I’m Not Your Mommy. I’m Your Dommie.

I thought I was going to be your Mother.  But it turns out what you all need down here is a DOMME.  Look it up.


Thanks to the archons, you’re all a bunch of perverts sexualized to want to fuck The Devil instead of GOD.  So I’ve been tasked with the Job of proving that GOD is hotter than Hell.

I also have to demonstrate to all of you that sex isn’t about what you look like.  It’s what you do and how you make one another feel.

And I’m gonna make Russell Brand feel better than heroin ever could.


Because that’s what LOVE can do.

So you’re all My bitches.  And I’m gonna show you how to MAKE LOVE to one another rather than RAPE one another and call it love.

This Job is WAY more sexual than I was expecting when Talia told Me I was The Messiah.  I honestly thought I would be walking around in a long white robe preaching.

Isn’t that what YOU expected The Messiah to do?

I do have to wear all white all the time once Russell and I get together, to remind you all of how PURE and PERFECT I am.

I prefer black, personally.  But that’s going to be Russell’s only color.  To remind everyone that he is only human and thus VERY FLAWED.  And to forever mourn Tina who died to bring you all The TRUTH.  Plus he looks GOOOOOOD in it.  And he’s My Fetish Toy.


My servants will have to be VERY GOOD at getting stains out.  I plan to PLAY no matter what I’m wearing.  It’s what I’m here to teach you all how to do.  We’re here to PLAY.  This is a PLAYGROUND.  And I’m the KING OF PLEASURE.  So I’m gonna show you all how it’s done.

As soon as I get out of this Torture Cell.


Knock knock, Russell.  Do ya think you could let Me in?  I’ll make it worth your while…



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