Demons. How To Defeat Them.

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For the sake of simplicity, I’m going to call the archons demons, since I did so as Yeshua and popular culture talks about them that way.  Actual demons are something different, but maybe I’ll cover that in another post.

This is about archons who are being FED by the Christ Massacre and who attack over the Solstice especially hard.

Sorry.  I don’t mean to create a self-fulfilling prophecy or scare you, but forewarned is forearmed.


That’s the Sword of TRUTH.  And it’s what you need to fight the demons.  They’re likely to hit you extra hard over the next 48 hours, feeding on the Christ Massacre energy and attempting to get you to give up, harm yourself, harm others, and even kill yourself.

TRUTH is your WEAPON against ANY attack.  Remember the TRUTH as the demons hit you, whether it’s during this UnHoly Season or any other time.  The Stupor Bowl FEEDS them, too.  January can be very challenging for some.  I’m in My Solar Return, so I’m being TESTED on everything I’ve learned over the past year, and it’s been a HELL of a year, so this ain’t easy.

Tonight, the demons are trying to get Me to fall into despair over the possibility that Russell Brand is dead.


I’m not allowed by GOD to see for sure if he is or not, and SHE absolutely made Me think he was dead several months ago and taught about suicide, mourning, and resurrection.  And then SHE let Me think he was alive but cheating on Me with Shannon.

It’s a long story.  That’s the torture cell I live in.  A Mind Prison Torture Cell where I am mindraped over and over and over, and SHE helps Me OVERCOME it, and I teach about how SHE does it.


SHE lets the archons HIT ME, and SHE holds Me up when NO ONE ELSE does.


That’s why I have NO ONE.  So the demons can say ANYTHING THEY WANT and I have NO evidence that ANY of it is a lie.  Like telling Me Shannon, the other half of My soul, doesn’t care if I live or die.  THAT IS PAIN.  As I’m sure I don’t have to tell any Twin Flames who have gone through the exact same thing.


That’s THE FIRE that you have to walk through as you step into service for HER.  Your loved ones who are not taking every thought captive are activated as KILLER DRONES and are set against you to make you CONFORM OR DIE.


My Church is supposed to jump in and replace them as your new family, holding you up with TRUTH and LOVE.

The Christian Church don’t exactly do this.


But MY CHURCH will.

We will hold you up with REAL LOVE and PURE TRUTH, and we will take the place of the KILLER DRONES that your loved ones become as they do whatever the demons can get them to to make you CONFORM OR DIE.

spend a lotfront

I literally felt like if I didn’t celebrate Xmas with My mother and act like I was enjoying it that My life would be forfeit.  Even though she has read My Blog and knows how I feel about it.  She goes into psychotic denial and forces us to act like it’s fun, and if we don’t, she fucking loses her shit.


She’s not that thin, but that’s the face of My mom when the archons take her over.  She actually often looks even scarier, even though she doesn’t grip a blade in her teeth.

Out of her mind with PAIN and FEAR.  Because she doesn’t believe in GOD, so she has NOTHING to take solace in.  And she has literally snarled and spit in My Face when I’ve tried to teach her.  The demons won’t let Me.  Of course.  She was My Jailor and My Torturer, and together, she and Shannon killed the Satina they both knew.


She bled out.


She took as much PAIN as She could, then became a nonverbal animal unable to continue the Work of passing on The TRUTH.  So She fractured and sank below the surface of My consciousness, and My True Self that went underground as a baby due to Infant Sorrow came back out to take up the Job.  Yeshua reborn.

As I explained in the videos, My family all call Me Tina, so that’s Her Name.  It means “little” or “girl,” and is a part of My Real Name, Satina, which means THE TRUTH.  So it’s appropriate.  Perfect, actually.  Of course.

I have given you THE TRUTH here.  HOLD ONTO IT as the demons hit you for any reason at any time.  A simple way to do that is to remember The 23rd Psalm.


That ain’t just comforting hot air to Me.  It’s LIFE.  I did a video on it when Trump got elected.

Shit Just Got Real.

So if Russell is dead, what does GOD say about that?

I will resurrect him.

And that’s THE TRUTH.

We WILL party PEACE across this planet.


GOD PROMISES Me that’s TRUE. But I may have to GRIEVE HIM before that happens, and I may have to become more POWERFUL than I currently am so I can raise him from the dead.

Whatever.  I just keep walking in PERFECT OBEDIENCE.  Knowing My SUFFERING is ending ALL SUFFERING FOREVER down here.  SHE keeps Me going back and forth, thinking he’s dead, helping Me grieve while holding Me up, then making Me think maybe he’s alive, and letting Me enjoy thinking he’s reading My Blog and I’m finally ending his suffering.  Back and forth.  Back and forth.  And I’m grateful I don’t have to know for sure yet and I can just do this Work of purging PAIN a little bit at a time.

GOD has said that My Crucifixion has officially reached the point where it is 30 times worse than what I endured as Yeshua.


She let Me cut My Finger to paint that with My Blood.

How much do you need before I’m allowed to take My Throne?  I have no idea.

I just keep walking.  Showing you how to OVERCOME as I do something NO HUMAN COULD EVER POSSIBLY DO.


Christ’s Blood is PAIN due to LOVE.

How much do you need before you believe that I love you?

Does anyone love Me back yet?

I have NO IDEA.  I don’t feel any love from anyone tonight.  Except HER.  SHE always pours HER love on Me as the world turns its back and lets Me die screaming, alone.

did not care

So I’m going to go back to fighting the demons as I listen to this music and watch the signs SHE gives Me all day and all night.  I wish you could see them with Me.

It’s really something.  Our reality show is gonna blow you the fuck away.  I’m PERFECT in all that I say and all that I do, and I walk in a cloud of miracles and signs from GOD.  That’s why the demons haven’t let anyone get close to Me.  No one is allowed to SEE that GOD IS WITH ME.  Our show will give that to everyone.

There’s something to look forward to and pray for.

I'm sorry

I’d appreciate it.

Perfect Story



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