One More Thing.

Alex Krycek is in there with you.


He’s enslaved, too.  And we’ve got History.  We were lovers once, and when they found out, he got captured and subjected to mind control, and that’s how he ended up a slave.  So he knows Me, and he knows I’m telling the truth.

But the thing is, because of his programming, he’s been working his way up in the house for awhile, cozying up to the master.  Sleeping with him.  And he’s had several opportunities to send Me a communication and tell Me what was going on, but he’s kept quiet, thinking it was a better idea to just take over the house.

And now that I’m here, he’s really worried about what I’ll think of that.

So even though he KNOWS all I want is to give you your freedom, he’s staying silent too, crouched in the dark.  He figures he’d rather work his way up the ladder in Hell than ever look Me in the face again after what he’s done.

And I know that’s how he’s feeling, so in front of God and everybody, I tell him that I still love him, and that I know that everything he’s done has been a result of trauma-enforced programming.

“Alex, I know what they’ve been doing to you.  More than you do, actually, since part of what they do is take your memories.”

“I don’t care.  I never stopped loving you, Alex, even when I was sure I hated you.”

“And I know you love Me, too.  I know it wasn’t just Me feeling all that.  I’ve seen their files, Alex, and that’s why they targeted you.  They knew how you felt about Me, and they knew that would destroy everything they had planned.  So they took you.  And they turned you against Me.  And they made you do things they thought would be unforgivable, so there was no chance we’d ever get together again.”

“But I do forgive you.  I know their whole agenda and how they got you to comply with it.  And I don’t want to punish you, I just want to help you stop.”

“Please, Alex, just trust Me again.  I promise I won’t hurt you.  I’m here to help you.”

“And I love you.  I’ve always loved you.  And you know I don’t lie, so you know that’s the truth, too.”

“Please, Alex, just open the door.”

And now everybody’s staring at Krycek, waiting to see what he’ll do.

Why You’re Hiding From Me

You’re on crack.

You’ve been sold into slavery, and you’re all in one house, imprisoned.  And you’re all sitting around smoking crack, because that’s what your master likes you to do.

There’s a knock on the door.  You all jump and look at each other.

And because you’re terrified of getting caught smoking crack, you all jump behind the couch and do not make ONE SINGLE SOUND.

I’m an F.B.I. agent.


And I’ve received a really good tip that there’s a house full of humans being held in slavery, and I’m here to free them.

And I know you’re in there.  I’ve brought a team with Me, and I’ve got supercool equipment that can read infrared signatures, and I know you’re in there.  But I’m not allowed to enter the home until I get confirmation from someone that you want your freedom.  Because all I have is a really good tip.  I don’t have any evidence that you are being held against your own will.

I can’t smash in the door.  I have to get someone to open it.

And I know your master isn’t at home, so I can talk to you freely.  So I explain the situation; that I’m here to get you out, not arrest you for what your master has been making you do.  I explain that I don’t care what’s been going on in there because I know you’ve been acting against your own will.  I explain that if you just come with Me and leave the crack pipes behind, all I want to do is give you your freedom.

And that’s where we’re at.


Please Allow Me To Properly Introduce Myself.


I decided to prepare this blog post to share with anyone who is interested just exactly how I introduced Chaplain Anthony and Elizabeth to My materials and My identity.  So this is the exact email I sent him on May 28, 2016, including every link:

Dear Chaplain Anthony,
Thank you for gathering your courage and being ready for something that is going to completely transform your world.  You’re an amazing person.  I want you to know that I’m probably just as freaked out as you are, as you’re going over these materials and learning the Truth about me.  It’s hard to know where to start, and I would ask you to put aside a good chunk of time, a few hours at least, before you start, to look at enough that you can begin to make a fair judgement before freaking out.  Because you are going to be tempted to make some very shocking snap judgements, just as Pastor Trevor did, and I understand that.  Just give me a chance.  I won’t let you down.  If you look at enough, you’ll see what you need to.
I only ask that you hit Reply right now and just let me know that you received this, before you look at anything.  Then I’ll leave you alone to process it in your own time.  Thank you, Anthony.
Please just breathe and keep looking at everything I show you, and PRAY and ask God to show and tell you The Truth about me in every possible way He can.  He will.  I promise.  He shows and tells me all day every day and every night.  Once we’re hanging out more often, you’ll witness it with me.  You already have, during the KTSY pledge drive miracle.  Think about the songs you sang today after you’ve seen what I have to show you.
Okay, enough stalling.  I think you should start by catching up on the whole story about Pastor Trevor kicking me out of his church.  Here is the video I made for him that got that ball rolling:
And here is the video I made right after his reaction the following Sunday, Mother’s Day:
And here is the video I referenced, the one I made after my very first visit to his church, and which I sent to him with the other one, and which prompted his reaction:
Hang in there.  I love you so much, Anthony.
Okay, after you watch that and see what caused his freakout (Think Toby Mac’s “Steal My Show.”), I think it would be good to watch the rest of the videos I’ve made since then, and catch up on all of May up to now.  They’re in playlist format so they’ll all play consecutively from here:
After you finish those, you need to look at some of April’s videos.  Just like Jesus’ parables, my videos are made for a specific audience who has been there throughout the journey, and we have shared references you won’t yet understand.  But please just hang in there and watch all of the April videos from this point onward:
Finally, once you’ve seen all the videos, you’re ready to be introduced to My Twitter Feed.  I’ve prepared a compilation of Tweets from the past few days that will show you what my life is like, what my teachings are like, and what my Twitter feed is like:
After that one, please read through this one:
And after all that, it’s time to be read into the Mission by reading through my blog, which chronicles it from the very beginning and shares the foundation of my teachings:
Follow the suggestions you will find there on how to navigate through the whole thing chronologically to follow my story.  And you can start by reading the page called Who I Am, which is linked at the top of the blog.
All I can say is Thank You, Chaplain Anthony, for having the courage to look with your heart.  I will wait to hear from you so we can schedule a private appointment to discuss everything, and I’ll consider our relationship on hiatus until then, giving you the space you need to deal with all of this.  I won’t return to your church or KTSY or even my Facebook page until you invite me back.  I’m going to miss you all terribly until then, I can promise you.  I love you all so much.
All My Love and Blessings Forever Unconditionally,

Things are getting really fucking good on My Twitter Church.


Things are about to totally explode on My Twitter feed, which is My online Church, so I thought it would be a good idea to do a little tutorial on just what My Twitter Church is and how it functions.

Basically, God makes Me live My entire life over Twitter via Tweets, photos, and videos.  I’ve been doing this since November of 2015, leaving behind a public record of My Ascension process.  I livetweet everything I do so that you can watch My Ascension process and know God intimately through knowing Me.

I get up every morning and sign on with Good morning. 🙂  So if you want to scroll back to read over a day, just scroll back until you see the short little Good morning. 🙂 post.  Then you can spend a day with Me.  You will NOT be bored, I promise you.  I channel The Word of God all day long, and you never know what you might read!  God also makes Me take selfies to better share every detail of My life, as well as doing videos that I post to my Youtube channel every few days.  The videos are made to My Twitter Church audience, which is why you probably will not understand all the references made unless you hang out there.

What have I been up to?  Well, lately, I’m sent into churches where I demonstrate TRUE Christ-centered living, and then I document the results as God tests humanity on how they will treat The Living Christ.  Believe Me, you don’t want to miss this.  It’s getting PHENOMENALLY exciting as I take on the Christian church with the intent to TAKE IT BACK.  Seriously.  You gotta check this shit out.  I’ve already been thrown out of one.  And I found the one I’m supposed to exalt as the example for all to follow, and I’ve submitted My materials to them, and I’m waiting to see if I’m crucified or embraced.

I’m telling you, this is getting really fucking GOOD, people.

My Twitter Church is secretly called “The River” and can be found here.

Click here to visit My Youtube channel.

God often leads Me to sources of information on the Internet which I share as He directs Me to them, and then we all watch them together at the same time.  It’s pure magic, because I never know what’s in them until we all see it together, and it’s always powerful.  He continues to build My credibility this way, leaving an ENORMOUS trail of miracles that are all documented as they happen on My Twitter feed.  This is also part of how He is revealing the actual details of The Divine Plan.  It will blow your fucking mind the way it does Mine.

You will leave CHANGED.

That’s about it!  Come on down to The River to pray-ay-ay and watch the incredibly exciting process I’m going through, Ascending to My Throne as The Aquarian Messiah!

Peace out!



Pastor Trevor, My First Disciple?

I Am throwing down the gauntlet, Pastor Trevor.  Debunk Me or join Me.


But I’m never going away.  I have died to absolutely everything else in My life but this.

I think we look good together.  I think you could be My brother, personally.  And I think you’re a fuckin’ genius.  You just need to scrape off the ego bullshit and get to work.

