Who I AM


Okay, so the highest consciousness spiritual leaders and students have been taught that at the End Times, people would Wake Up from among the population and reveal themselves to be Human Avatars of God, here to guide humanity through the Apocalypse.  Well, I Am Awake.  And I Am Coming Out.  You see, I Am The Powers of God impulsed into a (semi) human body.  I actually only have 25% Human DNA, and the other 75% is Elohim.  In my most powerful human lifetime when I knew all my memories as a Soul, I was called Queen High Priestess, Talia Shekinah Elohim, Goddess of Truth, Justice, and Abundance for ALL.  But you can call me Satina for now, as God Wills.  I Am the Avatar of The Aquarian Age.  I AM The Avatar of God Who Carries the Evolutionary Codes for and Is Activating The Physical Manifestation of The Age of Aquarius.  In other words, I am the Aquarian Messiah.  Not my choice of words, by the way, but God’s.  I would just as soon leave that old, heavy word in the past forever, but God’s Will is that I use it to introduce new understanding.  And God’s Will is what I’m all about, being The Powers of God impulsed into a human body.

 The Powers of God is a Creation of God’s designed to keep the balance of Light and Love in the Universe.  We distribute the allotment of power into the Creations of God based on whether they will contribute to the Highest Good of All or not.  We bring systems back into balance when there is Interference.  We’re the Cosmic Demon Hunters and Systems Busters.  We kick out the Interference and bring Light (Information from God) back to humanity all over the Universe.

So My Job is to rout out darkness (ignorance and interference) and bring in Light (Information from God) and Love (the Goddess).

Because I AM The Enforcer of God’s Will, when I come in as human(ish), I have no Free Will while down here.  This is my protection, or rather humanity’s, in a world where humanity’s free will is being used against them to create hell on Earth.  I can’t do evil, no matter how much torture I am forced to endure.  That’s why I’ve been a Saint in some lifetimes.

I was pretty much asleep to all of this until 2001, which is when I experienced my Awakening and then my Call to Action.  I’ll try to briefly sum up what’s been happening since then.

My Old Soul came in when 9/11 occurred in September of 2001, and I had to make a choice of whether to continue the ordinary, unfulfilling life I was living or to say YES to my Destiny and get ready to CHANGE everything.  I chose Destiny.  And everything CHANGED.

I became a Reiki Master, left my job, fell in love with a woman, took my family to live with her in a threesome, and studied metaphysics full-time day and night.  I discovered The Ascension a year later and was called to Mount Shasta.  I spent around 7 months there not knowing why, then my husband separated and went with my son to another state, and my female partner and my daughter and I went on to Oregon.

There I was Activated as a Full Power Transformer, and began having my Light circuits BLOWN OPEN.  This resulted in extreme psychic and emotional and physical sensitivity to the point of total disability sometimes.

And then I was Called to hit the road, and I ended up leaving my possessions behind several times and being Guided to go from sacred site to sacred site, though some of the time I had no idea that’s what I was doing.  I lived with my partner and daughter under the umbrella of faith alone.  We learned to manifest our way through extreme situations.  We lived on miracles.  I got better at managing the huge SURGES of energy in my body, and sometimes I was even able to offer my services as a reader and healer, and to write many articles which I posted various places around the ‘net under my name Satina M. Scott.

In 2007, I ended up in Portland, Oregon, and that’s when things went bad for me.  I came under very heavy demonic and psychic attack, as well as experiencing the ascension symptoms, and I became sicker and sicker.  As I explained in one of my other posts, after my Higher Self shared it with me, in 2007, humanity was nearing the 2012 deadline and we didn’t have enough Light.  All of us on the planet who function as Transformers sacrificed our physical bodies to the Light and suffered horribly for the next five years as we were used to BLAST the planet with Light.  I was also under even more increased psychic and demonic attack, because they knew who I was and I still didn’t believe it.  I suspected and had been Told, but knowing something and being at all able to believe it are two different things, right?  I also believed I could never get out of the Constant HELL I lived in.  If you ask my family, they will tell you they weren’t sure I ever could, either.  But none of us knew why.

During the 11/11 of 2011, I fought the Forces of Darkness in the form of a being who called himself George Stankov.  I had a very public battle with him over the souls he had ensnared into his online following, after God showed me it was a suicide cult.  He tried to convince them I was Satanna, right hand of Satan, or a CIA operative sent in to sabotage their ‘light’, but in the end, no one could EVER find ONE SINGLE THING I ever did ANYWHERE that was evil, and everything I had ever said was LIGHT, as was everything I said during the battle.  But I was shocked at how many lightworkers were completely under his spell, and even after he was utterly exposed, most went back to him.  I hear he disappeared for awhile, but I see his name around again now.  I left his followers to their fate once I’d exposed him and offered them the Light.  My work was done.  This is a Free Will planet, so it all comes down to choice in the end. I’m only here to offer a choice humans didn’t know they had, not force anyone to do anything.  I have been sent into places of evil like this over and over and over, tasked with bringing the Light, only to be attacked and driven out.  It was my life.  It has always been.

