My plan is simply a new agreement to share resources in an organized way that serves the Highest Good.

Our current financial system is just a group agreement about what certain pieces of paper or metal are worth to us and how we can get more of them. And this agreement has been taught to us by those who benefit from it while we don’t. We may not (yet) have control over what those pieces of paper and metal are worth, but we can absolutely change the way it’s all redistributed. That part is up to us right now. All we need is a new agreement on how to share those pieces of paper and metal. Later we can make other agreements to abolish money altogether if we want. This is just a way to easily share what we all currently have.

Springboard To A New Society

It all starts with a simple shared crowdfunding platform, and so far no one else has seen the potential in it that I have been Shown. Maybe it’s not what the creators of this platform had in mind, but in creating it, they’ve given us a springboard we really can use to create the framework of a new society that serves the Highest Good of ALL. And unlike a LOT of other ideas about how to create more money, this doesn’t cost much at all. We can all prosper in amazing ways by just sharing a little bit of what we do have. And it’s even set up to be available for those who have no money at all.

Regular Crowdfunding vs. Shared Crowdfunding

With regular crowdfunding, your income comes from the donations of those who agree to support your cause, so it’s still all about what YOU are trying to create. With shared crowdfunding, your income comes from the donations of those you invite to participate with you in the new society, and it becomes all about helping THEM create what THEY want to create. This is not a sales pitch, it’s a loving invitation you will be honored and thrilled to extend to all of those you want to include in the amazing benefits.

The Benefits

And because of the way I’ve been Guided to expand upon the original plan, the benefits far exceed just giving everyone a way to have a virtually unconditional income. As we invite people into this community, we will network all the highest consciousness individuals, businesses, and organizations all over the world. We will build up an astounding pool of resources, all of which will be shared with everyone in the community to help everyone thrive in absolutely every way. Whether it’s legal advice, child care, or organic food, the community will offer it, and because they don’t have to worry about trading their services or products for the money to survive on, it will often be free or very low cost. And what isn’t will be easily affordable by anyone who needs it, because we will all be prospering and able to pay what it’s worth. And because we are purchasing from within the community, we will know we are dealing with those of the highest intent. And we will all keep one another accountable to that at all times, because we will know and prove that the only way for one to thrive is for all to thrive.

Unlimited Support for Your Dreams

The networking platform I envision will list all our offerings by industry, need, and location, so that when you are looking for a certain product or service, you can find it easily. This also gives free advertising and promotion to everyone in the community. If you need help writing your copy, you’ll have it. If you need help refining your message or your offering, you’ll have it. If you need training or advice, you’ll get it. Whatever help anyone needs in launching or sustaining their dreams, they’ll have it within the community, because we all want everyone to be their very best!

We will also be able to mastermind with one another on any topic at any time. Meaning, we will be able to talk with other community members and ask questions and share our ideas and resources in real time in order to make things happen quickly and easily. Whatever you need, someone out there has it, and our platform will get you connected with each other fast.

Travel and Relocation Benefits

If we are traveling or relocating to another area, we will be able to connect with community members in that area in order to access the very best, love-based, light-filled resources in the area, so that we are never stepping out into the world feeling alone. Plus, because this platform is already available to people in 80 countries and growing, wherever we travel, we will easily be able to invite new members, growing our community and our income. We will never be trapped living somewhere we don’t want to live because of some job or because we can’t afford to leave. We will have true freedom to explore our world, and a built-in way to make it more prosperous and joyful all the way along.

Free Your Mind to Free Your Life

This business model can only be implemented in partnership with a very specific non-profit entity whose Divine Mission is to protect and secure our access to the Internet. I’ve proposed partnership with this non-profit entity multiple times now, and, understandably, because of who I say I am and the size of my dream, they are not even replying to my correspondence.

This is all in God’s Plan, for I have been Guided to introduce a petition to show this non-profit that people are indeed ready for the kind of paradigm shift that will occur should they open their minds enough to take me seriously. This is a Free Will planet as you all know, and unless people ASK, Heaven cannot and will not intervene. So it’s time for you to decide if you are ready for this profound paradigm shift…or not.

Here is the wording of The Petition:

Dear Mozilla,

We, The Undersigned, want to state that while we are not ready to say we are absolutely certain that Satina Scott is the Avatar of the Age of Aquarius, or that such a thing even exists, we do believe that the world is undergoing a profound paradigm shift that includes opening our minds to the possibility that we are so much more than we have, up til now, been led to believe, and that expanding our consciousness to include the blending of business and spirituality is the only way we will ever solve the problems we are faced with, especially those associated with ABUNDANCE.

We ask you to open your minds and hearts to the possibility that the new shared resources business model and associated global networking platform Satina Scott is proposing is legitimate and could, at the very least, provide options for you and for all of us to get our missions supported in a way that would not otherwise be available to us.

Please do not deny us the chance to try this solution out of the fear of taking a stand for spiritual openness. All we are asking is that you open your minds to the possibilities and let the rest of the world decide for ourselves what we believe.

Thank you for being Fearless Protectors of the Public Good and for all you do to keep the world informed, secure, and connected!

Sincerely, the Undersigned Human Beings of Planet Earth

As you can see, signing it is NOT a statement of belief from you that I am who I say I am, nor does it obligate you to anything in any way. It simply says you are ready to open your minds to a new way of doing things and asks Mozilla to be the first large business figure to do the same.

If you are truly ready for the kind of paradigm shift it will take to heal the problems of this planet, please SIGN THE PETITION TODAY and pass it on to every freedom-loving individual you can.

This is how we ALL manifest the REAL Age of Aquarius. Together.



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