Why I Am Not Allowed to Monetize.

Why I Am Not Allowed to Monetize.

As I write this, my family and I are currently living in a tiny rent-subsidized apartment, and I (don’t) sleep on an uncomfortable, donated bed that has mouse turds in it.  My special needs daughter currently also owns one sheet, because she often gets sick in the middle of the night and explodes with diarrhea and vomiting, and she has ruined a lot of bedding.  I own one pair of pants that fit, all my rags being several sizes too big now that I am transforming my physical body.  I’ve applied for Disability twice and been denied, despite three suicide attempts and multiple hospitalizations.  I have absolutely NO income of my own, now that they cancelled my Food Benefits.  We live on only my daughter’s disability check, and my mate’s paychecks that she gets for providing the 24 hour care my daughter requires to stay alive, as well as $200 a month from my mate’s parents, and $100 a month from my elderly grandmother who lives in a trailer park.  I do get nearly $40 in child support some months, which is of course for the care of my daughter, so you can either count that as mine or not.

I live on the Sacred Vortex of Mount Shasta, in order that I could be healed and Activated by Her, and so that I can protect Her and do my work here on behalf of the planet, including the Release of the Primordial Energies of the Age of Aquarius during the Activation of My Aquarian Mission by the one currently carrying the Master Healer energies of John the Baptist.  The Dark know exactly Who I Am, as they always have, and I have been targeted by multiple demonic, psychic, and human attacks since I got here.  We were tricked into moving here with nothing, and when we arrived, the “furnished” apartment we had rented was unlivable, and completely unsafe for my daughter.  When I tearfully and regretfully told the landlady that, she inexplicably freaked out and attacked us, threatening to withhold our mail, which was headed right to her with my mate’s very last paycheck from her previous job as my daughter’s caretaker, the only money we were going to have to live on.

We took what little travel money we had left and lived in the worst Motel 6 room I’ve ever stayed in, working with the Postal Service and my children’s father to reroute our mail and get our last paycheck, as we worked every second to get hooked up to emergency social services and into subsidized housing.  Even though we easily qualified, there were inexplicable delays in the paperwork so it took much longer than usual.  Two weeks in, the room above ours flooded and we had to move everything in the middle of the night to another room.  It was so filthy and had such evil energy that I insisted we move yet again, and we finally got into a third room, where we stayed the rest of the time.

Finally, after six weeks of ridiculous delays, the approval came through, but we didn’t have enough money anymore, because it’s very expensive to stay in a crappy motel room for six weeks eating prepackaged foods you can heat up in a miniature microwave.  The Dark have continually successfully convinced my mate’s parents, who are the only ones with any money who could possibly afford to give us anything, that we don’t deserve it, so even though they were actually ON a luxury vacation at the time (and are currently on another one), they made us one $300 loan that we had to pay back, then left us to figure the rest out for ourselves, to pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps.  So we did.  We prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed.  And God sent us 2 MIRACLES.  The Hope Chest, a charity for Lightworkers in need, sent us $200 just 2 DAYS before we needed to pay our deposit.  Thank you Thank you thank you!  And my mate’s BELOVED FRIEND gave us $300 to make up the difference (and has given us further gifts since).  Thank you Thank you Thank you!

I have come to realize that the Mount Shasta Vortex is currently heavily enslaved by The Dark.  Every community leader and successful spiritual teacher that I have met here (and lots of other various key people) have displayed absolutely bewildering lizard brain hostility to me and my family, especially when we were the most vulnerable.  We live in a neighborhood that’s so dangerous there was an armed arrest of an interstate fugitive outside my apartment window a few months ago, and the other night someone went into the vacant lot and just started shooting off his gun.  There was a small explosion in the parking lot a couple of months ago that has never been unexplained.  The Boles Fire started right across the street (and then suddenly turned and burned the opposite direction from my apartment building), and was due to the actions of a psychopath who has been living in the woods (on the sacred ley line that I protect), torturing and killing animals and doing black magicks with the resulting pain and blood power.  And it’s getting worse every day as the chaos builds.  I don’t take walks (or go outside unless I have to) anymore since my run-in with a gang banger who threatened my life last month.

And yet since my Awakening God has PROHIBITED me from offering my personal services, or a single one of my teachings, in exchange for money, even though after YEARS of being too sick to even WALK, I’m FINALLY well enough to WORK, which is the ONLY thing I have ever wanted to DO!  I have a genius IQ and multiple professional credentials and skills that have gone to WASTE for most of my life, and my psychic and healing abilities are increasing exponentially on a moment to moment basis!  And I’m not allowed to use those skills to earn some money to get my family and myself moved to a new home, or to even buy food!  My human consciousness has been asking WHY, God, WHY???  So has my human soulmate, who worries about money constantly, being the one who stretches everything out to try and cover the bills each month!  She rescheduled the dog’s vet appointment that was supposed to be later today while I was writing this because she’s afraid we won’t have enough food money to last until the next check!

