What I want for My Birthday…

All right, Russy.  This is what I want for My Birthday.  I want you to officially become The VOICE OF GOD on Terra Nova and introduce the world to Talia Shekinah Elohim, Our ONE TRUE GOD.

Make a video where you read this script word for word.

The Revelation of Talia Shekinah Elohim, Part ONE:

“So yeah.  First of all, Yeshua says that His Name was never Jesus, so He doesn’t want me using that name anymore.  His Real Name was Yeshua, The God Who Saves.  So that’s what He wants His Followers to call Him as their Teacher.

And Yeshua says it’s time for THE TRUTH to be known about who our ONE TRUE GOD is.  He says if I serve Him, I must serve the GOD He serves.  The CHRIST who birthed all of Creation.

He says that THE ALL THAT IS is made up of a blend of Masculine and Feminine Energies.  The Masculine Energies are The Mind of GOD which thinks up all of the ideas, and The Feminine Energies are The Powers of GOD which are the Unmanifest Potential which becomes created reality.

To bring Harmony to Creation, The Mind thought up an Entity we can call THE CHRIST, and The Powers became IT.  THE CHRIST analyzes all of the ideas coming out of The Mind Of GOD and uses The Powers Of GOD to make manifest those which serve The Highest Good Of ALL Of Creation.

THE CHRIST is how GOD loves ALL Of Creation.

And THE CHRIST is how we can know GOD as a person who can never do anything but LOVE ALL Of Creation.

And THE CHRIST is FEMALE in form.  SHE is The Great Cosmic Mother who birthed ALL of us and all that ever was, is, or ever will be created.

And so GOD as a person is SHE.  Not HE.  And SHE is ALL of Creation.  It is ALL HER BODY.  Including us humans.

Humanoid beings are HER favorite things to be, and SHE separates HERSELF into Masculine Souls and Feminine Souls to fulfill different roles as SHE plays human.  Either orientation can be found in any gender of body.  It’s about your orientation to the world and how you will find your greatest fulfillment in serving.  It is NOT about what kind of genitalia you happen to be carrying on your vehicle.

SHE created a KING SOUL and a QUEEN SOUL to rule HER Creation, and the KING SOUL came down as Yeshua The Christ 2,000 years ago, and the QUEEN SOUL came down as Mary Magdalene.

Yeshua came in a Divine Body with NO FREE WILL, and Mary Magdalene came in a human body with Total Free Will just like all of us.  Her Job was to demonstrate The Fallen Sinner who is redeemed and made pure by the forgiveness and GRACE of The Savior, Yeshua The Christ.  Yeshua walked as our KING SOUL and Mary walked as our QUEEN SOUL in the flesh so we could know them as people.

The Holy Spirit is The Feminine Energy, The Goddess, and is the Energy of SURRENDER to GOD’s Will and LOVE.

We are all made up of a blend of Masculine and Feminine Energies, no matter our Orientation, and are meant to live as a perfect balance of both.  We do this by embodying our Souls and walking as LOVE MADE FLESH.

SHE is going to teach us all how to do that through HER CHURCH, which SHE has asked me to found here on My Channel.  SHE has asked me to announce myself as HER PROPHET, in service to HER as Yeshua was and is in service to HER.

So from now on, I am HER PROPHET, in service to HER as Yeshua was and is in service to HER.  Yeshua is My Teacher, but I receive my orders directly from HER from now on.

Yeshua walked as our perfect role model, but He says His Teachings have been fatally corrupted and manipulated by humans, and only SHE can be trusted to give us PURE TRUTH.

SHE says the NAME SHE wants to be known by down here is TALIA SHEKINAH ELOHIM, and SHE says The Statue Of Liberty was made in HER image to help us know HER.

(Show THIS image of The Statue Of Liberty.)


This is what SHE is revealing to me.  She says to pray for confirmation and SHE will give it to you.  And if you don’t like what I share, there are plenty of other churches to try, and you have Total Free Will to do whatever your heart tells you to.

This is what mine is telling me to do.


(And then pray for our REUNION and CHURCH with your hands folded the way I showed you.)


That’s it, Baby.  I love you.  Now take your THRONE.

1walking on water



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