Feeling suicidal? Here’s why and what to do about it. FOR REAL.

I made this video straight from my heart for anyone struggling with depression, suicide, or sobriety issues.  I pray you find it just when you need it.  All my love.

~Satina  ❤

Why The Dark Don’t Want You to Have Marijuana

Why The Dark Don’t Want You to Have Marijuana

Marijuana is The Christ Plant.  She is The Mother Goddess in Her plant aspect, gifted to humanity to keep them in perfect health.  She will heal every ill of every kind if you give Her enough time and don’t continue to poison yourself in the meantime.  She defeats cancer because she feeds what needs feeding and kills what needs killing.  She will help you feel safe in your own body and on your own planet.  She will help you Release ALL Pain and Forgive Everything ever done to you.  She will lower your resistance to LOVE from every source.  She will clear and purify your mind and connection to Source until you can think your own thoughts.  And once you can do that, you’ll be able to remember that you’re God also.  And then you won’t need Her anymore.  The only people who desire marijuana are those who need Her.  If you desire Her, you need Her.

God’s Will is Total Liberation of The Marijuana Plant in All Ways NOW!  Anyone standing in the way of that is standing in the way of God’s Will.  And that is REALLY not a smart thing to do anymore.

God’s Top 7 FAQ

*** The 7 Keys ***

Here are The 7 Keys with which you can unlock the shackles of psycho-spiritual enslavement.

The 7 Keys:

1.  Learn The Truth About Who You Really Are.

2.  Learn The Truth About The Interference and how they get you.

3.  Forgive it ALL, now that you know The Truth.

4.  Release ALL pain, now that you know The Truth.

5.  Learn to use I Am statements responsibly on behalf of ALL and stop creating Hell on Earth, now that you know The Truth.

6.  Purify your Body, Mind, and Environment of their poisons, now that you know The Truth.

7.  Put your HEART in charge, and Be the LOVE You Are.  Everything else is a lie.

……. ❤

That’s about it.  Stay tuned for details, and READ what’s already here on the blog in the meantime.

P.S.  There’s totally a CHEAT CODE…


~~~God’s Cosmic Cheat Code~~~

You know how when you’re playing a video game, you can bypass a whole lot of boring work by entering a Cheat Code and getting what you want instantly?  God’s got one of those.  It’s Following Your Heart.  I’m serious.  If you truly Follow Your Heart in absolutely everything, you won’t have to learn about much at all, and you won’t have to do nearly as much shifting as everyone else, and stuff will just fall into your lap.  Because your Heart will always deliver you from evil.  And if you don’t ask WHY you need to do what your heart is telling you, you won’t have to be SHOWN the things you might not want to look at.

So, wanna totally coast through this like a world class slacker?  Like Hurley on The “Lost” Island, who probably barely passed sixth grade but ends up winning the lottery, as well as being the Guardian of The Island in the end?  Follow your heart, not your head.  In everything.  Always.  No matter what.

Done.  ❤

*** Free Will 101: The 7 Keys to Spiritual Freedom ***

This article has been revised and the better version can be found HERE.  Thanks!  ❤