On The Name Of Jesus…


Russy, I want you to make a video sharing this with your audience:

Yeshua has heard your cries of love and passion for the Name of Jesus, and He would like to address them.  He says,

“It’s true that I was never called by that Name when I was in a Body, but it was the Name given to Me after My Ascension, and it is YOU who have empowered it with your love, even though My Teachings have been distorted to the point of misleading you into a life of confusion, pain, and sin, and this has brought dishonor to the Name of Jesus in the hearts and minds of many.

I have heard your cries of LOVE for this NAME, and I understand that when you feel My Energy and hear My Voice, you connect those things with the Name of Jesus.  And so it is YOU who have given ME, The Real Christ, that Name.

And I hereby accept this NAME as My Own, and My True Followers are now welcome to call Me by the Name of Jesus Christ.  I will continue to teach you who I really am through My Prophet, Russell Brand.

Thank you for your love.  I look forward to the time when we can all be together as One Tribe and you can truly know Me for the first time.”

That’s it.  Thanks, Baby.



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