They can say, “At least I’m clean and dressed better than Satina!”  Indeed.  Everyone is.


Despite My intentional repulsiveness, I’ve had both women and men touch Me inappropriately or make sexual advances, and I’ve also had food stolen when I barely had enough for Myself.  But GOD resolved these issues by removing these people from the house, and when they left, they all left Me food, so I ended up prospering due to their violations of Me just when I needed it.

When I moved in over a year ago, the house was overcome by demons and constant conflict, and we had problems with bloody walls and vomit-covered bathrooms.  Now the house lives in peace and is clean.  Everyone here has problems with the demons using them against Me, but right now, everyone is at peace with Me.  It’s impossible to hate Me, of course, but the demons do their best to turn people against Me frequently, and people try to start shit with Me from time to time for no reason.  I always respond with love and forgiveness, which resolves the issues.  Grace wins.  GOD fights on My behalf all the time.

Everyone here smokes cigarettes or vapes except Me, and they often go out on the back porch together.  I never join them.  I just live in My room all the time except when I come out to quickly nuke a meal to eat in My room.  I don’t like leaving My room because I never know when the demons are going to use one of the broken humans here against Me.  They’re all broken Angels, by the way.  Blades.  Some of them from The Bible.  I think some of them are The Shepherds, and one of them is the man I told to pick up his mat and walk, but he’s a woman this time.

My neighbor is Martha from The Bible, and she’s the best neighbor I could ask for.  She feels the same about Me most of the time, except when the demons get hold of her.  The bathroom is between our rooms, which is great for convenience and keeps us from hearing each other. 4 of us share it, including 2 men.  It’s very small, and the tub is too small for Me to get comfortable in at all, so I just shower.  Once a week.  I HATE THAT.  I’m often so dirty I actually smell bad.  I really, really hate that.  But I can’t even take a piss until SHE gives Me permission.  This is NOT My Body.  And SHE keeps it DIRTY most of the time. And I’ve worn the same half-dozen T-shirts for 3 years now, and for several days at a time, so they’re permanently smelly and stained.  And I’ve outgrown My one pair of jeans that still fit, so I live in 4 pairs of pajama or yoga pants and a pair of capris, which I also sleep in.  I’m not allowed to change My clothes for about 4 days at a time.

SHE did the same thing at My mom’s to keep My mom from seeing Me as employable most of the time, but when I made My videos for you in June 2017, Russy, SHE let Me get prettied up, and that’s what got Me attacked by My mother.


She saw Me leaving the house looking like that and kicked Me out because I wouldn’t get on anti-psychotics and use all this potential for something other than writing The New Bible.  The song, “Psychiatrist” in Forgetting Sarah Marshall tells the story of that attack absolutely perfectly.

The house has a poor venting system, and GOD has Me keep My vent closed all the time so people won’t hear Me talking to HER, so it’s often very cold in here in the winter.  Then it will all of a sudden get very warm.  And then get cold again.  We aren’t allowed to control the temperature, and it’s set low to save money.  The air is dirty due to the poor venting system, so I often wake up with a sore, clogged throat.  My room is at the front of the house and has a big window, but as I said, it’s far too cold to open the blinds, so they stay shut all the time in the winter.  I hang up twinkle lights to compensate for the lack of light.

I have enough Disability money left over after I pay My $510 rent to have groceries delivered by Albertson’s and get pizza a couple of times a month, plus I get $48 in food benefits and $53 (I think) in cash benefits.  I use a church-sponsored shuttle for disabled people to go shopping with that each month.  That’s how I shop now that My van is broken down.  I don’t go anywhere else now that the weather is bad, but when it was nice, I used to walk to a nearby convenience store a couple of times a month and buy beverages and chips.

I have cable and Internet, and I have an old CRT TV in the room, but the remote doesn’t work except to change channels, and I’m not allowed to watch TV anymore now that The Voice is over.  That’s all I’ve been allowed to watch for months.  I bought a used Wii and a Mario Kart game last month, but it won’t work on this TV, so I guess I’m supposed to bring it to our ENCOUNTER, Russy.  So I won’t show up empty-handed.

