Feeling suicidal? Here’s why and what to do about it. FOR REAL.

I made this video straight from my heart for anyone struggling with depression, suicide, or sobriety issues.  I pray you find it just when you need it.  All my love.

~Satina  ❤

The Pit Bull is Showing Us The Human Story

The Pit Bull is showing us the human story.

We all know that pit bulls, in and of themselves, are not dangerous.  They are merely big and powerful.  They are pure loyalty and love at heart.  They are built to be loving protectors, not weapons.  It is only when you abuse them terribly that you can even force evil out of them.  Same with human beings.  That’s why everything a human ever does to hurt another is a lie.  We only do that because we’ve been traumatized into evil behavior by the Interference.  That’s why God forgives it all.  So let it go, whether it’s what you did or what someone else did to you.  It doesn’t matter because it wasn’t you.  But you gotta STOP doing it.  Recognize HOW THEY GET YOU and don’t let them do it anymore.  And don’t hang out with people who are still playing the war/blame/victim game.  Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, just realize you can do better than their pathetic poisonous handouts.  Walk away and start being the God you are, and simply create something better.  DONE.  ❤


Why I Came Out As A Messiah

Why I Came Out As A Messiah

I Came Out on Facebook and began sharing the Indigo Mission teachings because there are some very DARK and HEAVY truths that are about to be UNVEILED all over the planet, and I want to do everything I can to help you all to handle these truths in a safe way.  I want you to come out the other side EMPOWERED by Truth, rather than shattered by the end of ALL of your illusions.  I Am constantly working to organize the information God is giving me and to make it available to the widest possible audience as quickly as I can.  Please, READ this information.  Pay attention to the SIGNS all around you.  SHARE this information as widely as you can!  Please help me reach as many souls as possible with the simple information I Am sharing, which will help you TAKE BACK YOUR MIND and Be the Love You Are.  Thank you thank you thank you.  ❤

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger is BULLSHIT.

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger is BULLSHIT.

It’s ‘their’ bullshit designed to make you welcome more trauma.  Sung by one of their poor, MK Ultra mind-controlled, unthinkably traumatized caged birds.  What ‘they’ mean by ‘stronger’ is ‘a better predator.’  Yes, trauma will often cause you to tap into reserves of strength you didn’t know you had, but that’s YOUR LOVE that is already there, not the trauma.  Roseanne Barr and P!nk, both survivors of the MK Ultra nightmare who have become HUGE Beacons of Light to victims everywhere, not to mention all of humanity and especially women and girls, overcame their horrific trauma with their BOUNDLESS LOVE and absolutely unstoppable PASSION for the Liberation of Humanity!  Yes, they learned from those hellacious experiences, but it’s not until you can find LOVE and HEALING that you can actually surmount the obstacles and ascend as a Soul.  What doesn’t kill you can often stunt your growth for hundreds of lifetimes, and it has.  Not as catchy, is it?  But real growth comes when you embrace LOVE and HEALING and JOY and stop inviting more trauma.

Screw trauma.  I’m over that game, how ’bout you?  From now on, I invite and allow only JOY, LOVE, HEALTH, and ABUNDANCE into my life experience, knowing that it is THESE things that truly make us stronger.  For they are where The Powers lie.  Trust me on that.  Pursuing other than joy from now on will cut you off from The Power of God.  It used to be you could tap into some fear or pain or greed or even pure evil forces to keep you moving forward, even if it was not in your heart to do so, but that is no longer the case.  If what is in your heart isn’t joyful and playful and exciting, God didn’t put it there.  It’s that simple.  Doing it goes against God’s Will, and that’s not a good idea.  And in a few months, it’s going to become impossible.  Which will be extremely cool for many of us, and totally traumatizing for others.  I say, get used to following ONLY joy now, while it’s still relatively sane out there.

That’s my advice.

As God walking around in a female body trying to get through to you that YOU ARE GOD ALSO.

Just sayin’.

Don’t Call Yourself An Addict!

Don’t call yourself an addict of any kind, ever, unless that’s what you want to be.  You Are GOD making your reality.  If you say, “I’m a recovering alcoholic,” you are condemning yourself to a lifetime of never being recovered.  “I am an alcoholic = I am addicted to alcohol.”  “In recovery = not recovered.”  You see?  Gods and Goddesses don’t do that to themselves.  I WAS addicted to sugar, but I kicked that shit.  If you are working on kicking something right now, make sure you tell the Universe exactly what you want as your reality:


And I Am wishing you all the Highest Blessings as You Do.  ❤

Thank your triggers.

