How To Pray For Your Enemies And Forgive.

love your enemies

Easier said than done, huh?  I totally feel ya.

God loves ya.

Here’s the thing.  Thanks to THE ENEMY, You don’t know what LOVE is.  And you don’t know what FORGIVENESS is.

So I’m gonna teach ya.

LOVE is an ACTION, not a feeling.  To LOVE something is to give it what it needs to reach its highest potential.  To pray for your enemies is to ask GOD to give them what they need in order to stop being retards.


And to FORGIVE someone is to no longer wish them harm, but to wish for GOD to give them what they need to stop being a retard.

Before you hate on Me, My precious daughter is diagnosed mentally retarded and autistic, and when I use the word ‘retard’ I am reclaiming it back from the actual retards who use it mindlessly, making My precious daughter an insult.


There is a second component to FORGIVENESS, and that is to ask GOD to help you heal so that what that retard did to you no longer gives you pain.  You must do this work regardless of whether the retard has changed anything about themselves.  Forgiveness is YOUR work to do.  Not theirs.

We have only ONE ENEMY down here.  The ARCHONS.  We must NOT see one another as enemies.  WE ARE ONE.  WE ARE LOVE.  Anything else is a LIE perpetrated against us by the archons.

So LOVE  your enemies.  And PRAY for those who persecute you.

Like I do.



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