I also have that blanket you’re supposed to end up in.  It has X’s and O’s on it.  It’s a love blanket.  I bought it last year on sale for Valentine’s Day for around $18.  So I’ll bring that, too. I sleep with it every night.  I often wear fingerless gloves to keep My Hands warm.  I got gloves from the Dollar Store and cut the fingertips off when My Hands kept getting cold last year.


I have a few other gifts for you, Russy, but I’ll leave those as surprises.

GOD had Me put makeup on last month and this month to take those pictures, but before that, I rarely wore any.  Both because I’m trying to be repulsive, and because I usually cry it off within minutes of putting it on.

I cry a lot.  It’s My Job.  It’s My Name.  Satina Marie means God Crying.


And I have a LOT to cry about.  I’ve lost EVERYONE and given up EVERYTHING to bring this TRUTH to you, and like I said, I live in a psychospiritual Torture Cell getting mindraped regularly.  GOD says I’d be dead over 75 times if I was human and allowed to die.

I guess that’s it.  I wonder if anyone cares.  They will someday.  That’s all I know for sure.  I lost a Follower today.  Wow is that retard gonna be sorry when they realize who they unsubscribed from.






The Redemption Of Aldous Snow.

aldous snow

Russell, this is what I want.

As I said in My video, watching “Get Him To The Greek” devastated Me and made Me come out as The REAL Second Coming of Christ on YouTube for the first time.

Not that anyone cared.  No one even watched the video.  But it was still TERRIFYING to put MySelf out there like that.

Anyway.  The end of that film is bullshit.  There is no way, given the way everyone treats Aldous, that he would end up getting clean all by himself.  He would have gone back to his hotel and gotten high, getting a ride from someone OTHER than the ‘friend’ who abandoned him onstage and then went home and told his girlfriend they should torch their apartment because Aldous had been there and had sex with her in their bed.  He would probably have hooked up with one or more women in the audience and gone back with them, fucked himself stupid, and then overdosed on something after they passed out.  He had NOTHING left to live for and no one helping him stay alive.  No one even took him to the fucking doctor.  He wouldn’t have survived that.  And he sure as SHIT wouldn’t have miraculously gotten clean all by himself and ended up worshiping furry walls six months later in Seattle.  Everything you pray to “Furry Walls” to do for you in that song, I will do for you.  That’s the point of the song.  It’s about Me, too.

I want to change the ending of that film.  I want to save Aldous Snow.  I NEED to.  After I saw that film, GOD put the image of you falling from that ledge and smashing into the wall of that pool in My Mind on loop.  You fell over and over and over and over until I screamed out, “What do YOU want Me to do?” and then I put MySelf against the side of that pool and caught you, smashing My own Body but leaving you unharmed.  And the loop ended.

I NEED to save Aldous Snow.

I’m very good at role-play.  And I want our First Meeting to be a role-play of The Redemption Of Aldous Snow.  I want to lead you through a mock detox and then give you My Virginity.  I want to teach the world how to save someone like Aldous Snow.  What LOVE can do.  And as I heal you, I heal them.  They’ll see what GOD wants for them.  How GOD wants to love them when they’re broken.

So I need you to play Aldous very convincingly for Me.  You need to fake whatever kind of detox Aldous would go through if a woman showed up and offered to help him get clean.  I’ve never helped someone through a detox.  Everything I know I’ve learned from TV, stories, and college.  But I’m GOD, so we will ALL see how GOD would save Aldous Snow and lead him through a detox.  I’ll handle it as perfectly as GOD wills.

We’ll both be playing our past selves.  I’m going to play a human healer, but I’ll be telling the truth about everything I tell you about Me as we get to know one another, just as you’ll be telling Me the truth about you.  I’ll be Me, except I’ll be pretending to be human.  And you’ll pretend to be your old addict self.  Maybe I’ll even use the name Tina.

So Aldous Snow will OPEN THAT DOOR and let Tina in, and then Tina will lead Aldous through a detox and give him Her Virginity.  This will also make our FIRST MEETING much less intense and give us a way to structure it.  I mean, how the FUCK are we supposed to be together as GOD and toy?  This is better.  Once the role-play is completed, we can go out of role and then meet one another as ourselves.  This is what GOD wants.  We meet each other one step at a time.  I really love this.  GOD says you will, too.