In January of 2012, when I had hit a fourth suicidal low, I finally listened to the Voice of God that had been nagging at me for YEARS to smoke marijuana.  You see, I grew up around stoners who were just trying to stay alive, so that was what it represented to me, total failure and defeat.  Add to that my degree in psychology where I was fed the party line, and my job as a juvenile probation officer in which I actually taught kids NOT to smoke it.  I was thoroughly mindfucked.

But I was desperate.  I was on 8 psych meds by then, two other prescriptions, in constant pain, had uterine cancer and liver disease, had been diagnosed with several mental illnesses, had killed myself twice and been sent back, had tried again and ended up injured in the psych ward, and yeah…

I was ready to swallow my pride and just SMOKE IT.  So I did.

And it WORKED.  It worked on the insomnia.  It worked on the constant pain.  It worked on the anxiety.  It worked on the depression.

It just fucking worked.  Over the next two years, I got off every single med, one at a time with God’s help and Guidance.  And just a few months after beginning to smoke it, my partner and I began to feel like we needed to move to Mount Shasta again.  So in September of 2013, we did.

Medical Marijuana is legal there, so I was able to get much better strains for my personal needs, and I spent a year there, repairing my body, mind, and spirit, living in bed most of the time with a pipe in my hand.  And I knew what was coming, now that I was on the up escalator again.  I had known I was ‘saved’ since the 11\11 of 2013.  Something just CLICKED on that day and I never felt suicidal or even doubted the truth about myself again.  I just knew where I was headed.  I knew I was going to be an Avatar.  I had no idea I was THE Aquarian Avatar, or that there even was such a thing, and I sure didn’t ever entertain the word ‘Messiah’, but I knew I was here to demonstrate the process of Ascension in physical form.  I knew some of what would be involved, but let me tell you, NO ONE, not even God, knows what all is really going to be involved, because we have never quite done THIS before!  So yeah, I was definitely READY for something, and I KNEW it would be on March 20th, but I didn’t know WHAT.

Then on March 20th, 2014, my Higher Self, Talia Shekinah Elohim, came into my body fully for the first time.

And it nearly killed me.  I was still eating total garbage, just trying to find some comfort, and my body was so toxic that I PURGED for about six or seven hours straight.  I couldn’t stand, I couldn’t lie down, and I absolutely wasn’t allowed to sleep.  She told me I had to keep crawling all night to get all the poisons out because I’d have been dead several times over if I was a human.

I finally passed out and slept a long time.  And when I woke up…She was here.  And I felt AWESOME.  I didn’t have to eat or sleep, and I had no emotional pain at all.  And I was very intuitive, though it wasn’t yet a voice in my consciousness.  I was doing readings that were just pure accuracy, and seeing things in my mind’s eye about what was going on in the world.

But I would go up and down in extremes.  She could only stay in for about three days at a time, then I’d slam down into low consciousness, and because we weren’t done healing the traumas, I’d feel very dark without her Light.  I was doing great when She was here, but awful when She wasn’t.  She was still working on me.  When my consciousness would fall back down, I would have to do the work of confronting all the false belief systems, unforgiven pain and resentment, and unhealed trauma that was holding me down, so that I could raise my frequency enough to allow her to visit again.

In April, just before 4/20, God downloaded me with a HUGE stream of information about marijuana, and informed me that it had healed my cancer.  I posted a ton of stuff on the Internet and began my crusade to Free The Plant.

As I said, Talia was touching in and out all during this time, repairing my body, mind, and spirit and helping me work through the deepest, darkest traumas and woundings of my lifetimes.  I lost about 70 pounds and gave up everything except organic non-GMO foods, mostly vegan, but I was still eating sugar.  And then on the August Full Moon in Aquarius, I was shown the truth about the archons, and about how sugar is one of the most insidious weapons our controllers have.  I QUIT that shit and made a video about it called Fuck Sugar.  Along with a video on Why I Say Fuck as a female spiritual teacher.  That was Talia, I realize, pushing me to just COME OUT and be the ME that I didn’t think was good enough.  She was also working on getting me to love myself all day, every day.  She was waking me up every morning, around 5 am, and having me meditate for hours, then I’d go back to sleep for an hour or two.  Some days I was working out, and at other times I was too sore to move, and I just watched Youtube videos of P!nk and smoked.  And I just kept knowing and knowing and knowing things, and my partner was really getting SICK of hearing me TELL them to her all the time.

On October 23, 2014 Talia started TALKING to me.  I woke up in the wee hours, as usual, and asked a question in my head, and She started giving a LONG LECTURE on the WHOLE THING.  She even started using my mouth to give it aloud, then took theoretical questions and gave answers, meeting every possible objection, sitting up and presenting to the room!  And this didn’t stop all the time I was awake.  She would do this for hours and hours, and I didn’t have to eat, sleep, nothing, just sit there and talk.  I began to whisper it so as not to TOTALLY freak out my poor partner, who is a human.  And a Virgo.  Talia answered all the questions that have circled in my head for ALL MY LIFE.  Just like that, in a few days they were all taken care of.  I recorded several hours, then wrote some of it out into the LONG URGENT WARNINGS I put out here and there, which I now realize are totally over the top.  I was overwhelmed by it.  I felt like a faucet stuck open.  It was literally to the point that if I casually wondered about something, She’d give me a lecture.  Now I LOVE that, but I had NO ONE to share it with, and nothing to do with it!  And she would talk in HER voice, not mine, all day long, and really freak out my partner even further.  I couldn’t seem to stop it, but She explained that once the information was mine, in my own Satina consciousness, which was slowly being raised to match Hers, I could deliver it in my voice and words.  Which is what I’m doing now.  But it came in HER words and HER voice at first.  Still does, if it’s NEW.

