***WARNING*** Orion is a Frequency Weapon.

It’s not easy to See Without Fear, but that is the training I have undergone for millions of years as The Messiah, and now I must dig deep and use that training.  God just showed me WHY I woke up feeling SO BAD, and WHY He directed me to Solfeggio Frequencies to heal it.  Because the Orion craft which just made its ‘test flight’ is actually a Frequency Weapon which has just done extensive damage to the auric field of the planet and humanity.  (Orion is the star system from which our controllers originate.)

Stay calm and turn to Sound Healing to counteract it.  Purify your diet and environment of ALL of their poisons NOW!  Seek PEACE and GOD NOW!  Stay in your HEART and radiate LOVE NOW! 

Use extensive SOUND HEALING, including the Chakra Clearing Music, Solfeggio Frequencies, and Doreen Virtue’s Meditations, among many other things, to maintain your energy field assiduously at all times.  Heaven is counteracting this with PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS, so TRUST that we are all in God’s Hands and being delivered from this evil.  You MUST consciously ASK for help, though, and USE the tools God and I have given you.  And you MUST follow your intuition at ALL COSTS from this day forward.

This weapon will also trigger Earth changes now.  Again, if you are being CALLED to leave the cities, do so now.

I love you all so much.

❤ Namaste. ❤

***They’ve taken over all of my email. Oh it’s ON, now.***

If they can get to me, they can get to you.  They are GOING to lock down the Internet SOON, so USE IT while you can!  Spread this message as FAR as you can in any way that you can!  Make sure EVERYONE IN THE WORLD gets a hold of God’s Top 7 FAQ!  KNOW that they can get into your emails, every online account, and your banking accounts.  I have already taken what little money I had out of my accounts, and I Am closing everything tomorrow, after the holiday.  And I am closing every government public assistance account as well.  It’s time to go into those intentional communities, people.  It’s time to BARTER.  Step away from the dollar, because it’s going DOWN.  It’s time to create our own temporary systems to get us through the chaos.  It is ALL about to GO DOWN.  The TOWER is FALLING!  Thank you Thank you Thank you GOD!  THAT is something to be THANKFUL for! 

The liberation of humankind from the bonds of spiritual slavery!

This is IT!  And We Are Already God Victorious!

I am no longer receiving the things sent to me, so all communication must be PUBLIC.  Make sure you hook up with me every way you can and PAY ATTENTION to everything that comes out!  Nothing is more important than this now!  I’m Marijuana Messiah on  Twitter.  You can message me there.  You can also FRIEND me on Facebook, (for now!) but I cannot respond to any private messages, as I get too many.  And you can leave comments on this blog, and I will handle them from the blog itself while I can.  I Am taking down the Contact Me link on this blog because I won’t receive anything you send.  The only email I still have access to is THEIRS, Gmail, and I don’t want to use THAT.  They are obviously trying to limit me so that they can spy on all the correspondence that comes through.  Not gonna happen.  This is all carefully orchestrated.  But I Am not meant to do it alone.

I have given you The Truth that WILL BRING THEM DOWN, now YOU ALL must help SPREAD IT! 

❤ Let’s Get This Party Started! ❤

*** Make This Viral! ***

Satina M. Scott

The Aquarian Christ

In Eternal Service to The Powers of God

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Feeling like crap? Use this chakra music to repair your aura INSTANTLY!

If you’re feeling like total crap, it’s because our energetic bodies are being radically shifted by The Divine Plan as well as being under attack by The Dark, and it’s more important than ever before to learn how to heal and maintain them.  My favorite way to clear my chakras is to watch or listen to this video.  God will stop my cursor on it to make me do it!  It is absolutely beautiful, soothing music that you can work to, meditate to, do healing to, or even nap to.  And from God’s mouth to your ears, it flat-out WORKS.

As always, please remember to thank the ones who share this Light, because The Dark is out in full force now, and the Internet Trolls are doing everything they can to stop this Awakening.  Don’t let them.  Share this post and help me make sure EVERYONE on Earth reads God’s Top 7 FAQs!

Make This Viral!

Unlimited Blessings!  You are LOVE!  I mean it!

Why The Dark Don’t Want You to Have Marijuana

Why The Dark Don’t Want You to Have Marijuana

Marijuana is The Christ Plant.  She is The Mother Goddess in Her plant aspect, gifted to humanity to keep them in perfect health.  She will heal every ill of every kind if you give Her enough time and don’t continue to poison yourself in the meantime.  She defeats cancer because she feeds what needs feeding and kills what needs killing.  She will help you feel safe in your own body and on your own planet.  She will help you Release ALL Pain and Forgive Everything ever done to you.  She will lower your resistance to LOVE from every source.  She will clear and purify your mind and connection to Source until you can think your own thoughts.  And once you can do that, you’ll be able to remember that you’re God also.  And then you won’t need Her anymore.  The only people who desire marijuana are those who need Her.  If you desire Her, you need Her.