So this is how it will work.  You’ll come here and check into the hotel suite I talked about in My Feed last Christmas.  I’ll tell you again in My email, so don’t worry if you don’t know which one yet.  Ondi will set the room up to film OUR ENCOUNTER, but she has to just leave the cameras going and go to her own room.  Then you will send a limo to pick Me up, and I’ll come to your door and KNOCK ON IT.  You will answer it as Aldous Snow, and we will proceed with the role-play.

I need you to buy Me some clothes.  I only have rags that even the recovering ex-cons living in this halfway house wouldn’t wear.  When I show up, I’ll ask to use your bathroom, and you’ll have the clothes hanging in there, and I’ll put them on and proceed with the role-play.  I’ll email you what clothes to get Me.

Once Talia sends Me to your Twitter Feed to see that you’re FINALLY on-task for Me, I’ll use the email that you provide in your post to contact you.  You can use your usual public email.  That’s fine.  I just want you to post it for Me so I know you’re going to WATCH IT for My email to you.  You can simply say something like, “Email me, Jesus!” when you post your Personal Jesus video to your Twitter Feed, and post the email address.  I’ll email you and have you create a new private email address for us to use exclusively.  You can get one now if you want, so you’re ready.  I’ll tell you what to do with it in My first email to you.  I’ll use that to give you the details and tell you when to send the limo.

I need you to get tested for all STD’s and have the results scanned into your phone.  It’s part of the role-play.  Once I fall in love with you (Aldous), I’ll tell you I won’t have sex with you until you get tested, due to your past behavior.  Of course.  And then you will role-play making an appointment, then leave the room for a couple of hours, then return and wait for the doctor to send you your results over your phone.  You will role-play receiving them that evening and show them to Me.  And then we will proceed from there.

During those two hours, you’ll walk around the hotel incognito.  It will give us both a chance to decompress and get ready for what comes next.  I’ll stay in the room.  Don’t worry about other details.  I’ll run the role-play.  You just give Me a convincing Aldous experiencing what I do to you.  I’ll do the rest.


After you completed your concert, you spotted Me down front waving at you.  I was dressed like a hippie angel all in white, and I yelled out, “Take Me home with you, Aldous!” and you started to jump down to talk to Me, then some assistant showed up and grabbed you to finally get you some medical care, so you tossed Me your room key and went with him.

I went to your hotel and waited for the assistant to return you to your room, and as soon as he left, I went to your door and knocked.

And that’s how it begins.  Aldous probably thinks he was hallucinating or that he’s about to get laid.  That’s how I want you to receive Me.

You should put a fake cast on your arm.  You can use 4-6 tight tube socks with the toes and bands cut off, with a hole for your thumb.  I’ve actually done that to splint Myself for real before.  That will help us both remember your injury so I can care for you.  Or you can wrap or splint it whatever way you like.  And you need to wear stage clothes.  They don’t have to be the ones you wore in the film, but they need to be ripped the same.  I want to be able to address that.

When I come out of the bathroom, I want you to offer Me champagne so I can tell you I don’t drink.  Then I want you to offer Me hard drugs so I can tell you I don’t do those.  I’ll tell you I only use HolyMotherLover Marijuana.  And you can offer Me some of that.  And I’ll accept.  It’s illegal here so we’ll have to be careful and smoke it on the patio.  That will help us relax, too.

The only other scripting I want to do is this:  If I ask you about your First Time, I want you to tell Me about the time your father took you to the hotel with the prostitutes.  I want to explore and heal that formative sexual trauma for you, Darling.  But I want you to be very real when you talk about it.  I know you would normally minimize it and try to distract Me away from it.  That’s fine.  Let Me pull it out of you.  It’s what I do.  Maybe we can play Truth Or Dare.  If that appeals to you, you can offer it.  It’s My favorite game.  I almost always choose TRUTH, of course. 😉

I’ll let you determine how long Aldous needs to detox before he’s feeling better.  Don’t cave too soon to get laid, Russell.  Let Me truly take care of Aldous.  Make it real.  Based on what Aldous was doing, what kind of detox would he go through as he worked on getting completely clean?  Give Me that.

