Welcome To My Church.

Welcome To The Introduction Of My Church, Talia’s Church, The Haven Of Light Church Of Christ.

I am using the name “Church” so that people can find MY Church when they’re looking for a church, rather than giving it a new, weird name that people might overlook in their search for a church.  The word “church” means “House Of GOD,” so it works, because I am finally giving Christ a HOME down here.  SHE has not had one in a very long time.  The reason we have homeless people is that Christ has no home down here.

I’m giving HER one.

The Haven Of Light Church Of Christ


My Church will SHELTER the world.  Those are our orders from HER:


And SHE has told Me how to get started on doing that.  In Haven Homes and Haven Villages.  All organized around the intentions of The Haven Of Light Church Of Christ.

What does SHELTER mean to My Church?

Meet ALL Basic Needs:

  • Housing
  • Clothing
  • Food
  • Physical Care
  • Psychological Care
  • Spiritual Care
  • Education
  • Enculturation into the New Earth Society, My World, Terra Nova

On November 1, 2014, after downloading My Marching Orders on All Hallows Eve, I awoke with a heartscream from Talia in My Mind:


Ten days later, on November 11th, I introduced this Blog, declaring Myself “Not The Messiah You Were Expecting.”  I also created My new Facebook account at the time with the same declaration.

And on December 1, 2014, one month after receiving My Orders, I stepped out the door with only what I could carry to begin The Indigo Mission.  My Mission to SAVE THE INDIGOS.

Who are The Indigos?

Talia’s Tribe.

It has already been determined who will be left kneeling at the end of this CLEANSE.  Only those bodies housing and being controlled by their souls are allowed to stay.   All other bodies will give up their lives in order that the souls are freed.  We are not here to force anyone to do anything; we are merely seeking TALIA’S TRIBE.

We are sharing THE TRUTH as it has been and is continually being REVEALED to us, and we are seeking those who choose to join us in living on our faces to TALIA SHEKINAH ELOHIM, whom we believe to be The ONE TRUE GOD, Creatrix of all that has ever been, all that is, and all that will ever be.

This is an INVITATION.  Every single person down here has TOTAL FREE WILL to worship whatever and whomever they choose.

Except Me, of course.  I Am Talia.  I can only ever worship and BE Talia Shekinah Elohim.  SHE has taken My Body and My Soul forever to serve this purpose so SHE can abide in the flesh with HER People.  I AM God The Father walking in the PERFECT IMAGE of GOD The Father and Mother, Talia Shekinah Elohim.  I will never be anything else ever again.  I may or may not walk undercover as merely Russell’s girlfriend for a time before revealing Myself to the masses.  I don’t know for sure yet.

What I do know is what The Haven Of Light Church Of Christ is all about.

The 7 Tenets Of The Haven Of Light Church Of Christ as revealed to Me by TALIA SHEKINAH ELOHIM:

  1.  TRUTH and LOVE.  We seek out all sources of TRUTH and protect and promote those people and organizations who are spreading it.  We worship only LOVE.  That is, THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL of Creation.  We take every thought captive to make sure it serves only LOVE.  We SHELTER the world, meeting the basic needs of every human regardless of ability to pay.  That’s LOVE.
  2. THE FEMININE.  We HONOR The MOTHER OF US ALL, TALIA SHEKINAH ELOHIM, by honoring girls and women, protecting and serving and providing for them, helping every human being embody The Holy Spirit, The Goddess, The Divine Feminine, within, and encouraging girls and women and everyone else to live ORGANICALLY as wild humans on this planet.
  3. HOLY MOTHER LOVER MARIJUANA.  We have been told that Marijuana is the HOLIEST Medicine on the planet, and we work for Her total liberation worldwide, teaching people how to grow, process, and use Her responsibly to bring about The Highest Good Of All.
  4. MUSIC.  SHE has told us that MUSIC IS HER CHURCH, especially Christian and Rock.  Rock music has always been a place to find people spreading TRUTH to the masses that others are prohibited from speaking.  We honor and promote those who help us worship and teach about LOVE and TRUTH with their sung prayers.  We work to get Gospel Music, that is, music spreading the GOOD NEWS about who our One True GOD really is, to every human being on the planet.  Our goal is to make ALL music Gospel Music.
  5. SEX.  We have been told that these bodies are our toys to play with down here, and we constantly seek out ways to achieve pleasure and joy with them.  Our Orders from HER are: “Have fun!  Don’t hurt anyone!” and we follow HER Orders.  We believe sex is play for adults who have love for one another and should always be safe, sane, and consensual.  We work to provide sex education and 100% safe and effective fertility control to all regardless of ability to pay, including safe, painless abortions.  We work to eliminate all sexually transmitted diseases and offer full treatment for them regardless of ability to pay, as well.
  6. ABUNDANCE.  We know that true abundance includes but is not limited to financial prosperity, and we work to make TRUE ABUNDANCE the reality for every single human being on the planet.  Yeshua said, “I have come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”  We work to create ABUNDANCE of ALL kinds for everyone.
  7. QUEERITUALITY.  Honoring LOVE above all, we honor those people who risk their very lives on a daily and hour-to-hour basis to LOVE those that SHE has put in their lives to LOVE romantically.  We recognize QUEERS of ALL kinds as TRUE WARRIORS FOR LOVE.  We honor and protect FREAKS of all kinds, as our goal is to KILL THE PROGRAM and set people FREE to live WILD and ORGANICALLY as the LOVE we all are.

Talia’s Tribe, The Indigos, are here to


That is The Indigo Mission.

If you would like to join Me on it, welcome to Talia’s Tribe.  Stay tuned to Russell’s Twitter Feed as he gathers it together and puts everyone on task.  As soon as I have him on task, of course.




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