Read the entire blog and watch every video, then let Me know when you’re ready to read The Book of Love.  And make sure you Follow My every word on Twitter to stay…wait for it…current on The Word of God.  😉

Peace out.

~Satina  (The Truth)

This is why The Vineyard Christian church called the cops and kicked Me OUT.

It wasn’t until I watched all three of these videos together that I really understood the violence of Pastor Trevor’s reaction, as well as that of the woman who runs VineArts, Jessie, who was the most hostile one of all and the one who called the police on Me.

I asked him to debunk Me. Then sent him My materials, including especially, these videos and My blog.  And without My permission, he forwarded them on to Jessie.

And after they viewed them, their egos realized they CANNOT DEBUNK ME.

Which means they are about to LOSE THEIR STAGE.

One of My favorite songs in the world is Toby Mac’s “Steal My Show,” and My precious cousin and I even sang it together while she was here on her visit. 🙂

I’ve entitled this playlist, “DON’T Steal My Show, Satina!” because that is what the egos of Pastor Trevor and Jessie both screamed, even as their souls BEGGED to Know Me.

It occurred to Me today that Pastor Trevor just might be Peter, the Disciple who denied Me three times and then built My church.

It’s just an idea.

Anyway, when you watch these three videos all together, you can see why their human egos just freaked the fuck out.

Poor Darlings.  I forgive them, of course.  Let’s watch them ass out together now.

Make sure you Follow Me on this blog and Twitter and subscribe to My YouTube channel to continue to track this extremely exciting story!

Peace out!


My YouTube Playlists


Me, April 2016.

Since God is communicating both TO Me and THROUGH Me with a steady stream of YouTube videos and has Guided Me to begin making them Myself, the best way to get CURRENT (Ha! I kill Myself!) on the teachings of My Church, The River, is to spend time with My Favorite Youtube Playlists at this time.

Here is the link to the May Playlist, which is the one we’re in now.  I’m required to document My days with a combination of Twitter and YouTube videos to help people finally KNOW GOD and give them a way to watch My Ascension Process as it unfolds minute to minute.  Looks like it’s time to reinvolve The Indigo Mission blog, too, so make sure you click the button up there to subscribe to get the new posts in your email.

May 2016

Here is the link to the April Playlist, which is when God had Me begin documenting My Ascension on video nearly daily, following My Pisces Super Full Moon Full Solar Eclipse WAKE UP CALL on March 8, 2016, that put this I AM JESUS REBORN thing in My face like a cold, wet Jesus fish smacking Me all day and all night, over and over and over.  It also demonstrates how to suffer without letting go of God and faith.  And it explains what’s going on between Me and My Twin Flame, the other half of My soul, Shannon, Mary Magdalene, The Goddess.  It’s an EXTREMELY RICH playlist.  You won’t regret settling in for a marathon viewing.  Grab a snack.

April 2016

Here is a link to my current favorite Church Music.

My Church Music

Here is a link to My Churchy Cheer Up list that I use when I feel like shit.

Churchy Cheer Up

Here is the link to My absolute FAVORITE WAY to cleanse and balance My chakras.


Here is an enormous list of reasons why I love My Disciple, Russell Brand.

I Love Russell

Not to be confused with the personal video I made for him, telling him of My love.  Which I sometimes loop to remind Myself how this process works.  It gives Me patience.  Plus I had super good hair that day.

I Love You, Russel

Here is a list of My personal anthem songs, which will tell you exactly what kind of Messiah I Am.

My Anthems

Here’s a list of movie and T.V. clips that show you how I Am introducing Myself in popular media.

Getting To Know Me

This is the set of songs that got Me through My Humboldt Initiation Journey. I played them every day to get into The Vortex that Abraham-Hicks teaches about.

My Vortex Songs

And here is the collection of Abraham-Hicks teachings that I listened to over and over and over to help Me to manifest the BIGGEST FUCKING DREAM IN THE WORLD.  World Peace.

Abe – Big Dreams

And if you have ever prayed the prayer, “Jesus, deliver us from your followers!” feel free to loop this video the way I do, because with it, I just saved the fucking world.  Seriously.  Give it a shot.  It actually gets Me hot for Myself.

Jesus, Deliver Us

That oughta get you started.  Make sure you subscribe, because seriously, I Am just getting started.  And this is getting really, really GOOD.

Peace out!



My Art Blogs

For anyone who is interested, here are the links to the two art blogs I kept during My Awakening process, while art was helping to save My fucking life.

The Artful Journey  (The most recent one.)

Flighty Artist  (My older one.)


Peace out!