After the role-play is over and we’ve met one another for real, I’ll meet Ondi and her 2 crew members she’s allowed to have with her.  Probably her lover and her son, but I’ll leave that up to her.  They need to check into the same hotel, of course, and just stay in their rooms until I summon them.

What happens after that?  I’m not sure yet.  I’ll let you know.  Right now I don’t even know if you’re alive, so we gotta take this one step at a time.

I guess that’s it for now.  Keep studying up, Darling.  You have a LOT to learn.




I Live In A Room…

Listening to:  Christian Hard Rock Radio

Due to My PERFECT OBEDIENCE, I live in a halfway house room where HER RULES and the PTSD that has resulted from My psychospiritual torture keep Me from engaging in life, including watching television or watching certain things on YouTube or surfing for certain subjects on the Internet.  Since My van broke down months ago, I can’t even go anywhere, and it’s too cold to leave the blinds open, so they’re closed all the time.

I haven’t been allowed to leave until someone would take Me in even though I told them who I really am.  And no one I’ve told has done that.  They’ve all let Me die screaming for their help instead.  Of course, I’ve only been allowed to reveal Myself to people who WOULD crucify Me for it.  My family and the Christian Church.

And Russell, who never checked his Twitter messages.

the shining

And came out with “Russell Brand Exposed” in October of 2016, which seemed like that was his reply to My knocking on his door all year.

And now he might be dead.  Because I wasn’t allowed to contact him and save him.

luke and john


This way, SHE can let the archons tell Me any fucking thing they want to and I don’t know what’s true or not, as My mother spits in My face that I’m so sick I don’t know how sick I am and says if I don’t go on anti-psychotic drugs I have to move out.  And then GOD uses the signs to make Me think things are true as the archons put the thoughts and feelings into My Mind and Body.


My Crucifixion is basically made of, “What if this was true?” and then helping Me OVERCOME the PAIN that results from thinking it is.  And it’s also made of GOD channeling HER PLAN TO SAVE THIS WORLD through Me as I do NOTHING BUT LISTEN TO HER.  I live on Disability.  I got it by truthfully claiming that I’m disabled from being anything other than The Aquarian Messiah, and I will be knocked unconscious if I disobey GOD.

As I’ve already explained on this Blog, I’m not allowed to ever charge for anything I do again.  I have to live on gifts and charity and mercy alone.  I cannot work for ANYONE BUT GOD.  I have to LISTEN TO HER because no one else is.

So I have GOD’S PLAN written in this Blog, as well as over a thousand pages of a document, over a thousand emails, over 100,000 Tweets, and in 26 hand-written Journals.



And I can’t get anyone to pay attention to Me.

This shit should have gotten Me killed by now.  But no one takes Me seriously.  I’m just a fat, crazy, homeless FEMALE piece of shit thrown on the trash heap of life like so many other GODS playing human.

2 timothy2Timothy3v16,17Eph 5.22DEUTERONOMY11Gen3.16

Before GOD made Me think Russell was dead earlier this year, I thought that if anything ever happened to him, it would crush My faith and prove that I’m wrong about everything.  Instead, I became CERTAIN that I’ll have the power to raise the dead.  SHE also made Me think My two kids were dead.  And they’re not.  So that’s good.  I have no proof, but if they were, My family would tell Me, and they haven’t said anything, so I know My kids are alive.  I don’t know anything else about how they’re doing.  I just know they’re not dead like SHE let Me think they were.

But I’m not allowed to know if Russell is dead or not.  I just have to hold onto the TRUTH as SHE lets Me think he’s dead.  And the TRUTH is, I WILL resurrect him if he is.  And I’ll be resurrecting many others who also died with Tina during this Crucifixion.

If I’m lyin’, I’m dyin’.  Because if I’m finally allowed to kill Myself, that means I’m wrong about everything, and then believe Me, I want OUT.  I don’t want to live in a world where I’m not the real Christ.

