I cannot support businesses that objectify women and girls.

I cannot support businesses that objectify women and girls.

Women want to be sexy and sexual, just like men do, but we are MUCH more than just a receptacle for the gratification of sexual impulse.  A woman’s body is SACRED, and women are the original receivers of Creator’s Wisdom, here to teach men and children.

I cannot promote businesses who use the female body as simply a lust-provoking object to manipulate the lizard brain into making a purchase, no matter what you are marketing.

Seeing images like this triggers women into either victim mode, feeling like they have been or will be raped, or it puts us into war mode, wanting to KILL AND DESTROY all of those who are victimizing women and children.  It will also trigger programmed women into sex kitten mode, where they give up their sexual and spiritual boundaries and invite abuse, like all our Hollywood celebrities have programmed them to, because they are programmed themselves.

Debasing women like this triggers men into lizard brain, where they stop seeing women as equal human beings and express rapist energy, simply wanting to harvest pleasure from that woman as if she were an object, or even to hurt her due to the Bitch programming, which is about programming men to be angry at sexually provocative women and feel they deserve to rape them.  Women receive Sex Kitten programming, which convinces them that looking like a whore is beauty and sexual attraction is the only way women can ever have power.  Bitch is another word Internet Trolls use to traumatize people in the forums.  Men forget that as they objectify ONE woman, they objectify ALL of their own little girls, sisters, mothers, friends, and lovers.

If you serve Love, don’t play this evil game.  You are LOVE.  You are LOVING.  You are LOVED.

Everything else is just DARKNESS.  Ignorance.  Lies.

And now you know better!  You are LOVE.


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A woman’s body is SACRED.

The female body is how God puts new human beings into His Creation.  He impulses the new soul down into the female body, and during gestation, the soul touches in and out to survey if it’s really the right thing for it to come in.  It is not until a child takes it’s first breath that The Holy Spirit breathes the soul into the child for good.  And even then, sometimes the soul isn’t quite locked in, as happens with some of the new, very high frequency children, because it’s a HARSH adjustment to make.  My own Crystal daughter wasn’t really ‘here’ for about six weeks after her birth.  Some of these uncertain souls decide to exit in SIDS deaths.

Anyway, it is up to God and the female to decide if a child is born.  No one else, unless the woman wills it.  Women are more attuned to the Voice of God.  We all know it.  Women’s intuition.  IN – inner TUITION – teaching.  God teaches us, and we teach men and children.  If men are highly attuned to their own feminine energy, they can receive just as well.  But women come in with a huge advantage, due to the fact that it is OUR JOB to decide whether a new human comes in, and then OUR JOB to feed it until it can feed itself.  Therefore, we had better be able to hear God as to how He wants it done!

One of the first things our oppressors did was tell everyone that women were evil and that men had the right to rape them and make them bear anything that was conceived.  This is how they brought their evil spawn upon our planet.  They literally raped it onto the planet.  And this is how they have continued to do so, raping psychopaths onto the planet to rule us.  They also said, “Suffer not a woman to speak in church.”  They didn’t want the Word of God to get in there, and they knew if women even had a remote voice in the church, it would.  Sorry, that’s a hard one I know.  I used to be Christian, too.  It was very traumatizing for me to learn the truth, and I hope you can use some of the tools I have shared with you to get past the pain and trauma, release it to God, not go into lizard brain, and instead, RAISE your consciousness so that you can see from the HIGHEST perspective, like I AM.  Then you will know that YOU are GOD also.  And the only TRUTH is LOVE.  Lower your resistance to love.  You are LOVE.  You are LOVING.  You are LOVED.  And if you have harmed women, that was not you.  It was ‘them’.  Take your mind back.  Be the LOVE you are.

Blessings.  Namaste.