Jesus, deliver us from your followers! “Okay. Will do.”

Yesterday, I visited The Vineyard Christian church and they called the cops and escorted Me out to the sidewalk.  Wait ’til you see what the sermon was about.  I’m totally stoked, because I think with this video I just covered the SALVATION of everyone the Christian church is missing, which as we ALL know, is an enormous SHITLOAD of people.  Not only that, but my precious, *BEAUTIFUL* cousin just inherited the entire existing Christian church.  I will deliver it unto her hands.

So yeah.  I think I just saved the whole fucking world yesterday with this video.  I think I’ll take my amazing son, Chazz, out for half-price Sonic milkshakes to celebrate tonight.

Ready to see it?  Then after the video, you can go watch the sermon, because it will be archived on their website.  And you can Follow Me on Twitter, which is MY CHURCH, called The River, and very soon we’re going to have a wonderful time analyzing the entire sermon together and learning more about Jesus.  And Christian hypocrisy.

Ready?  Okay, here’s the video:

And the sermon will be archived here:  Under the date May 8, 2016.  Mother’s Day.  If it’s not there yet, it soon will be.

And here’s My Church, The River:

That’s where I pour out The Current (ha!) Word of God day and night as it comes through My Hands and Mouth.

And you can subscribe to My Youtube Channel here:  I’m currently posting videos about every other day, documenting my Awakening and pouring out The Word of God.  Watch the April Playlist and the May Playlist to get caught up on what My life is about right now and learn what it’s REALLY LIKE to be the fucking Messiah.  And find out what happens NEXT in what is becoming an extremely exciting story.

And here is the link to KTSY’s alternative Christian rock radio station, which I keep playing in my ear day and night as my personal soundtrack for life:  You can listen online with Me no matter where you are in the world.

Okay, that oughta answer your prayer, “Jesus, deliver us from your followers!”

Peace out!

Love and Blessings,

~Satina, The Absolutely, Positively REAL Aquarian Messiah.

P.S.  Obviously, this is about to get REALLY GOOD.  You don’t wanna miss it, people.  My hands are shaking I’m so excited about this.  Seriously, put aside about twenty minutes and WATCH THAT VIDEO.  You will leave CHANGED.

Bringers of the Dawn by Barbara Marciniak

Family of Light, This is Who YOU Are and What is Going on NOW!

This is MY Bible, Bringers of The Dawn by Barbara Marciniak, the book that God Guided me to thirteen years ago when I was first Awakened to My Mission.  A BEAUTIFUL soul has made a series of absolutely FREE YouTube videos with the most soothing and wonderful, perfectly harmonious female voice, and the book is broken up into 4 parts to make it easier to digest.  I find this profoundly comforting and INSPIRING.  I had to read all of this for myself!  😉  I Am so grateful for this creation.  I play them in the background while I work sometimes.  The voice is so harmonious it’s almost like music.

Make a nice cup of organic chai latte with rice milk and make an afternoon of it. It will CHANGE YOUR LIFE and get you READY for what is about to HAPPEN! This is what you need to know NOW!

Please remember to Like the videos and leave Thank you comments, because The Dark is out in full, and Truth Tellers get plenty of abuse from the Internet Trolls for trying to spread Light, and every Love message makes an absolutely PROFOUND difference.  And make sure you read God’s Top 7 FAQ!  And share share share!  Spread the LIGHT!




Unlimited Blessings!

I cannot support businesses that objectify women and girls.

I cannot support businesses that objectify women and girls.

Women want to be sexy and sexual, just like men do, but we are MUCH more than just a receptacle for the gratification of sexual impulse.  A woman’s body is SACRED, and women are the original receivers of Creator’s Wisdom, here to teach men and children.

I cannot promote businesses who use the female body as simply a lust-provoking object to manipulate the lizard brain into making a purchase, no matter what you are marketing.

Seeing images like this triggers women into either victim mode, feeling like they have been or will be raped, or it puts us into war mode, wanting to KILL AND DESTROY all of those who are victimizing women and children.  It will also trigger programmed women into sex kitten mode, where they give up their sexual and spiritual boundaries and invite abuse, like all our Hollywood celebrities have programmed them to, because they are programmed themselves.

