I Live In A Room…

Listening to:  Christian Hard Rock Radio

Due to My PERFECT OBEDIENCE, I live in a halfway house room where HER RULES and the PTSD that has resulted from My psychospiritual torture keep Me from engaging in life, including watching television or watching certain things on YouTube or surfing for certain subjects on the Internet.  Since My van broke down months ago, I can’t even go anywhere, and it’s too cold to leave the blinds open, so they’re closed all the time.

I haven’t been allowed to leave until someone would take Me in even though I told them who I really am.  And no one I’ve told has done that.  They’ve all let Me die screaming for their help instead.  Of course, I’ve only been allowed to reveal Myself to people who WOULD crucify Me for it.  My family and the Christian Church.

And Russell, who never checked his Twitter messages.

the shining

And came out with “Russell Brand Exposed” in October of 2016, which seemed like that was his reply to My knocking on his door all year.

And now he might be dead.  Because I wasn’t allowed to contact him and save him.

luke and john


This way, SHE can let the archons tell Me any fucking thing they want to and I don’t know what’s true or not, as My mother spits in My face that I’m so sick I don’t know how sick I am and says if I don’t go on anti-psychotic drugs I have to move out.  And then GOD uses the signs to make Me think things are true as the archons put the thoughts and feelings into My Mind and Body.


My Crucifixion is basically made of, “What if this was true?” and then helping Me OVERCOME the PAIN that results from thinking it is.  And it’s also made of GOD channeling HER PLAN TO SAVE THIS WORLD through Me as I do NOTHING BUT LISTEN TO HER.  I live on Disability.  I got it by truthfully claiming that I’m disabled from being anything other than The Aquarian Messiah, and I will be knocked unconscious if I disobey GOD.

As I’ve already explained on this Blog, I’m not allowed to ever charge for anything I do again.  I have to live on gifts and charity and mercy alone.  I cannot work for ANYONE BUT GOD.  I have to LISTEN TO HER because no one else is.

So I have GOD’S PLAN written in this Blog, as well as over a thousand pages of a document, over a thousand emails, over 100,000 Tweets, and in 26 hand-written Journals.



And I can’t get anyone to pay attention to Me.

This shit should have gotten Me killed by now.  But no one takes Me seriously.  I’m just a fat, crazy, homeless FEMALE piece of shit thrown on the trash heap of life like so many other GODS playing human.

2 timothy2Timothy3v16,17Eph 5.22DEUTERONOMY11Gen3.16

Before GOD made Me think Russell was dead earlier this year, I thought that if anything ever happened to him, it would crush My faith and prove that I’m wrong about everything.  Instead, I became CERTAIN that I’ll have the power to raise the dead.  SHE also made Me think My two kids were dead.  And they’re not.  So that’s good.  I have no proof, but if they were, My family would tell Me, and they haven’t said anything, so I know My kids are alive.  I don’t know anything else about how they’re doing.  I just know they’re not dead like SHE let Me think they were.

But I’m not allowed to know if Russell is dead or not.  I just have to hold onto the TRUTH as SHE lets Me think he’s dead.  And the TRUTH is, I WILL resurrect him if he is.  And I’ll be resurrecting many others who also died with Tina during this Crucifixion.

If I’m lyin’, I’m dyin’.  Because if I’m finally allowed to kill Myself, that means I’m wrong about everything, and then believe Me, I want OUT.  I don’t want to live in a world where I’m not the real Christ.

I don’t want this one.


Do you?


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