Breakfast With Talia

I just LOVE to watch you eat, Russy.

Wot, this fruit

And I would LOVE to see you start every morning by eating breakfast with Talia.  You’re allowed to get up and use the bathroom and wash your face, but stay in whatever you sleep in and don’t brush your hair.  Get your high protein breakfast and say grace over it, then say, “How may I serve, Talia?” and then eat your breakfast and see what occurs to you to talk about.

Share your concerns.  Ask your questions.  Express your fears, doubts, and whatever else you need to.  Ask HER how to be HER hands, feet, and voice.  Ask HER to make you HER perfect Disciple, Apostle, Prophet, Tool, Toy, Pet, and Bride.  Be vulnerable.  Be intimate.  You know who SHE is.  Curl up in HER lap and just talk to HER.  Show people how to start their own days with HER.  Express your love.  Your gratitude.  Your need for HER.  Beg HER to come and take HER THRONE and take care of you all.  To teach you right from wrong.  To tell you how to solve these problems you all face.  To tell you how to heal all of this pain.  Ask HER to be with you all day and keep you on track, to show you, tell you, and guide you in doing whatever you need to to put HER on THE THRONE.  Tell HER to use you.

In fact, start each video with the Morning Song:

“What must I do to put YOU on THE THRONE?  Show me!  Tell me!  Guide me!  Use me!  Bring YOUR Kingdom now!  Get everything else out of the way!  Amen.”

And then say grace:

“Thank you Goddess for this food.  May it harmonize body, mind, and spirit.  GOD bless all who had a hand in bringing it to me, everything and everyone.  May all have enough to meet every need, including unlimited free weed.  May the Earth be healed and humanity freed!”

And then eat your breakfast while you chat with HER.  When you’re finished, that’s when you can ask HER to be with you throughout the day, and you can promise to be on the lookout for every possible communication so you can stay on track.

Then you can thank anyone else who decided to have breakfast with you and wish them Namaste and fold your hands in Our Prayer Position.

When you make the video telling your audience you’re going to start doing these, make sure you let them know you will not be posting these at the same time each day, and they should join you by watching the one from the day before while they eat their breakfast, rather than expecting you to post one at the same time each morning.  You can tell them SHE has you start your day at all different times, and you never know when SHE is going to get you up early or make you sleep in late.

Oh, I also want you to tell them that SHE has told you to eat 30 grams of protein with every meal to heal your damaged brain chemistry, and that people with depression, sugar addiction, and other drug addictions need to do the same.  You can also let them know SHE has told you that you need to eat meat and dairy, and that SHE has other plans for how to end animal cruelty and you will talk about them in another video.  And do protein counts on your meal each day for HER, letting HER know how you are eating your 30 grams each morning in obedience to HER.

That’s it.  That’s your brekkie assignment.  Look at the camera and talk to Me with your mouth full.  I like it.  You’re very careful not to be gross, and you will teach others how to be the same.  And lick and suck your fingers.


Good boy.


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