Debasing women like this triggers men into lizard brain, where they stop seeing women as equal human beings and express rapist energy, simply wanting to harvest pleasure from that woman as if she were an object, or even to hurt her due to the Bitch programming, which is about programming men to be angry at sexually provocative women and feel they deserve to rape them.  Women receive Sex Kitten programming, which convinces them that looking like a whore is beauty and sexual attraction is the only way women can ever have power.  Bitch is another word Internet Trolls use to traumatize people in the forums.  Men forget that as they objectify ONE woman, they objectify ALL of their own little girls, sisters, mothers, friends, and lovers.

If you serve Love, don’t play this evil game.  You are LOVE.  You are LOVING.  You are LOVED.

Everything else is just DARKNESS.  Ignorance.  Lies.

And now you know better!  You are LOVE.


More answers:  God’s Top 7 FAQ


What it REALLY means when you call someone a faggot.

What it REALLY means when you call someone a faggot.

I once had a loving Christian member of my family tell me that allowing gays to marry was like letting someone marry a piece of furniture.  She didn’t realize she was expressing a very specific lizard brain program, that of the faggot.  Internet Trolls use the word ‘fag’ and ‘faggot’ all the time, to try and trigger everyone into pain and anger in the forums, so that they will ignore the information and be triggered into warlike behavior instead.

A faggot is a bundle of sticks used for firewood.  Look it up.  Homosexuals used to be burned alive, just like witches and others who were bringing something new from God into the world that would upset the control.  They came to be known as faggots, or fags.  Fag is still a euphemism for cigarette in many places outside the U.S., another kind of burning stick.  So when you call someone a faggot or a fag, you are doing tremendous evil to them and to your own soul, using your God powers to manifest that they are firewood to be burned alive.  This is NOT doing God’s Will.  It is doing PURE EVIL.

We obviously ALL have this programming in our own lizard brains, so you are FORGIVEN if you have been traumatized into expressing it.  You are LOVE.  You are LOVING.  You are LOVED.

Everything else is just darkness.  Lies.  Ignorance.  It is NOT you.

Now you know better, which is what I’m here for!  You Are LOVE.  Period.

Please pass it on!

Namaste. ❤

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God’s Top 7 Frequently Asked Questions…with NEW and IMPROVED Answers!

God’s Top 7 Frequently Asked Questions…with NEW and IMPROVED Answers!

It’s like magic.  Just click on the question to get the REAL ANSWER for once.  I’m serious.  Just try it.

1.  So what is the point of this whole human thing, anyway?

2.  Why is it such a MESS down here?

3.  What’s the REAL DEAL with Marijuana?

4.  What is Darkness and who are The Dark?

5.  What about all the pedophiles and rapists?

6.  What about the Internet trolls?  What is their problem, anyway?

7.  Why don’t you just charge for your services like a normal SANE person?  (Okay, that’s mine, not God’s.)

I’m looking for STUFF to help me Free The Marijuana Plant!

I’m looking for STUFF to help me Free The #Marijuana Plant!

God guided me to start this blog on the 11/11 of this year, just 14 days ago, and since then I’ve put up a TON of stuff, and it’s getting to be a mess.  In this morning’s meditation with God, He told me it’s time for me to pretty up The Truth into super cool little media presentations of all kinds, and it’s time for ME to finally get a makeover and dress up this new transforming body of mine so I can show myself and go BIG!  So I need some STUFF:

Hemp Products:

Since Marijuana is God’s FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE against The Interference with humanity’s Free Will, I am ALL ABOUT MARIJUANA!  So I want marijuana, hemp, cannabis, weed, pot, ganga products and services, people!  I want to LIVE a HEMP Life!  I need hemp clothing, hemp shoes, hemp jewelry, hemp graphics, hemp makeup, ❤ hemp EVERYTHING!

Hemp Services:

I need help creating super groovy presentations of my teachings, ALL KINDS everywhere to reach everyone!  I’m looking for creative media and marketing people who want to help me FREE THE PLANT!

Hemp Homes:

I would LOVE to find a Marijuana-friendly intentional community that can DIG this mission.  I will also be traveling the world, staying in rentable rooms, house shares, hostels, that kind of thing, so if you’re into that, please share your connections!