The answer came last night, after I went out on assignment and began my conscious work of delivering one of my most beautiful and powerful Indigos, David Palmer, The Leo King, possibly the most powerful astrologer in this country, from the evil shackles of Hollywood. He has been ignoring my help because I don’t have the bling he thinks is the sign of real power, and he is signing a deal with the Devil and doesn’t even know it.  Last night, God sent me in to finally tell him that.  And That is when God made His Plan clear to me.


Heaven cannot and will not save humanity.  We will only give you what you need to save yourselves.  We are giving you a HUGE stream of NEW Primordial Creation Energies with which you will all now begin rapidly outpicturing into reality whatever you hold in your minds, and We are giving you TEACHINGS with which you can finally FREE yourselves from psycho-spiritual enslavement FOREVER.  These are both given FREELY, at no cost to you in any way.

If you respond to these gifts by acting from your head, rather than your heart, you will judge Me, the Messiah, as worthless because I have no money, and thus ignore My teachings and refuse to support My Mission.  You will continue to be enslaved by those who profit from your ignorance, and you will quickly outpicture all of the negativity still in your mind, leading to a quick and nasty end.

If you respond to these gifts by acting from your HEART, rather than your head, you will SEE and FEEL that I speak the True Word of God, and you will be able to open up to the reality that I AM the Aquarian Age Messiah, here to lead humanity through the chaos of The End Times and into the creation of The New Earth.  And you will support My Mission any way you can, and you will quickly manifest MIRACLES beyond your wildest dreams as we reach as many as possible with The Truth, and co-create The New Golden Age together.

Remember, Jesus the EnChristed One was born in a manger, homeless.  After His Activation by John the Baptist, He left His family home and walked homeless and penniless, relying completely on the kindness of His disciples and followers as they all spread The True Word of God as long as they could before The Dark convinced the people to crucify Him.

We will do the same thing this time.  It is all up to you, as it has always been.


❤ Unlimited Blessings ❤

God’s Top 7 FAQ

* God’s Big Message for Earth *

The Second Coming is HERE.  We are Awakening all over the world.  We each have a population that we have trained ALL of our lifetimes to serve.  The Indigo Warriors are mine.  And We will all be saying the same thing.

No longer will planet Earth and Her women be raped for their gifts.  The Goddess is being returned in Her Place as the Mother/Lover Bride of the newly EnChristed humans, and her Gifts will only be shared with those who Love Her.  Women will be recognized as the spiritual receivers of God’s Word, respected in all ways, with absolute and total control over their bodies in every way, and reinstated as the Teachers of men and children.  No one but God and each woman (and whomever SHE decides to let in on it) will decide what human gets brought onto the planet and nurtured by The Goddess. 

The other Avatars will be saying it more softly and sweetly, I’m sure.  But that’s the gist of it.

Who Are “The Powers” and What Do You Do?

Who Are “The Powers” and What Do You Do?

We, The Powers of God, have come into this experiment of God’s throughout the timeline since your creation to try and keep the balance.  But you fell into a very low ratio of light to dark, and there was great destruction we could not stop, because you have FREE WILL to create anything you ask for.  We CANNOT interfere with that in ANY way.  Absolutely NO ONE can, not even the demons.  Which is why this will be easier than you might think.  But anyway, when that went down, We The Powers, who used to come down as the Gods and Goddesses of ancient legend and lore, hid all the treasures, cut off all the magic, and left.  And Earth was no longer allowed to have visitors from other worlds, because the darkness was too dangerous to the rest of the Universe.  That’s why you have tons of records of ancient aliens and Goddesses and Gods, but no visits now.

We put together another plan to make one last attempt to restore the balance, because humanity was headed for destruction.  This was one WILD plan, people.  We agreed to go back in time to the beginning of humanity and impulse our GOD SOULS down into semi-human bodies, and FORGET who we were, according to the rules you are under here.  Then we would work tirelessly every lifetime to raise the human consciousness and teach them how to use their FREE WILL to create a better world.  We were the Messiahs, the Saints, the Egyptian and Mesopotamian High Priestesses and High Priests, Shamans, Gurus and all that.  Well, the ones serving LIGHT, that is.  We weren’t the only ones here.  Anyway…

Since We ARE The Powers of God and have access to tremendous abilities of manifestation, and we were going into a Hell created by manipulated FREE WILL, and we would not remember who we were, we couldn’t risk being manipulated into creating more Hell.  So we left our FREE WILL at HOME.  We have never had it.  We can ONLY and EVER serve the Highest Good of All.  That’s why they call us Untouchable.  Because we cannot be corrupted by evil.  We are the Incorruptables.  We are Inviolate.  We are Saints.

