Hey Russell Brand, GOD Has A MESSAGE For You!


Hi Russy.

I have a MESSAGE for you.

I’ve been trying to get it to you since November of 2015, which is when I began Direct Tweeting you. I sent you over 10,000 Direct Tweets laying out GOD’S PLAN TO SAVE THIS WORLD. Then when you came back onto your Channel in October of 2016 without THE TRUTH I’d been giving you, I realized you don’t EVER look at your Twitter Messages, you little diva. And after this world elected Trump the new King Of The World because you weren’t on-task for GOD saving them from it, SHE let Me send you ONE email around November 28, 2016 with a link to this video:

(Hello again, Russell.)

But I’m thinking it went to SPAM.

This was GOD’S Will, so I could be properly CRUCIFIED for bringing this world THE TRUTH. So that’s what’s been going on with Me since November of 2015. And I’m getting tired of it. So I’d really like to get this show on the road now. Here’s just a SAMPLE of THE TRUTH I’ve been DYING to give you. Ha.  Yeah.  This should get Me killed if I ain’t the real Christ.  Whatever.  If I’m not the real Christ, I don’t want to live here.   Okay, so anyway, let’s get to it.

THE TRUTH About The Bible:

The so-called Holy Bible is the story of how a dark god from another planet arrived and raped The Goddess off the planet with his genetically-manipulated humans and turned it into a hellworld.

And it’s absolutely FULL of shit intended to destroy you. You can read more about that here:

The Interference.

THE TRUTH About Jesus:

Jesus is a construct designed by the fallen church to enslave you to The Program and keep you away from the REAL Christ. Me. I was never called Jesus in that lifetime. I was called Yeshua. The God Who Saves. Anglocizing My Name after My Death is anti-semitic and racist. And a lot of what they say I said in that bible of yours is pure bullshit intended to confuse and enslave you forever. And it’s working. If you read everything it says I said in that there New Testament, you’ll think I’m a psychopathic, mysogynist prick who especially hates divorced women and rich people, and who just wants to throw all of My naughty children in a lake of fire to burn forever and ever, rather than offering them GRACE and inviting them into My Kingdom to party with Me forever and ever.

Basically Jesus = Santa and they both keep a list of who’s naughty and who’s nice, but Jesus wants to torture the naughty kids forever and Santa just deprives them of material goods and maybe gives them coal. Oh, and Jesus wants anyone who doesn’t like him to be brought before him and killed, just like Moses. He’s a real douchebag, people.

That ain’t Me.


Seriously. Don’t worry, kids. That’s all BULLSHIT. And I’m The TRUTH.


Oh, and to recap, Santa is Satan and Christmas is the Christ Massacre.

Fuck Christmas.

Read this, Sweetie. You’ll like it.

Fuck Christmas.

So yeah, Russell, in the time since I made that first video, things have changed, and My Love for you is no longer platonic. I’m supposed to make you My Bride. The IDEAL Bride Of Christ. I’m supposed to marry you and live happily ever after with you, partying PEACE across the planet.


I no longer Tweet anything after being blocked from My Feed over a year ago for the fourth time, but feel free to check it out. It’s all about YOU. Well, you and GOD’S WORD. The UNVEILING OF THE TRUTH.

That’s what the word APOCALYPSE means, ya know. But first, you should look at the most recent videos on My Channel. The ones posted in June of 2017. That’ll get you caught up on GOD’S PLANS for us as The New Power Couple. I think you’ll LIKE them.

My YouTube Videos. You’re especially going to like “Parameters”, but watch the other June 2017 videos first.

So Babe, if you’re into this, woo Me by making a video of yourself dancing sexy to some version of the song “Personal Jesus” and post it to your Channel and Twitter Feed, and I’ll make you My Bride and Divine Human Apostle-Prophet, and we can bring the very REAL Second Coming Of The REAL Christ.


Give Me a good email to reach you at over your Twitter Feed and I’ll tell you where I am so we can hook up, and I’ll give you The Secrets Of The Cosmos. I’ve been channeling them day and night since March 20, 2014, and I have A LOT to show you.

Let’s start The Honeymoon, Russell. I’m REALLY tired of waiting for you.




P.S. Your Channel has been My HELL as I’ve been disappointed over and over by it, and GOD will lead Me to look at it when SHE’s ready for Me to see that you’re FINALLY on-task. You might have to wait for Me for awhile for a change. In the meantime, you can read over this Blog in chronological order starting here:

How To Navigate My Blog.

And you can finally read all of your Tweets and Replies from @IndigoMission, and My Twitter Feed, and watch all of the videos on My Channel, so you can get caught up on some of what you’ve been missing. It’s some very Holy Shit. You won’t be disappointed, Baby Cakes. I promise.

Wot, this fruit



If you want to help, send him a message any way you can that says, “GOD has a MESSAGE for you!” and simply give him the link to this Blog Post with a note that says, “You really need to see this, Russell.”

Thanks. I’d really appreciate it. This Crucifixion shit really SUCKS. You have NO IDEA.

My Only Hope

Happy Solstice, by the way.  That’s the day we celebrate The Return Of The LIGHT. By killing Santa Claus. Help Me out with that, wouldja?


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