I am absolutely NEVER going to charge for my services.  I can pay some, and I can offer my services in exchange for yours.  I’m a Certified Spiritual Life and Career Coach, Certified Reiki Master Healer, and Master Psychic and Tarot and Oracle Card Reader, and I can do extremely powerful and accurate spiritual readings and healings, including very powerful business readings with advice direct from Spirit.  I am also more than happy to help you promote YOUR business while you help me accomplish my Mission!  I am happy to give interviews and do public appearances to help YOU promote YOUR cause.  Anyone who donates to The Indigo Mission will be featured on a Donor Appreciation page and will get public shout-outs, because I LOVE to bless those who bless me.  My Higher Self Name, Talia, means Dew of Heaven, or Unconditional Blessings of Divine Abundance.  I LOVE to help Love-Based businesses THRIVE.  If you’re spreading Love and Light, I WANT TO HELP YOU!

So, wanna help me in any way, shape, or form?  Contact Me Here to talk about it!

P.S.  You totally don’t have to believe I’m The Aquarian Christ in order to get my help.  I know how difficult that is when you’re not yet able to access your own thoughts.  That’s cool.  I’m happy for you to lovingly promote me as that crazy chick on the ‘net calling herself The Marijuana Messiah, as long as people get a chance to experience the teachings for themselves and make up their own minds!  It doesn’t matter Who I Am, it matters what I do.  “You will know them by their fruits.”  I’m here to Free The Planet from Psycho-Spiritual Slavery.  That’s IT.  And I will not stop until IT IS DONE.

And my motto from now on is Free the PLANT and you free the PLANET.  So let’s party! ❤

Satina M. Scott

Talia Shekinah Elohim

The Marijuana Messiah

What about all the pedophiles and rapists?

What about all the pedophiles and rapists?

As I shared in another post, when I was 11 years old, I grew up in a moment when I met an abused girl and God told me I was here to help girls like her.  I knew I really wanted to work where she lived, specifically.  And after I graduated college, I did.  This morning, God told me to talk about what I learned there.

It wasn’t until I was hired that I learned that it was a different population from most girls’ homes.  These girls weren’t just victims of sexual abuse, they were perpetrators.  This organization specialized in the residential treatment of adolescent sex offenders.  Ages 9 – 17, when I was there.  All of these girls had committed sexual offenses against chidren.

That threw me.  Being fresh out of a lame college psychology program at Boise State University, I came in with anger against pedophiles and wanting to make war on behalf of the victims.  Like we all do.

So…what do you do in this case?  I worked the night shift, so I sat down and read through all of the case files, night after night.  ALL of these girls had abuse histories so tragic you wouldn’t believe half of them if I told you.  And these were rapists.  Pure and simple.  One girl had raped a baby with multiple foreign objects.  Shouldn’t you hate someone who rapes a baby?  What if that someone is a 9-yr-old girl who was raped AS a baby and then trained to rape her many brothers and sisters and be raped by them to produce kiddie porn?

What do you do then?  Who do you hate?  The parents who did it?  I guarantee their childhoods were similar.  Shall we hate those raped babies?  Which raped babies do we stop at?

They are ALL victims of horrific, unthinkable acts of atrocity.  And they ALL desperately need LOVE.

That’s what I learned.  And it’s what I gave them.  And it’s what I give them now.  How about you?

God’s Top 7 FAQ

* I am officially withdrawing ALL support of David Palmer, The Leo King. *

I Am officially withdrawing ALL support of David Palmer, The Leo King.

My first assignment in taking down Hollywood was to save David Palmer, The Leo King, from making an enormous mistake.  I have been posting on his paid forum and on his Youtube videos with messages from God about what is going on in Hollywood and what his fate is going to be if he signs with them.  Well, I got some attention all right, and that, along with my own personal family issues, brought on one HELLACIOUSLY FUN archonic, demonic, and psychic attack last night.  ALL night.

The SECOND the sun came up, I heard God tell me I was off the case.  THANK YOU GOD. Because what God showed me was that children were raped last night on behalf of powering David Palmer’s new business deals.

This means that until he comes to me and makes a very big change, I am absolutely NO LONGER supporting any work having anything to do with the name David Palmer or The Leo King or any of his new digital products coming out.  I do not trust anything I hear from him or anything having to do with him.

This is my WORD on this as of today, November 24, 2014 at 7:50 A.M. Pacific Time.

Satina M. Scott

Talia Shekinah Elohim

Indigo Goddess of Truth and Justice

The Aquarian Christ

The Marijuana Messiah

The first time ‘they’ almost got me…

When you don’t know who you are but ‘they’ do, you not only get attacked by The Dark all your life, you get seduced by them.

