The Redemption Of Aldous Snow.

aldous snow

Russell, this is what I want.

As I said in My video, watching “Get Him To The Greek” devastated Me and made Me come out as The REAL Second Coming of Christ on YouTube for the first time.

Not that anyone cared.  No one even watched the video.  But it was still TERRIFYING to put MySelf out there like that.

Anyway.  The end of that film is bullshit.  There is no way, given the way everyone treats Aldous, that he would end up getting clean all by himself.  He would have gone back to his hotel and gotten high, getting a ride from someone OTHER than the ‘friend’ who abandoned him onstage and then went home and told his girlfriend they should torch their apartment because Aldous had been there and had sex with her in their bed.  He would probably have hooked up with one or more women in the audience and gone back with them, fucked himself stupid, and then overdosed on something after they passed out.  He had NOTHING left to live for and no one helping him stay alive.  No one even took him to the fucking doctor.  He wouldn’t have survived that.  And he sure as SHIT wouldn’t have miraculously gotten clean all by himself and ended up worshiping furry walls six months later in Seattle.  Everything you pray to “Furry Walls” to do for you in that song, I will do for you.  That’s the point of the song.  It’s about Me, too.

I want to change the ending of that film.  I want to save Aldous Snow.  I NEED to.  After I saw that film, GOD put the image of you falling from that ledge and smashing into the wall of that pool in My Mind on loop.  You fell over and over and over and over until I screamed out, “What do YOU want Me to do?” and then I put MySelf against the side of that pool and caught you, smashing My own Body but leaving you unharmed.  And the loop ended.

I NEED to save Aldous Snow.

I’m very good at role-play.  And I want our First Meeting to be a role-play of The Redemption Of Aldous Snow.  I want to lead you through a mock detox and then give you My Virginity.  I want to teach the world how to save someone like Aldous Snow.  What LOVE can do.  And as I heal you, I heal them.  They’ll see what GOD wants for them.  How GOD wants to love them when they’re broken.

So I need you to play Aldous very convincingly for Me.  You need to fake whatever kind of detox Aldous would go through if a woman showed up and offered to help him get clean.  I’ve never helped someone through a detox.  Everything I know I’ve learned from TV, stories, and college.  But I’m GOD, so we will ALL see how GOD would save Aldous Snow and lead him through a detox.  I’ll handle it as perfectly as GOD wills.

We’ll both be playing our past selves.  I’m going to play a human healer, but I’ll be telling the truth about everything I tell you about Me as we get to know one another, just as you’ll be telling Me the truth about you.  I’ll be Me, except I’ll be pretending to be human.  And you’ll pretend to be your old addict self.  Maybe I’ll even use the name Tina.

So Aldous Snow will OPEN THAT DOOR and let Tina in, and then Tina will lead Aldous through a detox and give him Her Virginity.  This will also make our FIRST MEETING much less intense and give us a way to structure it.  I mean, how the FUCK are we supposed to be together as GOD and toy?  This is better.  Once the role-play is completed, we can go out of role and then meet one another as ourselves.  This is what GOD wants.  We meet each other one step at a time.  I really love this.  GOD says you will, too.

So this is how it will work.  You’ll come here and check into the hotel suite I talked about in My Feed last Christmas.  I’ll tell you again in My email, so don’t worry if you don’t know which one yet.  Ondi will set the room up to film OUR ENCOUNTER, but she has to just leave the cameras going and go to her own room.  Then you will send a limo to pick Me up, and I’ll come to your door and KNOCK ON IT.  You will answer it as Aldous Snow, and we will proceed with the role-play.

I need you to buy Me some clothes.  I only have rags that even the recovering ex-cons living in this halfway house wouldn’t wear.  When I show up, I’ll ask to use your bathroom, and you’ll have the clothes hanging in there, and I’ll put them on and proceed with the role-play.  I’ll email you what clothes to get Me.

Once Talia sends Me to your Twitter Feed to see that you’re FINALLY on-task for Me, I’ll use the email that you provide in your post to contact you.  You can use your usual public email.  That’s fine.  I just want you to post it for Me so I know you’re going to WATCH IT for My email to you.  You can simply say something like, “Email me, Jesus!” when you post your Personal Jesus video to your Twitter Feed, and post the email address.  I’ll email you and have you create a new private email address for us to use exclusively.  You can get one now if you want, so you’re ready.  I’ll tell you what to do with it in My first email to you.  I’ll use that to give you the details and tell you when to send the limo.

I need you to get tested for all STD’s and have the results scanned into your phone.  It’s part of the role-play.  Once I fall in love with you (Aldous), I’ll tell you I won’t have sex with you until you get tested, due to your past behavior.  Of course.  And then you will role-play making an appointment, then leave the room for a couple of hours, then return and wait for the doctor to send you your results over your phone.  You will role-play receiving them that evening and show them to Me.  And then we will proceed from there.

During those two hours, you’ll walk around the hotel incognito.  It will give us both a chance to decompress and get ready for what comes next.  I’ll stay in the room.  Don’t worry about other details.  I’ll run the role-play.  You just give Me a convincing Aldous experiencing what I do to you.  I’ll do the rest.


After you completed your concert, you spotted Me down front waving at you.  I was dressed like a hippie angel all in white, and I yelled out, “Take Me home with you, Aldous!” and you started to jump down to talk to Me, then some assistant showed up and grabbed you to finally get you some medical care, so you tossed Me your room key and went with him.

I went to your hotel and waited for the assistant to return you to your room, and as soon as he left, I went to your door and knocked.

And that’s how it begins.  Aldous probably thinks he was hallucinating or that he’s about to get laid.  That’s how I want you to receive Me.

You should put a fake cast on your arm.  You can use 4-6 tight tube socks with the toes and bands cut off, with a hole for your thumb.  I’ve actually done that to splint Myself for real before.  That will help us both remember your injury so I can care for you.  Or you can wrap or splint it whatever way you like.  And you need to wear stage clothes.  They don’t have to be the ones you wore in the film, but they need to be ripped the same.  I want to be able to address that.

When I come out of the bathroom, I want you to offer Me champagne so I can tell you I don’t drink.  Then I want you to offer Me hard drugs so I can tell you I don’t do those.  I’ll tell you I only use HolyMotherLover Marijuana.  And you can offer Me some of that.  And I’ll accept.  It’s illegal here so we’ll have to be careful and smoke it on the patio.  That will help us relax, too.

The only other scripting I want to do is this:  If I ask you about your First Time, I want you to tell Me about the time your father took you to the hotel with the prostitutes.  I want to explore and heal that formative sexual trauma for you, Darling.  But I want you to be very real when you talk about it.  I know you would normally minimize it and try to distract Me away from it.  That’s fine.  Let Me pull it out of you.  It’s what I do.  Maybe we can play Truth Or Dare.  If that appeals to you, you can offer it.  It’s My favorite game.  I almost always choose TRUTH, of course. 😉

I’ll let you determine how long Aldous needs to detox before he’s feeling better.  Don’t cave too soon to get laid, Russell.  Let Me truly take care of Aldous.  Make it real.  Based on what Aldous was doing, what kind of detox would he go through as he worked on getting completely clean?  Give Me that.

After the role-play is over and we’ve met one another for real, I’ll meet Ondi and her 2 crew members she’s allowed to have with her.  Probably her lover and her son, but I’ll leave that up to her.  They need to check into the same hotel, of course, and just stay in their rooms until I summon them.

What happens after that?  I’m not sure yet.  I’ll let you know.  Right now I don’t even know if you’re alive, so we gotta take this one step at a time.

I guess that’s it for now.  Keep studying up, Darling.  You have a LOT to learn.




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