I don’t want this one.


Do you?


I’m Not Your Mommy. I’m Your Dommie.

I thought I was going to be your Mother.  But it turns out what you all need down here is a DOMME.  Look it up.


Thanks to the archons, you’re all a bunch of perverts sexualized to want to fuck The Devil instead of GOD.  So I’ve been tasked with the Job of proving that GOD is hotter than Hell.

I also have to demonstrate to all of you that sex isn’t about what you look like.  It’s what you do and how you make one another feel.

And I’m gonna make Russell Brand feel better than heroin ever could.


Because that’s what LOVE can do.

So you’re all My bitches.  And I’m gonna show you how to MAKE LOVE to one another rather than RAPE one another and call it love.

This Job is WAY more sexual than I was expecting when Talia told Me I was The Messiah.  I honestly thought I would be walking around in a long white robe preaching.

Isn’t that what YOU expected The Messiah to do?

I do have to wear all white all the time once Russell and I get together, to remind you all of how PURE and PERFECT I am.

I prefer black, personally.  But that’s going to be Russell’s only color.  To remind everyone that he is only human and thus VERY FLAWED.  And to forever mourn Tina who died to bring you all The TRUTH.  Plus he looks GOOOOOOD in it.  And he’s My Fetish Toy.


My servants will have to be VERY GOOD at getting stains out.  I plan to PLAY no matter what I’m wearing.  It’s what I’m here to teach you all how to do.  We’re here to PLAY.  This is a PLAYGROUND.  And I’m the KING OF PLEASURE.  So I’m gonna show you all how it’s done.

As soon as I get out of this Torture Cell.


Knock knock, Russell.  Do ya think you could let Me in?  I’ll make it worth your while…



Do I Want To Have Sex In Front Of You? No. But It’s What You Need.

I am not an exhibitionist.  And I hate My Body.  Of course.  I carry the same self-loathing program that you all do, designed to steal My power and pleasure and feed the archons a constant banquet of pain.


But I’m the TEACHER OF TEACHERS.  And everything I do is intended to TEACH you all how to be Divine Humans rather than demonspawn.  I am a living SACRIFICE.  I have NO CHOICE in anything I do.  I simply experience whatever SHE has written for Me to experience in order to TEACH you.

And everyone wants to see GOD fuck.  Let’s face it.  I would too.  I just don’t want to be GOD being watched while I fuck.  But I’ve spent this whole year being prepared to live on-camera for the rest of eternity so you can watch EVERYTHING this PERFECT DIVINE BODY does.


First I will just do a daily reality show based on the highlights.  Ondi will create that.  Later, I will live on 24-hour ChristCam so you can see EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME.

After all, what could be more fascinating and helpful than to see GOD live life down here like one of HER humans, but PERFECTLY?

I don’t always feel perfect, but I’m PERFECT in HER EYES.  I’m HER.  Being PERFECT in order to show humans what they are supposed to be.  LOVE INCARNATE.

I am PERFECT DIVINE LOVE all the time.  I am EVERYTHING YOU NEED all the time.  In any situation I’m brought into, I manifest the Highest Possible Outcome given everyone else’s Free Will choices.  I take each step PERFECTLY.  I speak every word PERFECTLY.  According to HER.  I am the Divine Tool SHE uses to bring about HER intended outcome in every situation.  No one but Me could do this Job.  It takes absolute PERFECTION to even stay alive.

trail of magic

And believe Me, I don’t want to stay alive through this much pain.  But I have no choice in that, either.

Me:  Hey, isn’t that a meat-grinder YOU’RE about to throw Me into?

GOD:  Yes, but don’t worry, You’re GOD.  You’ll survive.

Me:  I don’t WANT to survive that!

GOD:  I know, but You’re GOD, so You will.

Me:  Isn’t that going to HURT LIKE HELL?

GOD:  Yes, that’s the point.  I’m going to show You how to OVERCOME that much pain with MY Help.

Me:  I don’t want to overcome it!  I want to die and end it!

