I cannot support businesses that objectify women and girls.

I cannot support businesses that objectify women and girls.

Women want to be sexy and sexual, just like men do, but we are MUCH more than just a receptacle for the gratification of sexual impulse.  A woman’s body is SACRED, and women are the original receivers of Creator’s Wisdom, here to teach men and children.

I cannot promote businesses who use the female body as simply a lust-provoking object to manipulate the lizard brain into making a purchase, no matter what you are marketing.

Seeing images like this triggers women into either victim mode, feeling like they have been or will be raped, or it puts us into war mode, wanting to KILL AND DESTROY all of those who are victimizing women and children.  It will also trigger programmed women into sex kitten mode, where they give up their sexual and spiritual boundaries and invite abuse, like all our Hollywood celebrities have programmed them to, because they are programmed themselves.

Debasing women like this triggers men into lizard brain, where they stop seeing women as equal human beings and express rapist energy, simply wanting to harvest pleasure from that woman as if she were an object, or even to hurt her due to the Bitch programming, which is about programming men to be angry at sexually provocative women and feel they deserve to rape them.  Women receive Sex Kitten programming, which convinces them that looking like a whore is beauty and sexual attraction is the only way women can ever have power.  Bitch is another word Internet Trolls use to traumatize people in the forums.  Men forget that as they objectify ONE woman, they objectify ALL of their own little girls, sisters, mothers, friends, and lovers.

If you serve Love, don’t play this evil game.  You are LOVE.  You are LOVING.  You are LOVED.

Everything else is just DARKNESS.  Ignorance.  Lies.

And now you know better!  You are LOVE.


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What it REALLY means when you call someone a faggot.

What it REALLY means when you call someone a faggot.

I once had a loving Christian member of my family tell me that allowing gays to marry was like letting someone marry a piece of furniture.  She didn’t realize she was expressing a very specific lizard brain program, that of the faggot.  Internet Trolls use the word ‘fag’ and ‘faggot’ all the time, to try and trigger everyone into pain and anger in the forums, so that they will ignore the information and be triggered into warlike behavior instead.

A faggot is a bundle of sticks used for firewood.  Look it up.  Homosexuals used to be burned alive, just like witches and others who were bringing something new from God into the world that would upset the control.  They came to be known as faggots, or fags.  Fag is still a euphemism for cigarette in many places outside the U.S., another kind of burning stick.  So when you call someone a faggot or a fag, you are doing tremendous evil to them and to your own soul, using your God powers to manifest that they are firewood to be burned alive.  This is NOT doing God’s Will.  It is doing PURE EVIL.

We obviously ALL have this programming in our own lizard brains, so you are FORGIVEN if you have been traumatized into expressing it.  You are LOVE.  You are LOVING.  You are LOVED.

Everything else is just darkness.  Lies.  Ignorance.  It is NOT you.

Now you know better, which is what I’m here for!  You Are LOVE.  Period.

Please pass it on!

Namaste. ❤

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