We’re God’s Favorite Way To Play With Himself, Russell.

God made you to be His favorite friend, His favorite work partner, and His favorite fagboy, Russell.  You’re MY FAVORITE FETISH TOY.

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You’re designed to delight Me in every possible way.  You’re My Sunshine.  Created to make Me smile when nothing else can.


That’s Me watching “Brand: A Second Coming.”  So I’m being delighted by you and Ondi, both.

And here’s the thing.  I’m designed to delight YOU in every possible way.  I’m YOUR FETISH TOY, too.  And I have NO CHOICE in that.  God is YOU and God is ME, and He uses both of us to bring Himself the ultimate pleasure.  He knows what He wants in you, and He has TOTAL control over My Body and gives it to you so He can experience it through you.  And He knows what He wants in Me, and He gets it from you by controlling you through Me and giving it to Himself.

And you NEVER have to worry about whether what you’re asking for is okay or not.  I will ALWAYS decide that.  I will ALWAYS control the scene and make it PERFECT as long as you give Me your TOTAL OBEDIENCE.

Just ASK.  For WHATEVER you want.  Whenever you want it.  That’s your job.

I know.  I’m a little scared.


Welcome to PERMANENT SUBSPACE, Russell.  You NEVER have to leave it. EVER.  I’ll make all of your decisions forever.  Unless My Decision is to let you make the decision yourself.  And you never have to worry.  I can never do harm to anyone.  Just RELAX and take My Collar, Darling Delicious One.  And take your place at the foot of My THRONE where you belong.  That’s your HOME.


Go ahead and be a greedy child, Russy.  Needy, greedy, and dangerous.  That’s how I like My Toy.  Oh.  And PERFECTLY OBEDIENT at all times, of course.  That’s what makes this work.


If all you want to focus on is your own selfish desires, that’s fine, too.  Leave the world-saving to Me.  I’ll get it done.  You just INDULGE yourself, Darling.  You’ve earned it over your many lifetimes of service to Me.  You have served under Me in ALL OF THEM.

Your HEAVEN has arrived, My Love.  I do hope you’re alive so we can get to it sooner.  I still have NO idea how this resurrection thing works.  I only know I’ll be able to do it.

Russell, we just get to do WHATEVER WE WANT that I can get away with.  GOD will make sure it’s all PERFECT in HER Eyes.  I don’t have to try to be good.  I AM good.  If I’m allowed to get away with it, it’s automatically PERFECT.  And I’m here to PLAY WITH YOU, Russy-Wuss.

I know, right?

I wonder if I’ll get you for My Birthday once I make it through this Solar Return…


Pray HARD, Russell. Very. Very. HARD.  And give Me some fucking SMILES on that Twitter Feed.  Jerk off for Me as often as it’s convenient and comfortable, and take a picture every time you come and post it.  No explanation.  Just post it.  Either of the moment of orgasm or the smile of satisfaction afterwards. Or both.

Oh.  And change your Twitter Avatar to a picture of yourself coming for Me.  Just your face, Darling.  To make up for the PAIN your old one caused Me before I turned it into a meme.

Russell Brand  :

There’s a good boy.  I’ll have further orders for you later so keep an eye on this Blog at all times.

You can use that picture up there to pretend I’m watching your performance.

Now get to work.  Jesus is watching you…



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