God’s Will is Total Liberation of The Marijuana Plant in All Ways NOW!  Anyone standing in the way of that is standing in the way of God’s Will.  And that is REALLY not a smart thing to do anymore.

God’s Top 7 FAQ

Why I Came Out As A Messiah

Why I Came Out As A Messiah

I Came Out on Facebook and began sharing the Indigo Mission teachings because there are some very DARK and HEAVY truths that are about to be UNVEILED all over the planet, and I want to do everything I can to help you all to handle these truths in a safe way.  I want you to come out the other side EMPOWERED by Truth, rather than shattered by the end of ALL of your illusions.  I Am constantly working to organize the information God is giving me and to make it available to the widest possible audience as quickly as I can.  Please, READ this information.  Pay attention to the SIGNS all around you.  SHARE this information as widely as you can!  Please help me reach as many souls as possible with the simple information I Am sharing, which will help you TAKE BACK YOUR MIND and Be the Love You Are.  Thank you thank you thank you.  ❤

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger is BULLSHIT.

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger is BULLSHIT.

It’s ‘their’ bullshit designed to make you welcome more trauma.  Sung by one of their poor, MK Ultra mind-controlled, unthinkably traumatized caged birds.  What ‘they’ mean by ‘stronger’ is ‘a better predator.’  Yes, trauma will often cause you to tap into reserves of strength you didn’t know you had, but that’s YOUR LOVE that is already there, not the trauma.  Roseanne Barr and P!nk, both survivors of the MK Ultra nightmare who have become HUGE Beacons of Light to victims everywhere, not to mention all of humanity and especially women and girls, overcame their horrific trauma with their BOUNDLESS LOVE and absolutely unstoppable PASSION for the Liberation of Humanity!  Yes, they learned from those hellacious experiences, but it’s not until you can find LOVE and HEALING that you can actually surmount the obstacles and ascend as a Soul.  What doesn’t kill you can often stunt your growth for hundreds of lifetimes, and it has.  Not as catchy, is it?  But real growth comes when you embrace LOVE and HEALING and JOY and stop inviting more trauma.

Screw trauma.  I’m over that game, how ’bout you?  From now on, I invite and allow only JOY, LOVE, HEALTH, and ABUNDANCE into my life experience, knowing that it is THESE things that truly make us stronger.  For they are where The Powers lie.  Trust me on that.  Pursuing other than joy from now on will cut you off from The Power of God.  It used to be you could tap into some fear or pain or greed or even pure evil forces to keep you moving forward, even if it was not in your heart to do so, but that is no longer the case.  If what is in your heart isn’t joyful and playful and exciting, God didn’t put it there.  It’s that simple.  Doing it goes against God’s Will, and that’s not a good idea.  And in a few months, it’s going to become impossible.  Which will be extremely cool for many of us, and totally traumatizing for others.  I say, get used to following ONLY joy now, while it’s still relatively sane out there.

That’s my advice.

As God walking around in a female body trying to get through to you that YOU ARE GOD ALSO.

Just sayin’.

Don’t Call Yourself An Addict!

Don’t call yourself an addict of any kind, ever, unless that’s what you want to be.  You Are GOD making your reality.  If you say, “I’m a recovering alcoholic,” you are condemning yourself to a lifetime of never being recovered.  “I am an alcoholic = I am addicted to alcohol.”  “In recovery = not recovered.”  You see?  Gods and Goddesses don’t do that to themselves.  I WAS addicted to sugar, but I kicked that shit.  If you are working on kicking something right now, make sure you tell the Universe exactly what you want as your reality:


And I Am wishing you all the Highest Blessings as You Do.  ❤

* God’s Big Message for Earth *

The Second Coming is HERE.  We are Awakening all over the world.  We each have a population that we have trained ALL of our lifetimes to serve.  The Indigo Warriors are mine.  And We will all be saying the same thing.

No longer will planet Earth and Her women be raped for their gifts.  The Goddess is being returned in Her Place as the Mother/Lover Bride of the newly EnChristed humans, and her Gifts will only be shared with those who Love Her.  Women will be recognized as the spiritual receivers of God’s Word, respected in all ways, with absolute and total control over their bodies in every way, and reinstated as the Teachers of men and children.  No one but God and each woman (and whomever SHE decides to let in on it) will decide what human gets brought onto the planet and nurtured by The Goddess. 

The other Avatars will be saying it more softly and sweetly, I’m sure.  But that’s the gist of it.

Who Are “The Powers” and What Do You Do?

Who Are “The Powers” and What Do You Do?