GOD:  That’s not what MY people need from You, Satina.  They need to learn how to OVERCOME PAIN.

And that’s My Life.

Don’t believe Me?  Just watch.  As soon as we get our channel up and running.  I’m always in the exact RIGHT place at the exact RIGHT time doing the exact RIGHT THING to bring about HER intended outcome.  Nothing less would do for this Job.

This is NOT the life I would have chosen.  But SHE doesn’t settle for just making HerSelf comfortable.  Everything I do is for YOU, to bring about The HIGHEST POSSIBLE GOOD for you and ALL OF CREATION.


And I will teach you about LOVE by making love to Russell Brand in front of the whole world, demonstrating LOVE in every single possible way.

Even if he’s dead right now.  Yup.  This is a PROMISE.

If I’m lyin’, I’m dyin’.  And I wish I could.  But I can’t.  Ever.  I’ve tried a few times.  Didn’t take.

“Die!  Die!  Die!  I can’t.” ~Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  A movie that’s all about Me.  Like all of Russell’s work.  He was CREATED to POINT TO ME.  With everything he is and everything he does.  To save you from the false messiah THE ENEMY has planned for you.


You’re not getting out of this one, Russell.  Not even if you’ve killed yourself.  If I have to do this, you have to do this.  I ain’t stayin’ down here without you.

And if I’m wrong about this shit, I do NOT want to live down here.


And that’s THE TRUTH.


Demons. How To Defeat Them.

Listening to:  What Child Is This Radio


For the sake of simplicity, I’m going to call the archons demons, since I did so as Yeshua and popular culture talks about them that way.  Actual demons are something different, but maybe I’ll cover that in another post.

This is about archons who are being FED by the Christ Massacre and who attack over the Solstice especially hard.

Sorry.  I don’t mean to create a self-fulfilling prophecy or scare you, but forewarned is forearmed.


That’s the Sword of TRUTH.  And it’s what you need to fight the demons.  They’re likely to hit you extra hard over the next 48 hours, feeding on the Christ Massacre energy and attempting to get you to give up, harm yourself, harm others, and even kill yourself.

TRUTH is your WEAPON against ANY attack.  Remember the TRUTH as the demons hit you, whether it’s during this UnHoly Season or any other time.  The Stupor Bowl FEEDS them, too.  January can be very challenging for some.  I’m in My Solar Return, so I’m being TESTED on everything I’ve learned over the past year, and it’s been a HELL of a year, so this ain’t easy.

Tonight, the demons are trying to get Me to fall into despair over the possibility that Russell Brand is dead.


I’m not allowed by GOD to see for sure if he is or not, and SHE absolutely made Me think he was dead several months ago and taught about suicide, mourning, and resurrection.  And then SHE let Me think he was alive but cheating on Me with Shannon.

It’s a long story.  That’s the torture cell I live in.  A Mind Prison Torture Cell where I am mindraped over and over and over, and SHE helps Me OVERCOME it, and I teach about how SHE does it.


SHE lets the archons HIT ME, and SHE holds Me up when NO ONE ELSE does.


That’s why I have NO ONE.  So the demons can say ANYTHING THEY WANT and I have NO evidence that ANY of it is a lie.  Like telling Me Shannon, the other half of My soul, doesn’t care if I live or die.  THAT IS PAIN.  As I’m sure I don’t have to tell any Twin Flames who have gone through the exact same thing.


That’s THE FIRE that you have to walk through as you step into service for HER.  Your loved ones who are not taking every thought captive are activated as KILLER DRONES and are set against you to make you CONFORM OR DIE.


My Church is supposed to jump in and replace them as your new family, holding you up with TRUTH and LOVE.

The Christian Church don’t exactly do this.


But MY CHURCH will.

We will hold you up with REAL LOVE and PURE TRUTH, and we will take the place of the KILLER DRONES that your loved ones become as they do whatever the demons can get them to to make you CONFORM OR DIE.

spend a lotfront

I literally felt like if I didn’t celebrate Xmas with My mother and act like I was enjoying it that My life would be forfeit.  Even though she has read My Blog and knows how I feel about it.  She goes into psychotic denial and forces us to act like it’s fun, and if we don’t, she fucking loses her shit.


