Know Your Enemy.

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There is no Satan.  No Lucifer.  No Devil.  The Lucifer story was created to recruit rebellious children.  After all, Lucifer rebels against God and gets his own kingdom and slaves to serve him in it.  Sexy.

No.  There is no being with any of these names.  The Devil…Satan…Lucifer…is a PROGRAM that is executed in your body through the archons.

The Devil or Satan is made up of TWO programs, actually.  The Lucifer Program and The Jezebel Program.  The archons put thoughts and feelings into your body that will create the MAXIMUM amount of pain they can get out of you, and the Lucifer Program replaces the God in you, and the Jezebel Program replaces the Goddess in you.

As I’ve explained, you are a mix of both.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read THIS.

The Program uses The 3 P’s to enslave you:




The archons use these things to drive the Soul out of your body and put themselves in charge of all of your actions.  You are out of your mind with pain and fear, and you let them think for you, simply acting on whatever thoughts and feelings come into your mind and body in whatever way they suggest.

“Feeling bad, Russell?  Shoot up and fuck some prostitutes.  That’ll make ya feel better!  Oh…still don’t feel good?  Shoot up some more.  Fuck MORE prostitutes.  That’ll do it.”

Get the picture?

You became your own whore, Russell, and pimped yourself out to Jezebel.


That is MINE.


Russy, My Darling, you are My Divine Demo Model.  You lived your life so I could use it as a Teaching Tool.  Thank you My Precious Pet.  I love you more than life itself.  But then, I pray for death all the time because this Job is so painful.  Anyway…

Russell Brand  :

You lived a very public, very sexy, very exciting, very sinful, VERY PAINFUL life of chasing everything The Program told you to, My Love.  So you could tell everyone very definitively that it leads to nothing but PAIN for the archons to feed on.  And so you could point them to the only way to END THE SUFFERING.

EVERY knee.


The Lucifer Program turns you into a rapacious killer pimplord that sees women as resources to be harvested.


The Jezebel Program turns you into a killer slave whore who will do anything to stay alive.


Both of these conditions are caused by not trusting GOD to take care of you.

And how can you when The Holy Bible and church tells you this is love?



11DEUTERONOMYEph 5.22god's lovekill your kidsnumbers-31-17slaves2

Of COURSE you don’t trust GOD.  That’s the whole point.  The UnHoly Bible and the Christian Church are DESIGNED to DESTROY your trust in GOD.

The Program is all about CONFORMING to SOCIAL CONTROL.  And what institution enforces that more MINDLESSLY and BRUTALLY than the Christian Church?

That last one’s Me for the last 3 years as I’ve TESTIFIED TO THE TRUTH on My Twitter Feed and My Channel, as well as My Blog, and My family, friends, and the Christian Church have let Me die SCREAMING FOR THEIR HELP as I’ve been SLAUGHTERED by the archons for bringing you this TRUTH.

If I had Free Will like you do, I’d be dead over 75 times now.


And as I explained in My video titled, “Where We’re At,” as well as the one titled, “Parameters,” and the one titled, “Memoria,” all from June of 2017, the aspect of Me that lived My human life in preparation for This Mission DID die.  She was finally allowed to LEAVE in June of 2017 after taking enough PAIN to learn what I needed to learn.

The person everyone in this world has met is DEAD.  She’s GONE.


Everyone she ever loved let Her DIE SCREAMING because She wouldn’t conform to the Program.


Crew, we are here to KILL THE PROGRAM.


Because it is THE PROGRAM that OBLITERATES CHRIST.  And kills this world.

I have channeled everything we need to KILL THE PROGRAM.  As soon as Talia Shekinah Elohim wills it, Russy, we will step forward and execute our KILL SWITCH.

1King Of Kings

So study up, Darling.  And pray HARD.

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