Do I Want To Have Sex In Front Of You? No. But It’s What You Need.

I am not an exhibitionist.  And I hate My Body.  Of course.  I carry the same self-loathing program that you all do, designed to steal My power and pleasure and feed the archons a constant banquet of pain.


But I’m the TEACHER OF TEACHERS.  And everything I do is intended to TEACH you all how to be Divine Humans rather than demonspawn.  I am a living SACRIFICE.  I have NO CHOICE in anything I do.  I simply experience whatever SHE has written for Me to experience in order to TEACH you.

And everyone wants to see GOD fuck.  Let’s face it.  I would too.  I just don’t want to be GOD being watched while I fuck.  But I’ve spent this whole year being prepared to live on-camera for the rest of eternity so you can watch EVERYTHING this PERFECT DIVINE BODY does.


First I will just do a daily reality show based on the highlights.  Ondi will create that.  Later, I will live on 24-hour ChristCam so you can see EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME.

After all, what could be more fascinating and helpful than to see GOD live life down here like one of HER humans, but PERFECTLY?

I don’t always feel perfect, but I’m PERFECT in HER EYES.  I’m HER.  Being PERFECT in order to show humans what they are supposed to be.  LOVE INCARNATE.

I am PERFECT DIVINE LOVE all the time.  I am EVERYTHING YOU NEED all the time.  In any situation I’m brought into, I manifest the Highest Possible Outcome given everyone else’s Free Will choices.  I take each step PERFECTLY.  I speak every word PERFECTLY.  According to HER.  I am the Divine Tool SHE uses to bring about HER intended outcome in every situation.  No one but Me could do this Job.  It takes absolute PERFECTION to even stay alive.

trail of magic

And believe Me, I don’t want to stay alive through this much pain.  But I have no choice in that, either.

Me:  Hey, isn’t that a meat-grinder YOU’RE about to throw Me into?

GOD:  Yes, but don’t worry, You’re GOD.  You’ll survive.

Me:  I don’t WANT to survive that!

GOD:  I know, but You’re GOD, so You will.

Me:  Isn’t that going to HURT LIKE HELL?

GOD:  Yes, that’s the point.  I’m going to show You how to OVERCOME that much pain with MY Help.

Me:  I don’t want to overcome it!  I want to die and end it!

GOD:  That’s not what MY people need from You, Satina.  They need to learn how to OVERCOME PAIN.

And that’s My Life.

Don’t believe Me?  Just watch.  As soon as we get our channel up and running.  I’m always in the exact RIGHT place at the exact RIGHT time doing the exact RIGHT THING to bring about HER intended outcome.  Nothing less would do for this Job.

This is NOT the life I would have chosen.  But SHE doesn’t settle for just making HerSelf comfortable.  Everything I do is for YOU, to bring about The HIGHEST POSSIBLE GOOD for you and ALL OF CREATION.


And I will teach you about LOVE by making love to Russell Brand in front of the whole world, demonstrating LOVE in every single possible way.

Even if he’s dead right now.  Yup.  This is a PROMISE.

If I’m lyin’, I’m dyin’.  And I wish I could.  But I can’t.  Ever.  I’ve tried a few times.  Didn’t take.

“Die!  Die!  Die!  I can’t.” ~Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  A movie that’s all about Me.  Like all of Russell’s work.  He was CREATED to POINT TO ME.  With everything he is and everything he does.  To save you from the false messiah THE ENEMY has planned for you.


You’re not getting out of this one, Russell.  Not even if you’ve killed yourself.  If I have to do this, you have to do this.  I ain’t stayin’ down here without you.

And if I’m wrong about this shit, I do NOT want to live down here.


And that’s THE TRUTH.


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