What Kind of MESSIAH Are You, Anyway?

What Kind of MESSIAH Are You, Anyway?

I’ve been asking that myself.  And wondering where the others were and when they would Wake Up.  And tonight God led me to find the website of another one!  Miranda Maitreya in England.  Which makes sense, since the Heart Chakra is there, and the Base Chakra is where I Am.  She is telling the same truths, but in a MUCH softer, gentler, but also far more metaphysically complex way than I Am.  It’s FASCINATING.  I don’t think she knows about me, so I dropped her an email.  We’ll see what she says.  The Heart Chakra is LOVE, while the Base Chakra is Prime Force of Creation, so our two approaches seem to fit the two energies.  She is obviously here to reach a completely different ‘flock’ so to speak.  It’s really amazing.  I can’t wait to find out more!  She was born 7 years before I was.  I wonder if that’s a clue as to the ages of all of us.

I’m thinking that I’m the Messiah for those humans who don’t realize you can be dirty-minded and foul-mouthed and assertive and willful and still be an absolute paragon of virtue, a true SAINT doing God’s Will.  That all the rules about cussing and sex and obedience are not God’s but humanity’s, and you can either follow them or not.  I don’t.  Which is why I’m the Indigo Goddess, or perhaps I will call myself the Indigo Messiah.  God hasn’t decided.  Whatever serves.  Thing is, I’ve always been all about taking the highest truths and breaking them down into super practical, no bullshit teachings that anyone can use.  I’ve always been extremely bossy, foul-mouthed, warrior-hearted, irreverent, revolutionary, rebellious, loving, very firm, and absolutely unstoppable.  I’m thinking that’s very much a Messiah that fits the Spirit of the United States.  If My Indigos and those who fit the typical “American” personality didn’t get a Messiah that held onto those things while teaching them how to be God also, they’d think they weren’t good enough.  I’m here to show you that you can say ‘fuck’ and God’s fine with it.  If that bothers you, maybe you will like one of the other Messiahs better!  😉

Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, Women, Men, and Sex.

The Divine Masculine in you is what thinks and propels movement forward.  It pushes out into the world and makes things different.  The Father God is the one that is constantly thinking and throwing forward new creative ideas.

The Divine Feminine in you is what feels and receives Higher Wisdom, and what nurtures those ideas into manifestation and then feeds them with energy to keep them sustained and make them grow.  This energy comes through the heart.  The Mother God is what feeds the Father’s ideas to bring them to life and keep them alive.

You have both in you, no matter your gender.  You have to, to even walk.  You have a thought to move forward (masculine) and then receive (feminine) input on how (masculine), as well as energy to do it (feminine).

To pray, BECOME the Feminine and RECEIVE the Masculine.  That is the Divine Marriage.

As a woman, you came to physically express more of the feminine energy, but it is always and absolutely your choice as to how much, because you are GOD playing a game, and you can play any way you want to. You have the blessing of being able to, if you choose, bring new humans onto the planet, as well as the miraculous ability to nurse them with your own body.

And men, you are under no contract of any kind to express one over the other.  It is absolutely and forever your choice.  Your Free Will.  Since you are not involved in the carrying and nursing of a child, your job at that time is to protect and provide for the mother who is.  And if she is doing the childcaring after that, it is your duty to provide for her so that she can, and to protect her and your children, as they are vulnerable.  This is why you were given superior physical strength.

However, those roles can be mixed and matched in any creative way you choose, as long as all are served with the outcome!  The original plan was MADE to be tweaked, as was everything else in all of creation!  That is the point!  God tweaks ideas all day long, making more and more and more Creation!

As to homosexuality and masturbation and other things we’ve been taught are dirty or bad or naughty or sinful or whatever, sex is MotherFatherGod playing in Its bodies, and I can assure you the only rule They set for Themselves is don’t harm each other.  In other words, that is YOUR toy to play with in order to create more JOY and LOVE, as MotherFatherGod, so “Do what thou will, as long you’re not harming any of the other MEs.” ❤

❤ Namaste. ❤

A woman’s body is SACRED.

The female body is how God puts new human beings into His Creation.  He impulses the new soul down into the female body, and during gestation, the soul touches in and out to survey if it’s really the right thing for it to come in.  It is not until a child takes it’s first breath that The Holy Spirit breathes the soul into the child for good.  And even then, sometimes the soul isn’t quite locked in, as happens with some of the new, very high frequency children, because it’s a HARSH adjustment to make.  My own Crystal daughter wasn’t really ‘here’ for about six weeks after her birth.  Some of these uncertain souls decide to exit in SIDS deaths.

Anyway, it is up to God and the female to decide if a child is born.  No one else, unless the woman wills it.  Women are more attuned to the Voice of God.  We all know it.  Women’s intuition.  IN – inner TUITION – teaching.  God teaches us, and we teach men and children.  If men are highly attuned to their own feminine energy, they can receive just as well.  But women come in with a huge advantage, due to the fact that it is OUR JOB to decide whether a new human comes in, and then OUR JOB to feed it until it can feed itself.  Therefore, we had better be able to hear God as to how He wants it done!

One of the first things our oppressors did was tell everyone that women were evil and that men had the right to rape them and make them bear anything that was conceived.  This is how they brought their evil spawn upon our planet.  They literally raped it onto the planet.  And this is how they have continued to do so, raping psychopaths onto the planet to rule us.  They also said, “Suffer not a woman to speak in church.”  They didn’t want the Word of God to get in there, and they knew if women even had a remote voice in the church, it would.  Sorry, that’s a hard one I know.  I used to be Christian, too.  It was very traumatizing for me to learn the truth, and I hope you can use some of the tools I have shared with you to get past the pain and trauma, release it to God, not go into lizard brain, and instead, RAISE your consciousness so that you can see from the HIGHEST perspective, like I AM.  Then you will know that YOU are GOD also.  And the only TRUTH is LOVE.  Lower your resistance to love.  You are LOVE.  You are LOVING.  You are LOVED.  And if you have harmed women, that was not you.  It was ‘them’.  Take your mind back.  Be the LOVE you are.

Blessings.  Namaste.