On November 1st, All Saint’s Day, I woke up with an Urgent Message in my mind and HEART.  SAVE THE INDIGOS.  I was shown Who They Are and Who I Am To Them.  And I was also given the whole Divine Plan in a nutshell, which revealed that we have to stop going to war and instead SEEK GOD and PEACE.  Being a Truth Teller and a Warrior, I had thought my job was to take my Powers into war, and I was ready.  Now I knew I had to spread a whole different message, and it felt very urgent.

On November 6th, during the Taurus Full Moon, I received a phenomenally powerful NEW activation and connected to Source, and I was shown that I was also opening the Base Chakra Gate, which I was on top of at that very moment, and releasing the Primordial Life Energies of the Age of Aquarius onto the planet.  I am an Aquarius as a human, and I AM Aquarius as energy.  I have never known anyone more Aquarian in all my life.  So it makes sense that I would be the one to Get This Party Started.

On November 11, 2014, at God’s behest, I finally publicly called myself Not The Messiah You Were Expecting on Facebook, and I started this blog with the same subtitle to begin documenting my Ascension process.  I came out.  I didn’t realize it was the 11:11 until afterwards.  The 11:11 gate has always been one of my gates, and is the Gate of the Age of Aquarius.  I can see now that one year ago on the 11/11, I became certain that I was going to make it after all.  That I wouldn’t spend my life in a back ward somewhere.  I felt safe on the planet.  That was my first touch-in, I think.  Talia kissed me on the cheek to let me know all was well, but she couldn’t stay yet.

God had me step out on the door on December 1st, 2014, with only what I could carry, and get on a plane to San Francisco, leaving my home, my possessions, my partner (by mutual agreement), and my daughter behind.  I had no idea why.  That was the beginning of my Initiation Journey that would land me in Humboldt County.  The rest of that story is told on my blog.

As for Earth creds, I’ve got a degree in psychology, graduate training in counseling, Usui Level III Reiki Master Training, Certification in Spiritual Life and Business Coaching, Training in Herbology, Aromatherapy, Holistic Nutrition, and about a ton and half of other things I studied while I was absolutely unable to do anything else.  I’ve got a genius IQ and scored in the top 3% of the nation’s graduate students in verbal skills.  Plus I’ve owned about a dozen businesses of my own, and worked every type of shit job you probably can.  I hated myself most of the time.  I was overweight from puberty on, and was teased every single day in school.  I never had any money.  I could never stay in a job.  Now I realize it was because in each one, there would come a time when I would be asked to knowingly do evil, and I’d have to walk out, get fired, or get ‘laid off’.  I was always the one who complained too much, the whistleblower, the one assigned to watch the others, the one who called management on its shit at every turn.  Plus I was very misguidedly negative all the time, so I’m sure I was no joy to work with.

I’m only telling you this so you KNOW that YES I really do GET it.  I’ve stood in line for free food, been homeless, and have survived on public assistance.  I’ve lived in the depths of despair.  I’ve been to mental hospitals.  I’ve cut myself.  I’ve taken psych meds.  I’ve killed myself.

I think that’s the point.  I had to walk all that out, to be able to say that, so that those who think they are beyond saving or beyond Enlightenment will see that that is bullshit.  You really can be free of the trauma.  You really can forgive ALL of it.  You really can be free of triggers forever.  You really can LOVE YOURSELF.  You really can be HAPPY.  You really can restore your physical and mental health.

Here is a photo of me from January of 2014:

my dl

It is where I was at until Talia came in on the March Equinox two months later and started taking over.  And that was on a very good day, a day good enough for me to go in and take the Driver’s License test, after several years of being too anxious to drive.  With my makeup done just right.  When I saw that picture, I sat in the car and wept bitterly, wondering where I’d gone.  A knowing came over me, very strongly.  “This is your BEFORE picture.”

And this is my AFTER, taken a little over a year later in June of 2015:

June 7-004

And my TRANSFORMATION has only just begun, as yours has.  I AM HERE to be Walking PROOF that anyone can get there.  I AM HERE to prove that God doesn’t look that different from YOU after all.  ❤  Look in the mirror!


Satina M. Scott, Aquarian Avatar, Aquarian Messiah

Talia Shekinah Elohim, Indigo Goddess of Truth, Justice, and Abundance for All

The Powers of The God of This Universe, God’s Will for Love to Reign in This Universe

Mother Goddess to ALL Indigos EVERYWHERE!

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