We, The Powers of God, have come into this experiment of God’s throughout the timeline since your creation to try and keep the balance.  But you fell into a very low ratio of light to dark, and there was great destruction we could not stop, because you have FREE WILL to create anything you ask for.  We CANNOT interfere with that in ANY way.  Absolutely NO ONE can, not even the demons.  Which is why this will be easier than you might think.  But anyway, when that went down, We The Powers, who used to come down as the Gods and Goddesses of ancient legend and lore, hid all the treasures, cut off all the magic, and left.  And Earth was no longer allowed to have visitors from other worlds, because the darkness was too dangerous to the rest of the Universe.  That’s why you have tons of records of ancient aliens and Goddesses and Gods, but no visits now.

We put together another plan to make one last attempt to restore the balance, because humanity was headed for destruction.  This was one WILD plan, people.  We agreed to go back in time to the beginning of humanity and impulse our GOD SOULS down into semi-human bodies, and FORGET who we were, according to the rules you are under here.  Then we would work tirelessly every lifetime to raise the human consciousness and teach them how to use their FREE WILL to create a better world.  We were the Messiahs, the Saints, the Egyptian and Mesopotamian High Priestesses and High Priests, Shamans, Gurus and all that.  Well, the ones serving LIGHT, that is.  We weren’t the only ones here.  Anyway…

Since We ARE The Powers of God and have access to tremendous abilities of manifestation, and we were going into a Hell created by manipulated FREE WILL, and we would not remember who we were, we couldn’t risk being manipulated into creating more Hell.  So we left our FREE WILL at HOME.  We have never had it.  We can ONLY and EVER serve the Highest Good of All.  That’s why they call us Untouchable.  Because we cannot be corrupted by evil.  We are the Incorruptables.  We are Inviolate.  We are Saints.

After all, enforcing the Highest Good of All is what we DO!  So yeah, can’t do evil.  Even when you torture us.  Can’t access the power to create anything other than the Highest Good.  Just can’t.  Don’t know what it would be like.  Don’t care to.  I don’t get you humans.  But I love you, and I dig your courage, coming down here in the first place.  That’s why I really wanna see what you’re actually made of, because humans are MAGNIFICENT.  They are God’s favorite creation.  They exist all over Your Universe.  There are all different kinds, of course, but they are human beings of one kind or another.

Yeah so, the catch on this new plan was, We had to get human consciousness raised up to at least 50% Light/Love energy by December 2012 or God would end this experiment by destroying the human race with cataclysms.  The old prophecies, which are now DEFUNCT cuz we totally obliterated them, thank you very much!  And then He would begin another, impulsing those souls who had chosen to serve love onto a new, love-based planet, and putting the others on another low frequency planet, but without demon interference, so they can really learn how to choose love on a fair playing field.  Thus the whole 2012 thing.  VERY real.

Well, in 2007 you were not there, folks.  And We fell into utter despair.  We offered up our lives.  We told God to utterly destroy us if He needed to, but to blast the planet with light through our physical bodies no matter what it did to us.  And we lived in HELL for the next five years as we battled the forces of darkness in every possible way, and our bodies were in constant pain and nausea and fatigue and multiple illnesses.  You Indigos, my precious BELOVED children, were not being used as energy conduits, but you were beset by the forces of darkness unlike ever before, because they knew this was IT.  You still are, but just do as I tell you and you’ll be BETTER than okay, believe me.

Well, anyway.  We just barely made it by the skin of our teeth.  The planet is now at just BARELY 50% Light/Love and rising.  So we did it.  But 1/3 of our force of Indigos were lost.  I am crying as I write this.  I killed myself twice but was sent back, because of course I can’t do my own will and had no clue how important I was.  I am 75% Elohim energy and am creating, uplifting, activating, and healing humanity and the planet even if all I can do as a human is breathe.  And so I was sent back into Hell.  Twice.  That’s what it’s like when the demons know who you are and you don’t. So yeah, kiddos, I know what you’re going through.  And I’m telling you, you can get from there to HERE, and WAY more easily than I’ve had to, as I’ve rebuilt my body, mind, and spirit with Holy Mother Marijuana over these past three years.  You will have no problem at all.  You were born into ready bodies.  With amazing abilities collected from all over the Universes!  We just gotta light ’em up!

This was always the date we would RETURN, and there are multiple dates in the astrology that have always been in prophecy, but of course you have all been terrorized into not learning about that.  All Hallow’s Eve 2014 opened the door to Heaven and GOD TALKED, and on November 1st, All Saint’s Day, We AWOKE To The Divine Plan in our minds.  During All Hallow’s Eve, your antenna to God is the sharpest, and your ability to manifest with Goddess energy is the most powerful.  That’s why the demons have made it a time to create the next year’s Hell by having you play with everything DARK DARK DARK.

