Invitation Script

Here’s a simple Invitation Script you can use to email people you identify as potential Butterflies, Russy:

Subject line: I’m looking for Leaders.

I’m contacting you to ask if you’d be interested in being a Leader in my new Church.  Church Leaders will act as Lighthouses for the masses, spreading information and leading people to resources as shit hits the fan, which we all know it’s about to do.

Please take a look at the videos I’ve posted on my channel since The Solstice, and then look at this webpage where I’ve outlined what my Church is about.  After you’ve seen everything, if you’re interested in becoming one of my Leaders, get back to me.




Remember, after you send that, send them another email letting them know you just sent them an email with a link it, so if they don’t see it, they should check their SPAM folder.


That should streamline the Invitation Process so we can catch more Butterflies in our net.


Thanks, Baby.


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