God’s Top 7 Frequently Asked Questions…with NEW and IMPROVED Answers!

God’s Top 7 Frequently Asked Questions…with NEW and IMPROVED Answers!

It’s like magic.  Just click on the question to get the REAL ANSWER for once.  I’m serious.  Just try it.

1.  So what is the point of this whole human thing, anyway?

2.  Why is it such a MESS down here?

3.  What’s the REAL DEAL with Marijuana?

4.  What is Darkness and who are The Dark?

5.  What about all the pedophiles and rapists?

6.  What about the Internet trolls?  What is their problem, anyway?

7.  Why don’t you just charge for your services like a normal SANE person?  (Okay, that’s mine, not God’s.)

I’m looking for STUFF to help me Free The Marijuana Plant!

I’m looking for STUFF to help me Free The #Marijuana Plant!

God guided me to start this blog on the 11/11 of this year, just 14 days ago, and since then I’ve put up a TON of stuff, and it’s getting to be a mess.  In this morning’s meditation with God, He told me it’s time for me to pretty up The Truth into super cool little media presentations of all kinds, and it’s time for ME to finally get a makeover and dress up this new transforming body of mine so I can show myself and go BIG!  So I need some STUFF:

Hemp Products:

Since Marijuana is God’s FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE against The Interference with humanity’s Free Will, I am ALL ABOUT MARIJUANA!  So I want marijuana, hemp, cannabis, weed, pot, ganga products and services, people!  I want to LIVE a HEMP Life!  I need hemp clothing, hemp shoes, hemp jewelry, hemp graphics, hemp makeup, ❤ hemp EVERYTHING!

Hemp Services:

I need help creating super groovy presentations of my teachings, ALL KINDS everywhere to reach everyone!  I’m looking for creative media and marketing people who want to help me FREE THE PLANT!

Hemp Homes:

I would LOVE to find a Marijuana-friendly intentional community that can DIG this mission.  I will also be traveling the world, staying in rentable rooms, house shares, hostels, that kind of thing, so if you’re into that, please share your connections!

I am absolutely NEVER going to charge for my services.  I can pay some, and I can offer my services in exchange for yours.  I’m a Certified Spiritual Life and Career Coach, Certified Reiki Master Healer, and Master Psychic and Tarot and Oracle Card Reader, and I can do extremely powerful and accurate spiritual readings and healings, including very powerful business readings with advice direct from Spirit.  I am also more than happy to help you promote YOUR business while you help me accomplish my Mission!  I am happy to give interviews and do public appearances to help YOU promote YOUR cause.  Anyone who donates to The Indigo Mission will be featured on a Donor Appreciation page and will get public shout-outs, because I LOVE to bless those who bless me.  My Higher Self Name, Talia, means Dew of Heaven, or Unconditional Blessings of Divine Abundance.  I LOVE to help Love-Based businesses THRIVE.  If you’re spreading Love and Light, I WANT TO HELP YOU!

So, wanna help me in any way, shape, or form?  Contact Me Here to talk about it!

P.S.  You totally don’t have to believe I’m The Aquarian Christ in order to get my help.  I know how difficult that is when you’re not yet able to access your own thoughts.  That’s cool.  I’m happy for you to lovingly promote me as that crazy chick on the ‘net calling herself The Marijuana Messiah, as long as people get a chance to experience the teachings for themselves and make up their own minds!  It doesn’t matter Who I Am, it matters what I do.  “You will know them by their fruits.”  I’m here to Free The Planet from Psycho-Spiritual Slavery.  That’s IT.  And I will not stop until IT IS DONE.

And my motto from now on is Free the PLANT and you free the PLANET.  So let’s party! ❤

Satina M. Scott

Talia Shekinah Elohim

The Marijuana Messiah

Marijuana Advocacy Groups: Help me help YOU!

Marijuana advocacy groups:  Help me help YOU!

I’d like to get this party started by taking back the Christ plant for the people.  Because getting people stoned is absolutely the best way to get them through The Apocalypse.  That’s God’s Word on the subject.  And any gnostic can tell you that Jesus was all about the holy cannabis plant.  I loved the shit.  I basically partied my way across the land spreading The Truth About Human Salvation and the Holy Marijuana Plant’s Crucial Role in that to those with minds and hearts open enough to take it in, and I’m going to do the same thing this time.  Only in a FEMALE body.  Because it’s time to give the planet back to the Divine Feminine.  Can ya handle it?  So, marijuana advocates, wanna interview the crazy chick on the Internet who just popped up calling herself The Marijuana Messiah?  Let’s work together on this.  Contact Me to speak privately about how we can help each other out, and Follow Me on Twitter and Facebook and this blog to stay current on the Word, because it ALL happening!

I will help you achieve the liberation of the PLANT while you help me achieve the liberation of the PLANET.

And we will have a fucking BLAST doing it.

Peace out. ❤

Marijuana is the Christ of the Plant Kingdom.

Marijuana is the Christ of the Plant Kingdom.

God told me this last night.  And I AM the human Christ, the Blade of Creator.  Miranda Maitreya is the other human Christ, the Chalice of Creator.  I bring the Divine Masculine WILL of God to humanity, and She brings the Sacred Feminine LOVE of God to humanity.  There will be other Christs who will Rise Up from among the people to lead their different flocks all over the world.  Most will be women, as women are the natural receiver’s of God’s Word.

Each major religion will have their own Christ to deliver the messages in their own way, and we will all be saying the same thing:

No more will planet Earth and Her women, men, and children be raped for their gifts.  This planet and Her people are now under the protection of The Powers!  And Love will REIGN on planet Earth from now on.


The Will of God

Why The Dark Don’t Want You to Have Marijuana

Why The Dark Don’t Want You to Have Marijuana

Marijuana is The Christ Plant.  She is The Mother Goddess in Her plant aspect, gifted to humanity to keep them in perfect health.  She will heal every ill of every kind if you give Her enough time and don’t continue to poison yourself in the meantime.  She defeats cancer because she feeds what needs feeding and kills what needs killing.  She will help you feel safe in your own body and on your own planet.  She will help you Release ALL Pain and Forgive Everything ever done to you.  She will lower your resistance to LOVE from every source.  She will clear and purify your mind and connection to Source until you can think your own thoughts.  And once you can do that, you’ll be able to remember that you’re God also.  And then you won’t need Her anymore.  The only people who desire marijuana are those who need Her.  If you desire Her, you need Her.

God’s Will is Total Liberation of The Marijuana Plant in All Ways NOW!  Anyone standing in the way of that is standing in the way of God’s Will.  And that is REALLY not a smart thing to do anymore.

God’s Top 7 FAQ

*** WARNING From God: If you are keeping marijuana from MY humanity… ***

This, the HOLIEST plant on Earth, The Goddess, The Holy Spirit, The Shekinah, in her plant aspect, is God’s gift to His Selves so that He can remain in contact with His Selves and keep His Selves in absolute perfect HEALTH and HAPPINESS always.  And no, He is NOT PLEASED that anyone would INTERFERE with that!  If you are working to keep it from humanity in any way, you are WORKING AGAINST GOD’S WILL.  That might have been okay in the past, but it’s NOT anymore.  ALL that you have will be TAKEN from you, including money, health, happiness, peace, luck, love, life itself, ALL of it, until you GIVE BACK THE PLANT.  It begins NOW.

You’ve been warned.