She’s not that thin, but that’s the face of My mom when the archons take her over.  She actually often looks even scarier, even though she doesn’t grip a blade in her teeth.

Out of her mind with PAIN and FEAR.  Because she doesn’t believe in GOD, so she has NOTHING to take solace in.  And she has literally snarled and spit in My Face when I’ve tried to teach her.  The demons won’t let Me.  Of course.  She was My Jailor and My Torturer, and together, she and Shannon killed the Satina they both knew.


She bled out.


She took as much PAIN as She could, then became a nonverbal animal unable to continue the Work of passing on The TRUTH.  So She fractured and sank below the surface of My consciousness, and My True Self that went underground as a baby due to Infant Sorrow came back out to take up the Job.  Yeshua reborn.

As I explained in the videos, My family all call Me Tina, so that’s Her Name.  It means “little” or “girl,” and is a part of My Real Name, Satina, which means THE TRUTH.  So it’s appropriate.  Perfect, actually.  Of course.

I have given you THE TRUTH here.  HOLD ONTO IT as the demons hit you for any reason at any time.  A simple way to do that is to remember The 23rd Psalm.


That ain’t just comforting hot air to Me.  It’s LIFE.  I did a video on it when Trump got elected.

Shit Just Got Real.

So if Russell is dead, what does GOD say about that?

I will resurrect him.

And that’s THE TRUTH.

We WILL party PEACE across this planet.


GOD PROMISES Me that’s TRUE. But I may have to GRIEVE HIM before that happens, and I may have to become more POWERFUL than I currently am so I can raise him from the dead.

Whatever.  I just keep walking in PERFECT OBEDIENCE.  Knowing My SUFFERING is ending ALL SUFFERING FOREVER down here.  SHE keeps Me going back and forth, thinking he’s dead, helping Me grieve while holding Me up, then making Me think maybe he’s alive, and letting Me enjoy thinking he’s reading My Blog and I’m finally ending his suffering.  Back and forth.  Back and forth.  And I’m grateful I don’t have to know for sure yet and I can just do this Work of purging PAIN a little bit at a time.

GOD has said that My Crucifixion has officially reached the point where it is 30 times worse than what I endured as Yeshua.


She let Me cut My Finger to paint that with My Blood.

How much do you need before I’m allowed to take My Throne?  I have no idea.

I just keep walking.  Showing you how to OVERCOME as I do something NO HUMAN COULD EVER POSSIBLY DO.


Christ’s Blood is PAIN due to LOVE.

How much do you need before you believe that I love you?

Does anyone love Me back yet?

I have NO IDEA.  I don’t feel any love from anyone tonight.  Except HER.  SHE always pours HER love on Me as the world turns its back and lets Me die screaming, alone.

did not care

So I’m going to go back to fighting the demons as I listen to this music and watch the signs SHE gives Me all day and all night.  I wish you could see them with Me.

It’s really something.  Our reality show is gonna blow you the fuck away.  I’m PERFECT in all that I say and all that I do, and I walk in a cloud of miracles and signs from GOD.  That’s why the demons haven’t let anyone get close to Me.  No one is allowed to SEE that GOD IS WITH ME.  Our show will give that to everyone.

There’s something to look forward to and pray for.

I'm sorry

I’d appreciate it.

Perfect Story



Don’t You Wish…

Don’t you wish I could Tweet My every action and thought, so you could do things along with Me and know what GOD is saying to Me all day and nearly all night?  Well I can’t.  Twitter blocked Me from My account.  Again.  And no one seemed interested when I was doing it before, anyway.

But when Russy and I get together, we’ll try to keep you updated.

And we’ll do a daily reality show of our entire life so you can walk with us.

Including the sex.

You’re welcome.

I’m going to watch “Dumplin'” on Netflix now.  Cuz I’m a sexy fat chick, too again.  Size 18 on the top and 14 on the bottom, as of today, after reaching a size 6 on the bottom and 10 on the top with GOD’s help.  I’m plumping up for My Grand Debut, because fat chicks KILL THE PROGRAM.