The first time was before my spiritual awakening and led to it.  I was involved with a business deal involving a brand new natural health product.  I was well-known in the industry and had been headhunted from another company, and I was immediately put in charge of thousands of people.  The recruiter would target them, and I would reel them in and then train them.  And I LOVED it.  I was uplifting and healing and inspiring people all day every day, more than 80 hours a week.  I was helping people create miracles in their health and their financial lives.  I was teaching people how to manifest abundance using the Law of Attraction.  People LOVED me and listened to every word I said.  I designed the corporate sponsoring website and was on calls with the president weekly.  I was socializing and working with people I had always admired and aspired to be like.  I was in HEAVEN.  And the money was coming in.  It started small, but it was doubling roughly every month.  I was invited on the company cruise to give inspirational presentations.  It was scheduled for the coming month, which was when this business would be making a huge public debut.  I have always wanted to go on a cruise.  It was ALL my DREAM COME TRUE.

Then I found out that my recruiter had been secretly going to all kinds of specialists because the product was making her very sick and nothing was helping.  I did some research and realized that the advice I had been given on how to use it, which I was passing on to THOUSANDS who trusted me, and was training them to pass on to THOUSANDS more, was dangerous.

The bottom fell out of my world.  I was DEVASTATED.  SICK.  HORRIFIED.  And I didn’t know what to do.  If I told all the thousands under me, I would be smearing the product, and I would be sued.  Staying wasn’t an option, since as an Agent of The Powers of God, I have no ability to consciously tell lies or do evil, and just the thought of it twisted my heart and gut into a sick ball.  I went to my sponsor and told her I needed to step away for a week or two for personal reasons.  It wasn’t a lie, because at this very same time, my daughter had been formally diagnosed as mentally retarded and autistic, and was being hooked up with multiple in-home therapy visits.  My sponsor knew this, and had been like a mother to me as I had navigated through the nightmare of visits and revelations.

I was expecting some sympathy at the very least, and maybe even an ally in figuring out how to stop the deception and get out.  Instead, she turned on me.  Got nastier than I’ve ever seen her.  Threatened me and said I had a responsibility to the people she had put under me to do my job.  Called me selfish.

Well, I was DEVASTATED again.

Once I had recovered from that a bit, I decided my only recourse was to get out as quickly as possible, and just announce to everyone that it was for personal reasons and leave it at that.  I HATED leaving them in a deceptive company, pushing a dangerous product, but I saw no way to reach them.  All I could do was stop lying to them myself.

That’s when the company got NASTY.  They cut me off from my company account, which included my paycheck and all of my business records, and threatened to sue, saying I was trying to take all the people under me into some new opportunity.  They said this because that is exactly what they had done to get ME.  They had snuck in and recruited me and my people behind my company’s back.  In fact, they had recruited my top supervisor that way, before they had pulled me in on it.

But I wasn’t doing that.  I hadn’t said or done anything to even remotely suggest it.  I called that top supervisor, who was now direct to the company, a very loving man of true positive intent.  And he said I must be mistaken, and that we would do a conference call with the president and vice president and just clear this all up.  So we did.

And on that call, the president and vice president turned into demons, totally shocking me and my supervisor.  They were nasty, juvenile, ignorant, threatening, and just appallingly dark.  So my supervisor, obviously as stunned as I was, informed them that they had NO grounds and NO legal rights to do what they were doing and that he would help ME sue if they continued.

They let me back into my account, and I closed it out and got as far from all of it as I possibly could.

Which meant that I left behind ALL of my closest friends and business associates overnight, and I couldn’t even tell them why.  The company and most of its leaders were now smearing me to everyone, so that no one would trust me if I started to tell the truth.  People I had trusted, people whom I had even loved, were now believing the most horrible, vile things about me.  And they were all still trapped in the lie themselves, and being trained to continually pass it on to others.

My life and my very trust in humanity had been SHATTERED.  I went into shock.  I went into my very first full-on panic attack.  And it was then that God spoke to me for the first time in a way that I could really HEAR.  And He sent me to a Healer who performed all kinds of energetic healing on me, including the removal of an enormous demonic attachment that had been there all my life.  And when she was done, I was FREE.

And that is when I stepped onto a conscious spiritual path and become a Reiki Master Healer and Ascension Teacher.

So of course the next time they came after me, it was with a guru.  But I’ll tell you about that in another post.