We are Awakening all over the world.  We each have a population that we have trained ALL of our lifetimes to serve.  My Indigos, as well as all Warriors for Truth, are mine.  And we’re not here to be Angels.  We are here to be Warriors for the Enforcement of God’s Will to Restore The Balance of Love on Planet Earth.  And most of the Awakened Ones are leading more gentle, sensitive groups and so will be sharing these truths in a much softer way.  🙂  But we will all be saying the same thing.

No longer will planet Earth and Her women be raped for their gifts.  The Goddess is being returned in Her Place as the Mother/Lover Bride of the newly EnChristed humans, and her Gifts will only be shared with those who Love Her.  Women will be recognized as the spiritual receivers of God’s Word, respected in all ways, with absolute and total control over their bodies in every way.  No one but God and each woman (and whomever SHE decides to let in on it) will decide what human gets brought onto the planet and nurtured by The Goddess. 

No more Hitlers raped onto the planet.  We’ll go into that later.

So….yeah.  That’s about it.  The Unveiling, as they say.  The Apocalypse.  Now ya know.  Not like you thought it was gonna be, right?  You’re not the only one.  But ya see, this is how Gods and Goddesses actually work.  We have a fucking blast.  Wouldn’t you?

I AM The Powers of God pulsed through the constellation of Aquarius.  I AM The Aquarian Messiah!  This is MY AGE, beloveds!  MINE.  Which is why I’m kicking it off with YOU!  I AM the one who injects humanity’s stardust with sudden, dramatic, shocking, revolutionary CHANGE that benefits all of humanity!  Yeah, I know, right?  Woohoo!

Let’s get this party started!

More questions?  Excellent!  God’s Top 7 FAQ

Twerking: You Are *Literally* Asking For It

Twerking:  You Are *Literally* Asking For It

So I got up this morning and asked God, “What do you want me to talk about today?” and nothing really came, so I decided to check my email.  And I had a notice that someone had commented on my Understanding Indigos video.  It was SPAM, asking me to check out some girl’s Taylor Swift cover of “Shake It Off.”

Well, if the devil himself had shown up in my inbox, it could not have shocked me more, because Taylor Swift is THE most horrific example of MK Ultra Mind Control Project Monarch Beta Programming being used on our little girls today.  God sent me on a horrific research project during the MTV Video Awards this year.  I didn’t know they were on.  I just knew He was showing me things I DID NOT WANT TO KNOW about Hollywood.  And the next morning, I saw the clips all over the ‘net and realized it was a New Moon Black Magick ritual, and then I watched enough to know it was intended to trick women into creating a new “Feminism,” that of being Lucifer’s Bitch.  I posted on Facebook and Youtube about it, took a huge raft of shit from the Walking Dead, then let it go.

Well, God has put me on the case again, so here ya go:

Twerking is a gesture used to “Shake Off” all your sexual boundaries and your spiritual boundaries, inviting Lucifer to rape you and use you to seduce others, and to impregnate you, and to possess you.  You are being tricked into making yourself into a beacon for demon-possessed rapists and pedophiles (and all rapists and pedophiles ARE possessed), because they’ve tricked you into using your Free Will, your God powers, to ASK FOR IT.

Taylor Swift is the blonde “virgin” sacrifice designed from birth to lure all the innocent, upstanding little girls into being Lucifer’s bitches and ho’s.  She has been raped and terrorized and mind controlled since birth, designed to be the perfect virginal, angelic child that EVERYONE loved and EVERY parent wanted their child to be like.  Then as she reached young adulthood, they activated her Beta Programming and turned her into an animatronic Sex Kitten whore.  Taylor Swift has no control over her thoughts or actions.  Her beautiful, Indigo, Angel spirit still tries to warn you in her lyrics.  “Blank Space.”  “Got nothin’ in my brain.”  And little girls beam with pride and spread their cheeks and sing it out loud, and their mommies beam with pride and share the Youtube with all their friends.  And the pedophiles beam with hunger and lust as they watch the women and children bend over and beg to be raped, and then they receive clear psychic instructions on just how to do it.

Sorry if that’s graphic.  It’s Truth.  And if you’re still watching and twerking and singing along, it’s going to be even more graphic for you and your little girls very, very soon.

Sorry, but that’s God’s message for today.

Namaste. ❤

From a Rolling Stone interview:

“You want to know a trick to immediately go from feeling victimized to feeling awesome?” she says. She pulls out her phone and hands me the earbuds: “This is my go-to.” She presses play, and Kendrick Lamar’s “Backseat Freestyle” fills the speakers. As Swift bobs her head, Lamar raps:

All my life I want money and power
Respect my mind or die from lead shower
I pray my dick get big as the Eiffel Tower
So I can fuck the world for 72 hours
Goddamn, I feel amazing
Damn, I’m in the Matrix . . .

Swift smiles wide. “I know every word.”