Feeling suicidal? Here’s why and what to do about it. FOR REAL.

I made this video straight from my heart for anyone struggling with depression, suicide, or sobriety issues.  I pray you find it just when you need it.  All my love.

~Satina  ❤

Loving Change Media University!!!

Tonight, I found the We Are Change YouTube channel and FELL IN LOVE.  And this particular video introduces an alternative education resource teaching real career training that leads to a better world.  Specifically, this guy will teach you how to be a REAL investigative journalist.  Efficiently and for cheap.  I AM LOVING THIS SO MUCH.  This IS the future. ❤

POWERFUL Sound Healing with Solfeggio Frequencies

Namaste and good morning to you all.  I truly hope your morning is going better than mine started.  I woke up today tired and aching, barely able to walk, and my new MediPuff pen vape inexplicably stopped working, so I couldn’t turn to marijuana.  I got on YouTube to get inspired by my spiritual videos and Pink videos instead, and in the sidebar, I saw a video of the youngest mother in the world, a five-year-old girl, cuddled up and smiling beatifically at her infant, like some SICK, TWISTED Madonna and child.  I almost vomited.  I tried to ignore it.  I tried to brush it off and focus on my video.  But I suddenly began sobbing.  And then I began praying.  And praying.  And praying.  I prayed for God to take this pain, this nausea, to bless that poor raped child, to heal my shattered heart energy, to take this overwhelming sorrow from my heart.

And He led me to this YouTube video.

You might ask how sounds can make a difference in your physical, emotional, and spiritual world if you are not familiar with sound healing, and since I’m tired, I’m gonna keep it simple.  Like we learned (or should have been taught) in sixth grade science, we are all made of energy.  EVERYTHING is made of energy.  Sound sculpts energy.  Thus sound changes reality.  That’s enough for now.  Research Solfeggio Frequencies to learn more.  Better yet, try it for yourself and you’ll see.  Take care of yourself.  ❤

Thank you thank you thank you to Audio Entrainment for offering this absolutely FREE.  Thank you thank you thank you.  The moment it started, I stopped crying and felt PEACEFUL.  Thank you thank you thank you.

Can I get an Amen for Tilly’s reading for today?

Can I get an Amen for Tilly’s reading for today?  She is a very powerful psychic, and I have never doubted her abilities, but she didn’t know The Truth until now.  I introduced her to the materials last night, so she is now trustworthy to report on things as they unfold!  Please let her know if you visit, Like and give Thanks, because every servant of Light is working against tremendous darkness.  Please SHARE the Light every chance you get and SHARE these posts far and wide!

And if you haven’t read God’s Top 7 FAQ, you can find it HERE!

Feeling like crap? Use this chakra music to repair your aura INSTANTLY!

If you’re feeling like total crap, it’s because our energetic bodies are being radically shifted by The Divine Plan as well as being under attack by The Dark, and it’s more important than ever before to learn how to heal and maintain them.  My favorite way to clear my chakras is to watch or listen to this video.  God will stop my cursor on it to make me do it!  It is absolutely beautiful, soothing music that you can work to, meditate to, do healing to, or even nap to.  And from God’s mouth to your ears, it flat-out WORKS.

As always, please remember to thank the ones who share this Light, because The Dark is out in full force now, and the Internet Trolls are doing everything they can to stop this Awakening.  Don’t let them.  Share this post and help me make sure EVERYONE on Earth reads God’s Top 7 FAQs!

Make This Viral!

Unlimited Blessings!  You are LOVE!  I mean it!

Bringers of the Dawn by Barbara Marciniak

Family of Light, This is Who YOU Are and What is Going on NOW!

This is MY Bible, Bringers of The Dawn by Barbara Marciniak, the book that God Guided me to thirteen years ago when I was first Awakened to My Mission.  A BEAUTIFUL soul has made a series of absolutely FREE YouTube videos with the most soothing and wonderful, perfectly harmonious female voice, and the book is broken up into 4 parts to make it easier to digest.  I find this profoundly comforting and INSPIRING.  I had to read all of this for myself!  😉  I Am so grateful for this creation.  I play them in the background while I work sometimes.  The voice is so harmonious it’s almost like music.

Make a nice cup of organic chai latte with rice milk and make an afternoon of it. It will CHANGE YOUR LIFE and get you READY for what is about to HAPPEN! This is what you need to know NOW!

Please remember to Like the videos and leave Thank you comments, because The Dark is out in full, and Truth Tellers get plenty of abuse from the Internet Trolls for trying to spread Light, and every Love message makes an absolutely PROFOUND difference.  And make sure you read God’s Top 7 FAQ!  And share share share!  Spread the LIGHT!




Unlimited Blessings!

Gregory Scott got it JUST RIGHT again.

Gregory Scott got it JUST RIGHT again. And he’s tres adorbs.

Obviously, if you read this blog, you know what SERPENT I wrestled last night. And then this morning, as soon as the sun came up, God started downloading me the THE PLAN for how I’m going to party my way across the world delivering The Truth. So, Let’s Get This Party Started!