P.S.  That company crashed just as soon as I left, as evil things always do after I expose them, so no worries there.

More questions?  God’s Top 7 FAQ

What about the Internet trolls? What is their problem, anyway?

We CAN stop Internet trolls for GOOD.

First of all, if you don’t know about The Interference, you have to read that first.  Sorry.  It could be rough.  Maybe you should sip a little weed first.  Keep it close.

Back?  Good.

This is one way the demons stop my Indigos and others called to serve the Light:

The archons and demons identify those called to serve the Light, especially my precious and beloved Indigos, and then destroy their lives so they are unable to do God’s Will.  They employ a whole arsenal of techniques.

1.  First of all, they surround the individual with psychic vampires, both human and nonphysical, to drain their life energy.  They make the individual physically sick, doing damage to the aura and putting all kinds of pains and weaknesses and diseases into the body.

2.  They attack the people around the individual, even the very closest family, friends, lovers, and children, making them attack the Indigo in inscrutably cruel ways.

3.  They send in toxic sex partners to drain off the sexual energy and emotionally enslave the individual and lead them into a toxic lifestyle.  They make sure they have loose sexual boundaries, and that they are using alcohol and chemical drugs to kill the pain.  They make them attract abuse.

4.  They make the individual mentally ill so that they will be put on the pharmaceutical drugs as well.

ALL of these things drive the Soul out of the body more and more, until the individual is unable to rise above their Infant Soul consciousness, which has been traumatized into lizard brain, Kill or Be Killed.  Then they use these poor, precious, traumatized individuals to troll the Internet and recruit more agents of The Dark.

One way they do it:

They troll the Internet whenever they are triggered and make cruel, ignorant, half-nonsensical and most importantly, INFLAMMATORY comments on anything that remotely suggests The Truth to people.  They get everyone all hurt and angry and fighting, and no one pays any attention to the information, which is their first goal.  People also get the impression that all of humanity is ignorant and hateful.  Which is the second goal.  This also completely devastates Truth Tellers, who also get the wrong impression that all humans are ignorant and hateful and they’re wasting their time trying to help them.  Then they go into lizard brain and join the war in their comments, making things worse, or they just shut up altogether and stop trying to share anything at all.

The words “nigger” and “fag” and “retard” and “bitch” and “fat” and “whore” and “slut” and “dyke” and sexually violent verbal abuse are all TRIGGERS programmed into the lizard brain.  They are designed to hurt us so much we stop thinking and go into lizard brain ourselves.  Anyone using them isn’t thinking for themselves.

Google and Youtube support this by putting all the comments with the most replies on the top, so that any intelligent discourse is pushed down below where you’ll never see it.  All you see is half-illiterate HATE-filled provocation, and all the traumatized people who go into lizard brain and hate them right back, as well as the other agents who swarm in and keep the blood frenzy going.  Some of whom are Google employees.

How to fight it:

When you see a troll say something inflammatory, STOP.  Just STOP.  You’ve been triggered.  You’re feeling pain and hate and rage, and if you act, it will be THEM acting out the programs they’ve put into your lizard brain.  STOP, until you return to a place of Unconditional Love and see that troll comment for what it is.  Use marijuana if you need to.

Once you are in a place of Unconditional Love and Power, you can help me stop them.  You can go to the Truth Teller places where they hang out, especially Facebook and YouTube, and help me call them out, and help me support the Truth Tellers.  When you see a troll comment, you can post something that thanks the Truth Teller and calls out the trolls without inciting war, so that others realize they need to redirect their attention back to the information.

And MAKE SURE you mute all further responses so they don’t come to your email!

I just put God’s Top 7 FAQ up as a Page which links to the different sections, which should make it easier to pass around.  Feel FREE to simply copy and paste these anywhere that you see trolls swarming.  Or put it into your own language, but remain in LOVE and TRUTH (LIGHT).  When we send LOVE to the human soul, it feels that and grows more powerful, and when we shine LIGHT on the demon, it runs away and frees the mind to think for itself.  Victory over The Dark is assured with this approach, and we will clean this place up in no time.

And if you feel bad about saying something, you must remember that as you call them out, you help DELIVER these precious souls from the demonic control they are under.  We can turn EVERY troll comment into the opportunity to spread God’s Love and Light exactly where it’s needed most.  Amazing. ❤

See how this works?  We take this planet back together.  🙂

Unlimited Blessings!

God’s Top 7 FAQ