The Cosmos is churning up every last BIT of horrible shit in your life right now so you can RELEASE IT forever, as I have said.  So when you hit a trigger, remember to STOP.  Realize you’ve been triggered.  Then thank God for the chance to never, ever feel this shitty again, and offer it up.  “Take this trigger, God, so that I never feel this way again!”  Cry it out and offer it up.  Keep crying and praying until it’s gone.  And you will be AMAZED, because unlike all those other times, IT WILL BE GONE.  ❤

Lizard Brain?

Lizard Brain?

You will hear me say this a lot, because it’s our challenge now.  When The Interference raped their way onto the planet, they messed with our DNA and gave part of their brain to us, the part that is obsessed with sex and violence, and took away part of it, the part that hears our own Higher Self’s thoughts.  So that is in ALL of us.  And what they’ve done is program that part of our brain through pain.  Each time we were traumatized, they put in another destructive program.  Now all they have to do is traumatize us to trigger the program.  Think about it.  You can be feeling loving and happy and then someone says one of your trigger words and it’s RAGE and PAIN and BLIND PANIC.  That’s what it was like for me when someone would say, ‘retard’ or ‘retarded’ after I had my daughter, who was diagnosed mentally retarded and autistic.  I was suddenly in lizard brain and ready to kill someone.

So we ALL have this, and the extent to which you are responding to the world with hostility is related to how SAFE you feel.  If you are feeling safe, you are not feeling hostile.  If you are feeling unsafe, you may be accessing some very dark programming indeed.  The way out is LOVE.  Marijuana.  Safety.

I did not feel safe until I made full contact with my Higher Self, Talia Shekinah Elohim, and even now, as we are still just barely starting this mission, I have hit a fear and dropped back down for about ten seconds, sometimes going from Higher Self to Lizard in a second due to being shown something that is VERY traumatizing for a human.  Then SHE would just come in and BOOM I was back, knowing it all, calm about it all, no pain, just even more of the picture.

See how it works?  So get safe in your own mind.  Use the marijuana, as I HAD TO, to break through the hell programming, especially if you’re a spiritual warrior.  DO IT, please.  Don’t let ‘them’ talk you out of it and make you think it’s not really THAT powerful or whatever is stopping you.  This saved me.  It gave me back my own SOUL.

So yeah, that’s lizard brain.  Don’t go there, and if you do, get out fast by choosing LOVE and MARIJUANA.  And avoid alcohol at all costs.


***Why Now Is Different***

*Why Now Is Different*

Maybe, like me, you’ve done a LOT of manifesting in the past that hasn’t worked, and you’ve healed a LOT of wounds that just seemed to keep hurting again later.  I understand.  I gave up, too.  But it’s different now.  The Net Is Down.

Without going into great detail, The Net was The Matrix.  It was a cocoon of negative thought programming that the planet was absolutely trapped within for hundreds of thousands of years.  And so when you would release one of their programs, another would slide into your head and take its place.  And if you released an old trauma, a new trigger would slide in and activate it again.  It took tremendous discipline, focus, and superhuman powers to truly get free.  That’s why so few of us became Enlightened.

Not anymore.  That fucker is down.  We did it.  I felt it on September 22, 2014.  I saw it in my mind’s eye, like thick, tight black cobwebs being slowly slowly slowly burned through with the tiniest points of light for hundreds of thousands of years…and suddenly the burned places merge and HUGE streams of light shoot from the planet like GIANT LASER BEAMS out into space, and suddenly the whole thing just collapsed into a brilliant, burning, magnificent revelation!  And the remaining strands are so weak that if we just shine a bit of light their way….poof, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer when she stakes a vamp.  Gone.

So now you can actually RELEASE the programs and they will STAY GONE.  You can release the deepest, DARKEST pains from all your lifetimes now, when you could not before, and they will STAY GONE.  We, The Messiah, are releasing the crucifixion RIGHT NOW.  We are all going through huge challenges with feeling like we will never be listened to and will be killed for trying.  We are bringing it up in THIS lifetime because we were never, ever able to face it in any other, we would instead just walk it out and make it real again and again and again.

So yes.  You can do this.  Ask for God’s Help.  Ask for The Goddess’s Love and Healing.  Become the Goddess and Receive the God.  Use the Holy Marijuana plant, Your Holy Parents’ gift to their children to keep them healthy in mind, body, and spirit.

You are LOVE.  That is all you are.  You can even feel that, because if you had not been traumatized, and you had always had your every need met, you would never, ever have caused the pain you did.  So let it go.  It’s NOT you.

You are Love.  You are Loving.  You are Loved.

Namaste. ❤

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