After all, enforcing the Highest Good of All is what we DO!  So yeah, can’t do evil.  Even when you torture us.  Can’t access the power to create anything other than the Highest Good.  Just can’t.  Don’t know what it would be like.  Don’t care to.  I don’t get you humans.  But I love you, and I dig your courage, coming down here in the first place.  That’s why I really wanna see what you’re actually made of, because humans are MAGNIFICENT.  They are God’s favorite creation.  They exist all over Your Universe.  There are all different kinds, of course, but they are human beings of one kind or another.

Yeah so, the catch on this new plan was, We had to get human consciousness raised up to at least 50% Light/Love energy by December 2012 or God would end this experiment by destroying the human race with cataclysms.  The old prophecies, which are now DEFUNCT cuz we totally obliterated them, thank you very much!  And then He would begin another, impulsing those souls who had chosen to serve love onto a new, love-based planet, and putting the others on another low frequency planet, but without demon interference, so they can really learn how to choose love on a fair playing field.  Thus the whole 2012 thing.  VERY real.

Well, in 2007 you were not there, folks.  And We fell into utter despair.  We offered up our lives.  We told God to utterly destroy us if He needed to, but to blast the planet with light through our physical bodies no matter what it did to us.  And we lived in HELL for the next five years as we battled the forces of darkness in every possible way, and our bodies were in constant pain and nausea and fatigue and multiple illnesses.  You Indigos, my precious BELOVED children, were not being used as energy conduits, but you were beset by the forces of darkness unlike ever before, because they knew this was IT.  You still are, but just do as I tell you and you’ll be BETTER than okay, believe me.

Well, anyway.  We just barely made it by the skin of our teeth.  The planet is now at just BARELY 50% Light/Love and rising.  So we did it.  But 1/3 of our force of Indigos were lost.  I am crying as I write this.  I killed myself twice but was sent back, because of course I can’t do my own will and had no clue how important I was.  I am 75% Elohim energy and am creating, uplifting, activating, and healing humanity and the planet even if all I can do as a human is breathe.  And so I was sent back into Hell.  Twice.  That’s what it’s like when the demons know who you are and you don’t. So yeah, kiddos, I know what you’re going through.  And I’m telling you, you can get from there to HERE, and WAY more easily than I’ve had to, as I’ve rebuilt my body, mind, and spirit with Holy Mother Marijuana over these past three years.  You will have no problem at all.  You were born into ready bodies.  With amazing abilities collected from all over the Universes!  We just gotta light ’em up!

This was always the date we would RETURN, and there are multiple dates in the astrology that have always been in prophecy, but of course you have all been terrorized into not learning about that.  All Hallow’s Eve 2014 opened the door to Heaven and GOD TALKED, and on November 1st, All Saint’s Day, We AWOKE To The Divine Plan in our minds.  During All Hallow’s Eve, your antenna to God is the sharpest, and your ability to manifest with Goddess energy is the most powerful.  That’s why the demons have made it a time to create the next year’s Hell by having you play with everything DARK DARK DARK.

We are Awakening all over the world.  We each have a population that we have trained ALL of our lifetimes to serve.  My Indigos, as well as all Warriors for Truth, are mine.  And we’re not here to be Angels.  We are here to be Warriors for the Enforcement of God’s Will to Restore The Balance of Love on Planet Earth.  And most of the Awakened Ones are leading more gentle, sensitive groups and so will be sharing these truths in a much softer way.  🙂  But we will all be saying the same thing.

No longer will planet Earth and Her women be raped for their gifts.  The Goddess is being returned in Her Place as the Mother/Lover Bride of the newly EnChristed humans, and her Gifts will only be shared with those who Love Her.  Women will be recognized as the spiritual receivers of God’s Word, respected in all ways, with absolute and total control over their bodies in every way.  No one but God and each woman (and whomever SHE decides to let in on it) will decide what human gets brought onto the planet and nurtured by The Goddess. 

No more Hitlers raped onto the planet.  We’ll go into that later.

So….yeah.  That’s about it.  The Unveiling, as they say.  The Apocalypse.  Now ya know.  Not like you thought it was gonna be, right?  You’re not the only one.  But ya see, this is how Gods and Goddesses actually work.  We have a fucking blast.  Wouldn’t you?

I AM The Powers of God pulsed through the constellation of Aquarius.  I AM The Aquarian Messiah!  This is MY AGE, beloveds!  MINE.  Which is why I’m kicking it off with YOU!  I AM the one who injects humanity’s stardust with sudden, dramatic, shocking, revolutionary CHANGE that benefits all of humanity!  Yeah, I know, right?  Woohoo!

Let’s get this party started!

More questions?  Excellent!  God’s Top 7 FAQ

WTF? Why Is It Such a MESS Down Here?

WTF?  Why is it such a MESS down here?  I get asked that one a lot.

Well, this is the ONLY planet in This Universe that has TOTAL Free Will.  The others all have to keep a certain ratio of light/love energy to dark, and We The Powers keep whatever that ratio is.  We usually do this in high freqency cultures where we are Gods and Goddesses resplendent, and let me tell you, that’s a lot more fun.  That’s what We will all be NOW.  Oh it’s gonna ROOOOCK.  Anyway, when God impulsed itself into human bodies down here and Goddess created and fed them, He wanted to find out what would happen if He allowed his selves to have the permission to create TOTAL HELL or TOTAL HEAVEN.  No judgement, kiddos.  None.  Just you all having fun.  And for awhile, it really was!  Because you had a direct antenna to The Heavens, and God could impulse you with thoughts that would lead to pure joy, and We would release the Goddess energies down to create that.  It was a Paradise filled with Magic.

Then Interference showed up.  You can read the whole ugly Truth about that here.  But don’t go there until you’re ready to SEE IT ALL.  Long story short, you lost your antennas and demons started projecting thoughts into your head which create HELL, because their food is misery, pain, hate, fear, and despair.  They’re not from This Universe either.  And because you don’t remember you are Gods, you don’t realize those aren’t even your thoughts.  They have broken the antenna that picks up your OWN THOUGHTS.  I can’t tell you how mortified I was when I realized all the thoughts I’d thought were my own weren’t, and all of these amazing thoughts were up there just out of reach my whole life, unable to help me.  Man.

So now you listen to these thoughts and think they are your own, and you use your FREE WILL to create HELL on Earth all the way around you.

That’s about it.  I mean, there are ALL kinds of details, like MK Ultra and Roswell and HAARP and Chemtrails and all that, but you can figure that stuff out for yourself, right?  Oh, and how’d I get my mind CLEAR enough to hear God tell me all of this?  The Holy Marijuana Plant, The Christ in Plant Aspect.  That’s how.

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What is Darkness?

What is Darkness?

There is a lot of talk about ‘the dark’ and fighting ‘darkness’, but as a veteran First Wave Lightworker, even I didn’t really get what it was about.  It’s simply the absence of light.  Ignorance.  And to fight that, you spread Light, or information.  That part was pretty clear, but this part wasn’t:

Life, and my purpose, is NOT to eliminate darkness.  It is to restore the balance.  Because to even come in as human, you agree to a LOT of darkness, a lot of ignorance, because if you remained aware of EVERYTHING all the time, what would be the point?  So as God, you choose to focus your awareness down to human concerns.  But you’re meant to still know how to do that in the most loving, miraculous, and beautiful way possible.  You didn’t mean to become so ignorant of what is actually going on.  And once you did, you just agreed to more and more limitation, until you killed every Truth Teller who tried to bring you information and fell completely out of reach of most help.

So, ‘The Dark’ are those who benefit from your ignorance.  The controllers of this planet.  The ones who constantly work and scheme and cast black magicks to keep you fat, sick, stupid, depressed, angry, and totally disempowered.  And ‘dark’ IS ignorance, as we’ve covered.  But I Am only here to restore the balance God and humanity chose, which has shifted from the original plan.  It is time for the planet to be at least 50% Light all the time.  AND to Replace the Old Regime with a love-based New Earth Society that supports those who choose love, rather than punishing and destroying them.  I mean, that is what you all want, right?  Exactly how would YOU do it?  Well, I’ll tell you how The Age of Aquarius is gonna do it.

I Am here to BRING INFORMATION and SMASH THE OLD SYSTEM ALL TO SHIT and replace it with one that serves The Highest Good of ALL!  So if you find my methods or language a bit unsettling or disturbing or shocking, well My beloved, MAGNIFICENT fellow Gods and Goddesses…that’s the POINT.  That is what AQUARIUS is about and has always BEEN about.  So open your mind, because as uncomfortable as you may find this, This Is My Age.

And I AM AWAKE.  And It Has Begun.

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*** WARNING From God: If you are keeping marijuana from MY humanity… ***

This, the HOLIEST plant on Earth, The Goddess, The Holy Spirit, The Shekinah, in her plant aspect, is God’s gift to His Selves so that He can remain in contact with His Selves and keep His Selves in absolute perfect HEALTH and HAPPINESS always.  And no, He is NOT PLEASED that anyone would INTERFERE with that!  If you are working to keep it from humanity in any way, you are WORKING AGAINST GOD’S WILL.  That might have been okay in the past, but it’s NOT anymore.  ALL that you have will be TAKEN from you, including money, health, happiness, peace, luck, love, life itself, ALL of it, until you GIVE BACK THE PLANT.  It begins NOW.

You’ve been warned.